War Thunder’s PS4 Release Date is November 29th Worldwide

One of the notable titles yet to be given a confirmed PS4 release date is War Thunder from Gaijin Games, a F2P title that was aiming for PS4 launch, “or very close to it,” all year long.

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scott1821323d ago

This looks so fun, day one for me also.

FITgamer1322d ago

It is i've been playing it on steam for the last 2 months.

3-4-51322d ago

been playin on PC. It's awesome

Wedge191323d ago

Can't believe PS4 is only a week away. With the other launch games, I can wait on this one, but I'm still pretty excited for it.

nades_all_night1323d ago

Cant wait. Dog Fights. Tanks Battles. Naval Warfare. EPIC.

VonBraunschweigg1323d ago

Shoot them down
Blow them up
& Sink-em all!

Monolith1322d ago

This will have to be my warhawk

Wizziokid1323d ago

Launch day for UK so not bad

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The story is too old to be commented.