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Submitted by Nike 821d ago | rumor

DualShock 4 Stick Problems: Sony Rep Advising People "Not to Press So Hard"?

"Following the revelation that the PS4's DualShock 4 has some issues with its analog sticks, especially after an image showing the left stick being worn down, a user on Reddit offered his own take on the issue. In fact, judging by the emails received by the individual, it would seem that he works in retail." (PS4, Tag Invalid)

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majiebeast  +   821d ago
I saw that controller it looked like he took a razor blade to it, had scratches all over. I would say take better care of your stuff or stop ramming your nails in the analogue sticks.
seanpitt23  +   821d ago
True if you take care of your things then they will last a lot longer. People are just trying to find faults where there isn't any.
Eonjay  +   821d ago
Exactly, its a controller not a tank lol
BlueShirt7749  +   821d ago
A game controller is going to take a beating at times no matter how you look at it. Stop making excuses for $ONY and instead ask them to improve the controller!!!!
XB1_PS4  +   821d ago
@Eonjay It's not a tank, but it should definitely be built to take a pretty harsh beating. I assume that it is built extremely durable, and the picture from reddit is just someone trying to make the hot page.
andrewer  +   821d ago
But its true that my PS1 controllers are still intact after falling so many times and being so beaten up, yet the PS3 controller lack this resistance haha
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Freedomland  +   821d ago
Ps4 is not even released, them creating rumors to downplay. They have nothing but a weaker machine what else them can do.
Them who, everybody knows.
Xsilver  +   821d ago
Just because you felt like eating the controller doesn't make it Sony's problem :/ i mean u can literally see foul play because you must have the hardest fingers in the world to do that.
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Riderz1337  +   821d ago
My 2007 PS3 controller still works ^^. I have no idea how it does though, the thing is messed up thanks to Call of Duty raging rofl. It has tape on it and glue marks from when I tried to salvage it lmfao. Also he sticks pop out really easy because they've been damaged. It still works flawlessly though lol and I love it.
Utalkin2me  +   821d ago
He has wore the bumpy grip smooth in a week? And plus has scratches all over thumbstick. Yeah no foul play here, roflmao.
pixelsword  +   820d ago
"In fact, judging by the emails received by the individual, it would seem that he works in retail"

How does any of that prove that he talked to a Sony Rep, and who even knows if he actually touched a PS4 before?

If there's multiple controllers, then by not there would be multiple pictures; so far we have on pic (with marks on it that makes it look like it was sanded down) and one anonymous post.
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Bundi  +   821d ago
Thanx Conspiracy Defence Advice guy.
FragMnTagM  +   821d ago
Looks like wear to me. I don't see where you get razor blades from. The wear is exactly where you would expect it to be and at the angle where most folks thumbs would rest.

They probably used some cheaper rubber, and the guy probably plays really hard with it.

It is possible, shit goes wrong during console launches man.

Either way it is not a big deal to me as long as the sticks don't break. I could care less about the rubber on the stick as I have the aftermarket ones that go over them anyway.
The_Infected  +   821d ago
Looks like sandpaper scratches if you look close.
HighResHero  +   820d ago
Yeah it looks like it was deliberately scratched with sandpaper or something, but I wouldn't take the word of anyone who let their controller get that gross seriously anyway.
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RackLug  +   821d ago
yea the closeups i seen u can no doubt see scrape marks near the area in question looks like it had a blade or something sharp took to it
Magicite  +   821d ago
Fighting games damage gamepads a lot :D
thedon8982z   820d ago | Offensive
caperjim  +   820d ago
I've been using the DS4 since ghosts came out and no sign of wear yet. Those were marathon sessions.
ZBlacktt  +   821d ago
I've got DS3 controllers that have lasted over 2 years. Why? Because they've only been used by ME! Not 400 strangers coming and going in a single day.
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   821d ago
I've still got my 5 year old 360 controller and that thing has been to hell ( 5 year old brother with a temper) and back
ZBlacktt  +   821d ago
The ironic part here is, The DS4 is WAY more solid then the DS3. I played with one over the summer. The Triggers are tight, the Toggles are very tight with no free play at all. It has a better feel with some weight to it now. Easily the best controller Sony has ever made.
thekhurg  +   821d ago
I have my launch Xbox 360 and PS3 controller - still in flawless working condition.

