Microsoft CEO candidate Stephen Elop said to consider selling Xbox business, killing Bing

Bloomberg also suggests that Elop is willing to shut down or sell some major Microsoft businesses. Elop would reportedly considering killing off the company’s Bing search engine, while contemplating selling the Xbox business. Some investors and analysts have previously called for the software giant to split off its Xbox business and give up on search. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen appears to feel the same way. Allen’s $15 billion asset manager, Paul Ghaffari, revealed recently that Bing and Xbox have been distractions for Microsoft. "My view is there are some parts of that operation they should probably spin out, get rid of, to focus on the enterprise and focus on the cloud." Nomura analyst Rick Sherlund claims Microsoft’s financial earnings could be boosted by 40 percent in fiscal 2015 if the company sold its Bing and Xbox businesses.

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joeyisback1593d ago

Go ahead sell the Xbox business wont be missed :-D sell it to Sony :-D

thrust1593d ago

The dreamcast 2 one can only dream of it.

theBAWSE1593d ago

agreed sell it to a company who can turn this bad image around, the lies, crap PR and who cares about games

dreamcast 2 would be a dream

decrypt1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

This is amazing news.

Nintendo is dead
Ms Goes down

Just one more to go lol and the industry can start progressing again.

Dehnus1593d ago

That is about the only way I can see it working out properly. But Sony Ponies and MS Xbots cream by the thought of having the other's company go bankrupt.

That a majority of people would loose their jobs isn't important to them.

OsirisBlack1593d ago

Honestly as an older gamer I would be beyond happy if Sega could sneak back into the war. Ever since they stopped producing consoles the quality of their games has suffered significantly. I would LOVE to see Sega get back on the horse and make some good games.

theBAWSE1593d ago


Nintendo isn't dead their handhelds have kept them in the game

I really hope they make a new console and learn from this wii rubbish...

if Sega got xbox it would be a dream Nintendo /PlayStation /Sega three great companies with real exclusives fighting for our money

Microsoft are just an inconvenience with no passion for gaming, hardly any first party studio's.. they just wanted the living room... guess what? xbone has had the worst launch of any console and I sincerely hope it fails hard. Microsoft deserve it after the crap they have pulled with xbone.

thrust1593d ago


Stop chatting bubbles you sound like a fool, MS is not going anywhere if anything in real world sony will go first it's all about money!

Just look how much each company is worth.

MS is a good company provides millions of jobs to people and family's but you can see passed that all you see is Xbox live is £25 a year, whineeeee

mikeslemonade1593d ago


It's Microsoft's xbox division. We're not talking about the entire corporation going down.


There's not many companies that can buy a Microsoft Game Studios. If Sony bought Microsoft Game Studios they would never make the money back. People saying Sega can buy it!? Sega has no money. I can probably buy Sega myself XD

dedicatedtogamers1593d ago

Certain gamers see this and cringe, but let's be serious. Microsoft hasn't brought anything significant to the gaming industry as a whole. They've simply...well, they've simply done what Microsoft does best:

They've bought and aped everything the Xbox brand has. To see them go would simply make room for another console manufacturer to step in. Oh noez! A console world without MICROSOFT!?!?!?! Consoles were fine prior to Xbox, and consoles will be fine after Xbox is gone.

Eonjay1593d ago

Sorry kids its all about money. Microsoft makes alot of money selling software to other businesses and by collecting licensing fees and royalties. The Xbox division looses money but Live generates money (without the need to pay pubishers and and developers for the amount of content that PSN offers).

So when the board is discussing whether to stay in the hardware business or not, they will be weighting the potential boost in profit by selling the brand and sheding the losses, versus loosing a dedicated stream of paying subscribers.

Personally I would like to see them stay in the business to keep Sony competitive.

theBAWSE1593d ago Show
specialguest1593d ago

Yes exactly. Let Xbox die off, sell it to Sony, etc....because a one console gaming world with no competition is exactly what we need for the industry. /s

The Xbox was a factor in making PS what it is today, a gaming division that listens to devs needs, the fans, not over priced, and less arrogant, because of competition and the lesson learned from the 360 taking a huge chunk of the PS market last gen.

pyramidshead1593d ago

Perhaps that analyst leak told some truth about MS covering up huge Xbox division losses with other profits.

