New Xbox One Dashboard screenshots

New Xbox One dashboard screenshots released by Microsoft showing us functions and apps like Hulu Plus, Media Achievements, SkyDrive, Twitch and Upload.

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mewhy321592d ago

meh.....from everything that I've seen the ui is too windows 8 for my tastes.

Man_Son1592d ago ShowReplies(1)
jackanderson19851592d ago

well from my understanding it's modeled off of windows 8 so yeah it'd be quite like windows 8

MasterCornholio1592d ago

Doesn't it use the same source code?

Nexus 7 2013

LoTuZ1592d ago

Well I like it. I think its better than the 360.

user95970821592d ago

They're showing black ops up there? Is that another hint at them possibly doing a backwards compatibly function similar to ps4?

1592d ago
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