Halo Franchise Getting More Episodic Storytelling, Will Probably Use the Power of the Cloud

343 Industries has been on a hiring spree lately, with six career opportunities advertised in less than a month for the Halo Franchise, and some include interesting elements that give us a glimpse on the future of the series.

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Blaze9291655d ago

probably? If Xbox's biggest franchise doesn't use it then you have some problems Microsoft.

Septic1655d ago

By virtue of dedicated servers, is it not already using the cloud?

*insert GTA radio parody: "I'm in the cloud"

Maddens Raiders1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

I just wish ppl would stop using the term, "Power of the Cloud". It just sounds dumb and uber lame now.

*insert Deathstroke voice: "you're getting annoying"

XB1_PS41655d ago

Uber sounds pretty lame as well, if i'm being quite frank.

Honestly I don't like the term either though. It fuels the fanboy comments that are along the lines of TEH PWR OF ZE CLAUD. Which got old the day after they announced it.

That along with other terms Microsoft has been using, such as Yusef not being able to go 5 minutes without saying, "Watch this magic", "Let me show you Xbox One's magic", or "It's a magical experience".

MrCastle1655d ago

Or the overused "greatness awaits". God damn did that get old.

Back-to-Back1655d ago

Power of the cloud aka Power of smoke and mirrors

hello121655d ago

Forza and Titanfall already are using the cloud for AI and dedicated servers. So the cloud isn't just a dream.

Respawn before they announced Titanfall asked Sony and Microsoft could they provide dedicated servers for next gen. They got no response from Sony, but Microsoft said they could do it.

Its largely one of the main reasons Titanfall ended up on the Microsoft next gen platform.

Repawn CEO said this so don't be saying Microsoft made this up.

infectedaztec1655d ago

thats really interesting. I'd advise posting a source because sony fanboys will just dismiss it and use the M$ abbreviation


Really, you don't say... so what have they been storing our live data and connecting out games with for the last 9 years... Rain drops?

Pogmathoin1655d ago

$ony has something up its sleeve when it comes to the cloud. They usually wait and see what others do, then try and one up it.... I think they will have this thing called the Mist... online dedicated servers that disperses quickly... Greatness awaits! You see, when people do the 'M$' thing, you can do it with $ony too...

Jury1655d ago

You should be banned for writing such bullshit

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Killjoy30001655d ago

This "power of the cloud," mumbo jumbo is getting worse than the whole "power of teh cell," from last gen.

solidsheep1655d ago

"Power teh cell" wasn't rocket science like the cloudzzzzz!!

P0werVR1655d ago


They are definitely going to use it and it will be innovative just like previous Halo titles for online gameplay. You can say the same for Forza, Titanfall even Sunset Overdrive.

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Red_Devilz1655d ago

1) Episodic = Annual iterations?

2) Did anyone say cloud?

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XB1_PS41655d ago

From now on, when someone says the stupid "PWR OF SE CLLOOAAWWDD" thing, I'm bubbling as immature. We get it, the phrase is stupid. Now get over it.

infectedaztec1655d ago

Microsoft are beating their chest about cloud computing. They might aswell couple it to the Halo bandwagon. Provided the cloud adds to the experience (and I think it will) then this is good news and a really good way to advertise its potential.

I don't mind the episodic story thing. Everyone knows Halo will be remade forever, all this means is that they will plan the sequel as the make the current version.

Brazz1655d ago

Watching Halo 5 and expecting good things from 343 industries... I played all Halo games on Pc/360 and i have to say, halo is huge! Halo 4 is a bit of a let down, but it's very hard to beat Bungie and the other halo games.

Let's see if 343 can do the magic of Bungie in Halo 5!

hankmoody1655d ago

Really? I thought Halo 4 was pretty awesome. 343i did a really good job picking up the reins from Bungie, which was no easy task. The game looked great, the story was pretty interesting, the new locales and enemies were well designed and the music was very, very good.

IanVanCheese1655d ago

The main problem with 4 was the multiplayer balance. Everyone having DMR access from the get go turned it into a COD type game, where getting the drop on someone was game over. Halo 3 gave you time to get away/even the odds. Halo 4 was just bang bang dead.

The campaign was great though.

NoLongerHereCBA1655d ago

@Hankmoody, I also liked halo 4, but to me the new enemies were quite 'boring' compared to The Covenant. Somehow I felt like I was doing the same battle over and over again, whereas the covenant delivered some more variety.

I might have it completely wrong and I just wasn't in a proper mood when playing it. But that was the impression I currently have in my head.

Don't know if you understand what I mean?

hankmoody1655d ago

They didn't introduce enough new enemies and the Covenant were still pretty prevalent in the game. If anything, I found that playing the game on Legendary provided quite the challenge, especially with those Promethean Knights hanging around. I get what you're saying about the battles being somewhat repetitive but they did manage to introduce a fair amount of new stuff.

NoLongerHereCBA1655d ago

Absolutely right :) Can't wait for Halo 5 ^^

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