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Sony Prepares for the PS4′s Launch by Decorating its Offices with Giant #4ThePlayers Posters

Sony Computer Entertainment UK is preparing for the launch of the coveted PS4 in the most classic of ways: by decorating for the party. (PS4)

majiebeast  +   666d ago
That guy hanging from a rope teaser for Syphon Filter PS4 by Bend?
Abriael  +   666d ago
haha nah, it's just the main graphics for the campaign in EU.
majiebeast  +   666d ago
I want my Syphon Filter:(
Xsilver  +   666d ago
let us dream Abriael :(.
irepbtown  +   666d ago
If only :(
Majin-vegeta  +   666d ago
mewhy32  +   666d ago
I love this campaign. FOR THE GAMERS!!!!! That says it all. More for less!!!!
Chaostar  +   666d ago
No, it's the recommended method of getting home with your PS4 after the midnight launch.
amnalehu  +   666d ago
Thats Killzone
Omran  +   666d ago
I think it's Killzone poster
JoSneak  +   665d ago
More like Killzone Shadowfall
The_Ozymandias  +   666d ago
I keep thinking I might have trouble keeping myself from re-enacting the N64 kid come next friday.
supraking951  +   666d ago
Preach Sony!!!
Majin-vegeta  +   666d ago
This will be most of us come next week in the U.S followed by Europeans in 2 weeks :P.
irepbtown  +   666d ago
This will be every PS4 owner the day they pick up/arrive.
Grave  +   666d ago
Poll. Which one is better: "4 the Players" = [like] or "All-in-One" = [dislike]
aiBreeze  +   666d ago
I think 4 the players sums up Sony's focus perfectly and it's why it will be my main console of choice next gen.
Grave  +   666d ago
I totally agree. Sony has been perfect with their messaging to gamers. Microsoft on the other hand is trying to reach a larger market which, while noble, has led them to position away from their core market.
iKenny  +   666d ago
Few more days. Can't wait!
chrissx  +   666d ago
Imagine gabriel logan and lian xing on ps4s glory. Sigh man can only dream. I'm loving that #4theplayers ish! Just days just days just days dnt go crazy its just days left
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SlyFamous02  +   666d ago
#4ThePlayers!, Love it!!!!!
sAVAge_bEaST  +   666d ago
Do you guys feel that? It's the feeling of Ps2 days returning....
TristanPR77  +   666d ago
That's the spirit
Hakoom  +   665d ago
indeed for the players..
unles you want skype and tv.. then you know what to pick ;)

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