PS4: New High Res Photos - with HDD removal

Check out new high res photos from Sony's PlayStation 4.

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mewhy321686d ago

Man this thing looks awesome! It's futuristic design is beautiful. It in no way looks 1980's ish and has the power to backup it's looks. This thing is going to look great in my entertainment center pumping out those 1080p wonders on my 55 inch LG. Already preordered baby.

darthv721686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

it looks to good to lay flat. I will have mine standing up. Like i do with my fat PS2. I like how the hdd fits just above the optical drive.

Clever sony....clever.

DaGR8JIBRALTAR1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

You have a 55'' lg, so do I. I love it and like you I can't wait to unleash that 1080p goodness onto my screen!

kazuma9991686d ago

Ha i got a 65" smart tv XD will be blazing it till it burns out coming ps4 launch day >:O lol

Lwhit61685d ago

LG? Why you no Samsung?

Skate-AK1685d ago

Samsung is known the have some pretty bad input lag.

Lwhit61685d ago

@Skate-AK i guess if those couple milliseconds really matter to you

Back-to-Back1685d ago

Samsung makes cheaply made products.

Lwhit61685d ago

@Back-to-Back in your dreams they do! I'm typing this on my Note 3 and I would bet my life that there is no higher quality of phone on the market. And from what I've seen, my 32 inch TV has the best quality picture out of similarly sized TVs.

But hey I guess it all comes down to personal preference. Can't argue with that.

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Tsar4ever011686d ago

Meh, Why look at high-res pics when you could watch an full brake-down of the whole console in HD from

Monolith1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

Thanks for the advice, what a console. Just watched it.

no_safe_HAVEN1686d ago

Not sure you you are getting disagrees, but thanks for the info. Nice tear down. Interesting to see the layout. Bubble for you.

Tsar4ever011686d ago

no prob, just passing the info along.

Bio_Mod1686d ago

Looks really smart
I'll be laying mine flat I think.

LordMaim1686d ago

Hm. This breakdown looks like it doesn't have a torx screw like had been originally reported.

5eriously1686d ago

Fantastic simplex design. It's actually near impossible to believe the PS4 is so powerful looking at this HD video.

Well done Sony. A piece of electronic's marvel to own, treasure and cherish for years to come!

Sci0n1686d ago

that was a amazing video thanks for sharing.

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