BF4: DICE knows “things have been rocky so far,” to award Battlepacks to best forum posters per week

Battlefield 4: DICE knows “things have been rocky so far,” to award Battlepacks to best forum posters each week

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famoussasjohn1471d ago

So basically the people who complain the least and just point out some errors then they'll get the battlepacks? Why not just give everyone some form of compensation? On PC I have had numerous crashing issues, mostly with getting an M320 shot near me or at me that crashes the game, thus losing my XP, unlocks, etc that I've earned in that match.

I did find a way to still earn those rewards is when the game crashes, to let the window remain open until the match ends, you'll be notified in battlelog once the report is available when the round ends. It will loop the sound indefinitely until the game has been completely shut down by ending the program in task manager, so either turn the sound off completely, or go do something else for the next 15 minutes or so until the round ends lol.

LAWSON721471d ago

Been having similar issues
Thanks for the tip

famoussasjohn1471d ago

It's annoying just to keep your XP from disappearing, but I've grown tired of ranking up to the same rank multiple times lol.

pompombrum1471d ago

I think everyone on PC deserves a free battlepack or two or three or four after this abysmal launch.

LAWSON721471d ago

I agree it would not hurt. I am not trying to sound like one of those whiny entitled gamers. I understand it just launched and issues are bound to happen because it is quite big in scope and a new/updated engine but that does not make it okay that I spent $60 and get frustrated the game crashes alot.

FullmetalRoyale1471d ago

You are definitely not coming across as entitled.

I completely agree with you and I don't even own the game yet. I have the digital PS4 version pre-ordered. You shouldn't be given an unfinished product. If they can't give you what you paid for, when you paid them for it, they can at least give you some damn battlepacks.

Imho of course.

TekoIie1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

I don't think anyone could say we're acting entitled when we are unable to play a portion of the multiplayer because of game breaking bugs.

Also baring in mind that when the game crashes it's not guaranteed that you'll keep your progress in that game so some compensation is in order for just about every player.

SlyFamous021471d ago

What bothers me is why we are paying R700=(70 pounds) for half a game.

AllroundGamer1471d ago

lol the best posters comments probably looked like this - "fix the damn netcode!"

Skate-AK1471d ago

I never seen any problem until I played last night. Was getting sniped and blown up around corners.