Metal Gear Solid 3: A retrospective

Playdar take a look back at some of the high points of MGS3 and their significance in the context of modern gaming trends.

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NateCole1499d ago

It is the best in the series in everything.

Hartsy1499d ago

The best beginning to any game iv ever played! The build up to the halo jump was amazing!.

Cuzzo631499d ago

The last and best MGS I ever played. The boss battles were brilliant, The End. The emotional grip of Big Boss and Snake. The end battle..... glorious......

dcj05241499d ago

I was so confused. I thought I was playing as solid until like 2 hours before the end.

ninjahunter1499d ago

Eh, The controls are massively unintuitive, the gameplay is more or less unforgiving, clunky and bloated. but its got a good story and cool cutscenes.