Sony embarks on 'biggest PlayStation launch campaign in history'

It may already be sold out at most stores but Sony is still spending more money than ever has on promoting the PlayStation 4.
The blockbuster marketing campaign includes a multi-million pound in-store PlayStation rebrand.

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mewhy321595d ago

Keeping up the momentum that they already have is a great idea. I mean if you have a massive lead and are getting rave reviews praise from devs and press alike, then you need to take the ball and run with it. That's what they're doing. Go Sony Go!

JimmyLmao1595d ago

Nations of the true nation
The nation that is PlayStation
How it defeated that abomination
That forced you with it's policies and caused aggravation
It's the console that plays games and nothing more
That is, the PlayStation 4

HelpfulGamer1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Sony still need to make PS4 easier to develop by providing better free game than the free Unity game engine provided by Xbox One to secure world domination! :D

chrissx1595d ago

Let's go sony! World domination mode!

MasterCornholio1595d ago

Greatness Awaits

Nexus 7 2013

sigfredod1595d ago

And the world will embrace you PS4

SpinalRemains1381595d ago

Man this Gen is like Chuck Lidell in his prime versus Webster.