Sony Prepares for the PS4′s Launch by Decorating its Offices with Giant #4ThePlayers Posters

Sony Computer Entertainment UK is preparing for the launch of the coveted PS4 in the most classic of ways: by decorating for the party.

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majiebeast1658d ago

That guy hanging from a rope teaser for Syphon Filter PS4 by Bend?

Abriael1658d ago

haha nah, it's just the main graphics for the campaign in EU.

Chaostar1658d ago

No, it's the recommended method of getting home with your PS4 after the midnight launch.

The_Ozymandias1658d ago

I keep thinking I might have trouble keeping myself from re-enacting the N64 kid come next friday.

Majin-vegeta1658d ago

This will be most of us come next week in the U.S followed by Europeans in 2 weeks :P.

irepbtown1658d ago

This will be every PS4 owner the day they pick up/arrive.

Grave1658d ago

Poll. Which one is better: "4 the Players" = [like] or "All-in-One" = [dislike]

pompombrum1658d ago

I think 4 the players sums up Sony's focus perfectly and it's why it will be my main console of choice next gen.

Grave1658d ago

I totally agree. Sony has been perfect with their messaging to gamers. Microsoft on the other hand is trying to reach a larger market which, while noble, has led them to position away from their core market.

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The story is too old to be commented.