Sony's Message To Gamers: PS4 Is For All Type Of Players "Veterans, Trophy Collectors And More"

Sony has just issued a message to all gamers across the globe regarding Playstation 4, and it basically means, no matter what type of gamers you are "Game Changers, Veterans, Trophy Collectors" or any one, Playstation 4 provides everything for every type of gamers, "PS4: This Is For The Players".

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GribbleGrunger902d ago

Very nice poster. (and I'm not talking about myself)

mewhy32902d ago

The PS4 is for ALL gamers, especially those that don't want microsoft selling their kinect data to advertisers (which was revealed by microsoft themselves) and those that don't want to pay 100.00 more for a 50% less powerful machine. I mean why get a snail for 500.00 when you can get a cheetah for 300.00? That's not logical.

GribbleGrunger902d ago

Oh, come on fella, we really don't need to do that in every post. Just enjoy it.

TRD4L1fe902d ago

This is why people hate fanboys.

If you like the poster then say so, you dont have to bring the competition into the mix

Lame fanboy is lame

Maxor902d ago

Typical fanboy right here.

JoGam902d ago

Let me set the record straigt. There's nothing wrong being a fanboy at all. It really isn't. Its just wrong to when people hate on something that someone else likes. Especially in front of them.

SirBradders902d ago

Mate they are just showing a damn poster i hate microsofts attitute aswell i feel your pain really but common why the crazy ass comment. If your that pissed off don't buy it like the rest of us.

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Crazyglues902d ago (Edited 902d ago )

yeah that's a really awesome Poster...

-Sony has made some really smart moves this time around, and it looks like one of there key plans was to put the consumer first, and then give them what they really want-

-and it's about to pay off big time for them... Smart move - and executed beautifully...

I for one can't wait for nex gen gaming to start and I am super excited about getting a PS4.

||.........___||............ ||

Some of the games I can't wait to Play on nex gen

Battlefield 4
AC IV Black flag
Dying Light
The Division
Infamous Second Son
The Order 1886
The Evil Within
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Blacklight: Retribution
Deep Down

rageus902d ago

No love for the witcher?

Crazyglues902d ago (Edited 902d ago )

@ rageus

yes of course the witcher, how could I forget that, I don't know - but yes indeed -

The Witcher 3 -Wild Hunt


pyramidshead902d ago

I felt like I had to salute after reading all of that lol

remanutd55902d ago

Ps4 pre ordered waiting on sony style to charge my credit card, thats for me, ps4 is for me.
Now if you re announce The Last Guardian on the nov 14th show i dont even ... oh my..

Corpser902d ago

Just not the type of players that don't want to pay $50 a year to play online

Idba902d ago

actually it is. You dont need to pay to play f2p games onluinue and aaa games offline

MasterCornholio902d ago

That goes for both consoles with the Wii U being the exception.

Try harder.

Nexus 7 2013

christrules0041902d ago

Actually looking at the deal PS+ gives its a great investment anyways. That is as long as people are open to the idea.p of playing lots of different games. That along with Sony going to be updating there servers more regularily so online play will become better. The real question is why not buy PS+? In the first month contrast and resogun are free. Playing those 2 games saves me $30 already.

GirlOnFire902d ago

I feel sorry for you. Mines comes next week. You are an brave soldier for waiting any longer. I'm dying from waiting. ^~^

Grave902d ago

You gotta hand it to Sony. They are doing a great job with their marketing campaign.

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