The games industry doesn't need to grow up - but its audience does

Rice Digital's ILJG expresses his concern about how we conduct ourselves online - and what that means for our industry.

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DaveyB908d ago

Goddamn, that was a really great read - but I'm not sure what to grab next...

Popcorn or a fire extinguisher?

Xwow2008908d ago

LOVE the pic....the POWA OF N4G :))

HelpfulGamer908d ago

Can't these Pundits find more PS4 news? XD

LordMaim908d ago

Fire extinguisher that shoots popcorn?

Pintheshadows908d ago

Dragon's Den, right now. I shall march you there if I have to.

wishingW3L908d ago

great read maybe if you didn't read it from start to finish. Because the first half was good but did you read his last 2 points?

He says that DRM and Crushing time are good! Does he even know what both of these mean?

Patashnik908d ago

Er... he kinda says the opposite to that...

kreate908d ago

I actually think n4g is a xbox site but the users are mostly sony fans.

and I say this becuz u got people like logicwins who trolls in favor of the xbox and Microsoft and the mods keep giving him unlimited bubbles for no good reason.

but becuz the users are mostly sony fans, there's this illusion that n4g is actually a sony favored site.

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Patashnik908d ago

Yeah, some good points in there. Always enjoy ILJG's pieces, they're certainly... different.

user7402931908d ago

i love that picture, i would change the n4g logo to a ps4 logo though.

TRD4L1fe908d ago

and here is one of the reasons for this article

MasterCornholio908d ago

I agree that N4G is tearing apart the Xbox One.

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The story is too old to be commented.