I don't understand how people just destroy their stuff like this.
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   821d ago
Bet you don't still have your launch 360 haha (don't kill me)
thekhurg  +   821d ago
I actually do, but it's dead with RROD. Sitting in a closet.
Irishguy95  +   821d ago
My Ps3 controller L2/R2 triggers broke, the spring snapped inside them and I fixed them very easily. That's about it for me. The controllers so far have been very sturdy I don't know why it'd be nay different on the Ps4 Controller or X1 one.
LordDhampire  +   821d ago
Yeah that picture was clearly fake, how would someone wear down a controller when the console to go with it hasn't been released.....i get playing it with compatible games on one plays that much...
rev-t  +   821d ago
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GW212  +   821d ago
I've held the DS4 a few times. It felt really solid and I just don't buy this one. You've got a bunch of people coming in and using it and probably treating it like sh*t because it's not theirs.

Both the X1 controller and the DS4 are extremely well-built. I was pleasantly surprised.
FragMnTagM  +   821d ago
It is someone's personal controller, so they claim.

The wear looks plausible enough to me. I don't see what the big deal is.

The rubber wears off of any controller I have ever used. It is not uncommon.

That said, I buy the aftermarket thumb grips when they wear out anyway.
GW212  +   821d ago
I'm going to disagree with you. The way it's worn down looks like it was rubbed off or sanded down (I'm not saying that's what happened).

When you play games, your thumb doesn't really slide around that much on rubber. This isn't impact wear, this is frictional wear.That kind of wear would take much longer than a few weeks of use.
FragMnTagM  +   821d ago
Within a week or two, the little bumps on my 360 controllers wear away from new.

On my PS3, the tops become smooth within a few weeks.

The rubber on the tops of the sticks in those picks looks really cheap.

I would say it is plausible.

He/she could have worn it down with something, but that is pretty stupid as they had to buy the controller in order to do that. If someone is that much of a fanboy to do that, then they need serious help.

I am not attacking the "almighty console" just calling it as I see it.

I am getting one for myself when I can afford it.
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123pol  +   821d ago
This need so be addressed by Sony now .. before this blows up bad
*Edit .. i think it looks fake.. as some say it does indeed look like they have taken a knife and carved out a bit out of the stick. But some people belive all things on the internet.
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Wizziokid  +   821d ago
Why? the image is obviously fake, it looks like it was cut with a knife.
Omegasyde  +   821d ago
Why it's a bullsh*t story probally created by MisterX.

This guy makes all kind of false crud like "discreet gpu" or Sony delayes launch until 2014...

@Gamingbolt (because I know you read the comments here)

You guy's have been "had" and now look less reputable. CHECK YOUR SOURCES.
Drekken  +   821d ago
Second fake image released to slander Sony. First was the red line of death which is fake too.
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   821d ago
eh, ill believe it when i see it. its not that this is particularly hard to believe but there have just been so many articles about next gen failures already. getting pretty hard to believe these "journalists". ps4 isnt even out yet and you've already managed to unintentionally wear down the controller? seems fake.

