Majesco Actually Impressed With Wii Online Capabilities, Makes Breakthroughs

Majesco's Chief Technology Officer recently told MTV Multiplayer how Majesco got away with innovating with the Wii's online capabilities, how Nintendo reacted, and why the Wii has at least one online advantage over the Xbox 360.

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wiizy3861d ago

blast work has been in my game to buy list for awhile now... hope alot of people pick up this great game majesco has coming to the wii.

BeNice3861d ago

what's up with the whole WAAAA! thing?

Baka-akaB3861d ago

Gotta be kidding ... i love the console's first party games , but Nintendo has been far from leading with example when it comes to online .

Friend codes and no online chat in Mario Kart anyone ? So yeah right you got meteo , vote and other gimmicky channels , but in the areas that matter its BS . Lets no even mention the virtual console wich is an even greater rip off than micro transactions and dlc ...

Of course Majesco is happy with the opportunity to unload its stuff upon basically 26 millions of potential customers , but lets not get carried away ...

BrotherNick3861d ago

I don't want to hear retarded kids in Mariokart lol. Microtransactions are so bullshit...all that stuff should be in the game already. I don't like that about any game, why I would never get the FF game.

CNIVEK3861d ago

Majesco...the dev that can't make a decent game to even pay the bills. The same Majesco that's been bailed out TWICE, when on the brink of bankruptcy. Who the hell cares what THEY think about Wii's online, when the rest of the gaming world already KNOWS how inadequate it is?

BrotherNick3861d ago

As lame as their games are, they did make 2.7 million last quarter. I think they would know more than you.