DualShock 4 might have a stick problem

Some reports indicate that the sticks of the new DualShock 4 could wear down very fast.

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JustPlay41594d ago

that's kinda bad I guess, but how fast? is the real question

GarrusVakarian1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Unless you have sulphuric acid sweat or sandpaper thumbs, i can't see this happening in 2 weeks,lol.

black0o1594d ago

^^ agreed, a lot of gamers got their hands on DS4 at this point and didn't see that many reporting on this

Eonjay1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )


You are 100% correct:

I've been gaming with a DS4 for longer than that. Its fine.

And I do marathon sessions so...

pyramidshead1594d ago

Looks like a dualshock that's just retired from a gaming event or something.

It's little things like this that you'd think Sony would have already tested though, a lot like the overheating rumour.

If it turns out true, then damn lol,

xPhearR3dx1594d ago

OPM reported that same issue a while back. Hopefully it's not true, but obviously something is happening if there's multiple reports of it.

If true, this is really bad. I've used PS2/PS3 controllers for YEARS and I still couldn't tell you what's underneath that rubber lol

XB1_PS41594d ago

I doubt it, can't trust OPs on Reddit. They'll do anything for that sweet, sweet karma.

mewhy321594d ago

I just don't see this happening in two weeks. Besides, the controller will be covered by warranty.

Lunatic_Medic1594d ago

I've had mine for 9 days, and mine still look new and I've been playing Call of Duty like a mad man

inveni01594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

That entire controller looks like it was just pulled out from under the seat of someone's 1987 Mazda sedan.

itBourne1594d ago

How the hell could that happen so fast? And why the fuck is the controller so damn dirty, looks like he has been grinding it against a rock or something.

UltimateMaster1594d ago

Doubt it. My DS2 and DS3 lasted the entire generation of the console's lifecycle.

Sony usually makes good controller "Except for the fragile original Sixaxis".

the fact that there isn't a button underneath the analog should make it last longer too.

That just seems to have been scrapped with a knife, clip your nails buddy.

FITgamer1594d ago

If you zoom in you can see scratch marks in the center of left stick like it was slid across a rough surface. This is not normal wear n' tear.

pixelsword1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

I dunno; those original, pre-DS3 controllers wore out really fast, even if you were gentle with them so I have to go with experience and say that this is possible to the point of me saying "likely", but like someone said, it looks like it was worn out.

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GribbleGrunger1594d ago

Clearly the guy just didn't want to let go so they had to lever him off with a crowbar.

This is old by the way.

G20WLY1594d ago

You're right, it is old, but I can't find a link to report it as such. Doh! ;\

Mike134nl1594d ago

Meh just a superficial problem which is and most likely is already fixed or will be fixed.

devwan1594d ago

Same kind of issue a few weeks ago at the Paris demo?

Most likely reason I can come up with is these pads are not actually production run units, rather they're an early run of effectively prototypes and not produced using the same materials as the real production runs.

These kinds of devices go through seriously strict wear and tear testing, if this was really a problem it'd have shown in the first few minutes of being subjected to these tests... they can simulate real life use in a fraction of the time, essentially giving 1000s of hours of wear in a really short space of time.

Visiblemarc1594d ago

Seems to me that this isn't exactly an issue of wear per se, in the sense of erosion. If anything it would seem that there is a split in the rubberized coating where the groove is located. This would seem like either a defect in the unit or an example of intentional/unintentional abuse of the unit, in that when the stick has already reached it's physical maximum, this player seems to continue applying pressure on that ridge, as opposed to just holding the stick in place. Of course, my ds4 is new and pampered so these are theories.

imt5581594d ago

I use Dualshock 3 five years now and i don't have any single problem. What's the fuc**** point of this article?

Go play games.

toddybad1594d ago

It is worth remembering that this article isn't about the Dualshock 3 though.
Who knows either way?

KillrateOmega1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Yeah. I imagine that the controller would look like that if you were intentionally jamming your thumbnails into it and never washed your hands...

JackISbacK1594d ago

who can tell abviosly reviwrs ,but i dont think this will happen so soon becuause these are the first prorities of any company that atleast their parts not get worn soon ,my xbox 360 sticks never get worn but because of my liitle brother hard pressings it got weak and stop responded many times but it took 4 years to happen and i changed my controller and it never happened again ,i never used ps3 controller much because to me xb contrller was good ,i only used them for playing exclusives on my ps3,and i got changed them only ones ,their built quality was also good ,if these things happen soon enough ,i hope sony will provide other controller cheaper to day one byers and when other controller wave will come they hopefully make them better so not a big problem and can be ignored ,if this happens in mass hisstory will repeat agin and xbone will sell better and who knows the future and of them can be superior and i hope people will not be that big fanboys and will accept the truth and face the better one .

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Wizziokid1594d ago

Hmm I can't see it wearing down that fast, of course they will wear down like everything in time but this quick? no.

Drekken1594d ago

We found out how he was playing with the controller to cause such damage:

JackISbacK1594d ago

who can tell but this guy is havving some points and i dont want to happen wth my controller ,may be second model will be better,thats why i use to buy fps games on pc not console ,they are not such reliable and lets see is xbox one controllere is having these problems or not.

RackLug1594d ago

I find this hard to believe , human skin is not like sandpaper i suspect sabotage from a disgruntled Xbone fan maby?


Alexious1594d ago

I really hope it's not true, but OPM staff kinda of confirmed to have a similar issue so I doubt it's just a disgruntled Xbone fanboy.

mii-gamer1594d ago

Why must an xbox fanboy be behind everything. Is it so hard to believe that it may be POSSIBLE that their could be a problem here. Hopefull their isn't, but no need to put that tinfoil hat and blame everything on other fanbases.

The official playstation magazine has expressed concenrns as well Are you goint to call them a xbox fanboys as well?


redknight801594d ago

The guy even ended his post with a cheeky emoticon and you go all mighty on his arse? That is a bit silly and nothing to shake your head at, mate...relax!

DOMination-1594d ago

Well to be fair the ds4 even though apparently to hold is very good.. it does LOOK like obe of those cheap madcatz controllers.

GamerXD1594d ago

We'll see. Just a week away.

Mustang300C20121594d ago

Guess they should have did some extensive work out with them controllers like MS showed us for theirs. I kid I kid.