especially when an article has a question mark at the end.
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Sci0n  +   821d ago
isn't this common sense though? I mean sure it will be durable enough to take a beating but why try to give it one?
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   821d ago
Like tupperware ;)
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   821d ago
That was funny
BobbytheBuilder  +   821d ago
I still have my first ps3 controller from 6 years ago, just take care of your things and it will last long, this is just another troll attempt
HappyWithOneBubble  +   821d ago
Everything don't always have to be trolling. Sony should look into it though. Really shouldn't be a problem if you not ruff with it.
MrPerfect813  +   821d ago
Doesn't everyone keep their controller in an black light lit display case that circulates filtered air that is temperature controlled and is regularly polished by automated oil absorbent pads that only opens with my thumbprint and voice command phrase is used.
game_infected  +   821d ago
Yeah Me too . Lol
The_Infected  +   821d ago
Hey, there can't be two infected on here! Lol
KillrateOmega  +   821d ago
This Is So Stupid...
"The only reply that was worthwhile was from refurbishments department and it goes: ‘Tell people to not press so hard, or that is what my Sony rep tells me’, to which was replied ‘That is stupid, it is meant to be beat on’"

No. It's not meant to be 'beat on' and 'used harshly'. It's a controller. Not one of those ****ing stress relief toys. If you have hundreds of random people playing with it and rubbing their dirty hands on it - some of whom are probably children, then yes, I imagine that it would get messed up :P

Also, I saw the image. Were they stabbing it?
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NikonSteve  +   821d ago
Its not a NES controller! Jeez
juggneetto  +   821d ago
This is one of those bullshit articles on the net again.
MrFairness   821d ago | Spam
MoB21  +   821d ago
Been using my sixaxis for about 7 years and it still functions. Just take care of ur controller and it'll take care of u
Pintheshadows  +   821d ago
Considering the state I see some preowned games in, some people just do not take care of their stuff.

I had a white DS3 and it took 5 years of almost constant gameplay for it to break and considering how robust the DS4 is I can't see this being true.
neocores  +   821d ago
Lol really had his ds4 for a week wonder wtf was he using it for lol fuking idiiot
imt558  +   821d ago
So, this guy works in retail.
strigoi814  +   821d ago
maybe he try it to blend it in a blender...will it blend?
KingOfArcadia  +   821d ago
That looks totally legit to me... had exactly the same problem with one of my 360 controllers. Same left thumbstick and all. It turned out to be from my kids using it.
Hicken  +   820d ago
After a week? I call BS. And look at how thick the rubber is.

No way in hell that's getting worn through in a week from normal use.
MrFairness   821d ago | Spam
Tales RPG addict  +   821d ago
The only time I've ever had the thumbsticks have the plastic break off them was playing for many hours DBZ Boudakai Tenkaichi 2 for PS2. That sequence where you had to rotate the joysticks for to counter destroyed the plastic after a while.

That's the only time plastic broke off of my controller.
i own Almost Every Nintendo console to date, Every one of the Playstations, almost all the SEGA consoles, and an Xbox 360.
Only one fighting game after extended repeated use destroyed the plastic.
baraka007  +   821d ago
keep it up fanboi you're just making more and more ppl come to PC lol
tarbis  +   820d ago
Right. That owl looking joypad looks much cooler and so much better for fighting games.
SpinalRemains138  +   821d ago
I'm all for caring for my things, but come on everyone. Controllers get man handled. They all do. We beat on them pretty rigorously at times.

If the sticks are too soft for savage use, then that's a knock on SONY. Time will tell, but if this is true it sucks.
SharnOfTheDEAD  +   821d ago
Use your thumbs and not your nails
Jeedai Infidel  +   821d ago
He forgot to mention that he games while wearing a Freddy Krueger glove.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   821d ago
A man has had the controller for weeks and not noticed any problem. It's the best controller he's ever held
NeoTribe  +   820d ago
I've been slamming bf4 for two weeks with it. No signs of damage or anything around the analog. Either he's a ms agent or he got a very bad lemon.
supes_24  +   820d ago
Ok I agree with the posters who believe this was intentionally done. If you zoom in on the left thumb stick and look just above where the supposed wear is from use, you can see scratches on the left over rubber. He did a good job of making it seem like its normal wear but those scratches don't exist on the right thumb stick. I'm calling BS.
Supermax  +   820d ago
It's a rumor until we get the controller in our hands good news is only 6 days to go.
Juangie3  +   820d ago
Does he have claws for hands?

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