If he gets appointed...oh boy lol.

Guwapo771593d ago

What is this one console system BS? Nintendo isn't gone... Nintendo has mad bad systems in the past and recovered nicely. Someone might even help Sega get back into the hardware business if Xbox is no more.

Or Xbox is sold and the name changes to something else, the company is still there.

malol1593d ago

"selling Xbox business, killing Bing"
best decisions they could make now

then turn to the old fanbase which is already established ... PC

devwan1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )


Microsoft isn't a charity and xbox has and seemingly always will cost them more than it brings in, given what has happened so far. They'd do well to flip it to the likes of Samsung while they can.

MS has been striving to position itself to win the war of the living room for years now, but that war ended as a fizzled-out fart some time ago, it's increasingly irrelevant. There are newer, bigger and more important battlegrounds they need to fight for if they intend to stay a part of the converging gaming arena.

The xbox one was designed to be the centrepiece to this faded vision of what they saw consumers desired from their converging entertainment... the core aspects they should be challenging in, gaming, has been severely hindered as all the additional aspects have taken a front seat, leaving the all-in-one-media-box gimped as a gaming device... they ignored their established userbase as they sought to capture an imaginary larger one.

abzdine1593d ago

I miss the Sega vs. NINTENDO Times, and Sega vs Nintendo vs Sony. Competition was very healthy!!

mistertwoturbo1593d ago

I don't want the Xbox business to go away, I just don't want them to be dominate. Hopefully that will drive them to be a better company and start making better products and start thinking about the consumers. That means better hardware, better customer service, and more original first party software support.

All of which I don't see happening anytime soon sadly. Mostly because we have hordes and hordes and hordes of blind followers that eat up everything the sell even if they put poison in it.

Patrick1593d ago

Yeah I have to agree, Sell it to Samsung, they make great products and it would be an awesome console. The Samsung Galaxy XBox Do it MS, sell it off to a company that creates and innovates hardware.

Ezz20131593d ago

are you "Gamers" wish for gaming companies you don't like to bow out of gaming business ?!

i hate MS....any one know me here know that
and i will never support them
but this is a little extreme guys
this will make us no better than xbox fanboys who wished sony leave the gaming business

darthv721593d ago

Xbox maybe but what do people have against bing? I mean seriously. I gave up using google 2 years ago and have been using bing for all my searches.

People get the google redirect virus but you never hear about a bing redirect virus. Plus I earn points with all my searches. Points that I have used to get xbox point (now real $$$).

Hell, i even use the bing app on my galaxy phone instead of google. No doubt google is the one more people use but that could be because they are to set in their ways. Like the ipod/iphone craze.

There are better alternatives that most just dont know about. I will admit that MS makes their decisions to jump into a market after its established but some of their offerings are really good if people can get past the fact they are MS.

blackbeld1593d ago

Right choice. Bing is worthless and Xbox is already dead (DOA).

They should focus on software only.

gaffyh1593d ago

Sony recently made gaming integral to their business, meaning they cannot get rid of PlayStation, and they wouldn't considering it is one of their most profitable businesses most of the time.

There have been several people saying MS should sell the Xbox business, and if a CEO candidate is saying, that is a major warning sign. Maybe it's not worth investing in an Xbone, I was considering get one after a price cut, but if they are going to shut it down, then there is no future.

KillrateOmega1593d ago

Dreamcast 2? Oh man, James Small would be in Utopia...

*Insert heavy British accent*


Omegasyde1593d ago

@ I agree sell Xbox to Sega!

That would be awesome. I don't want any consoles to drop out because it would limit competition, but I wouldn't mind if Microsoft left the gaming scene.

PoSTedUP1593d ago

i know from experience that, what takes years to build can be destroyed in a minute, if you dont play the game right you might as well not be in it...

ZodTheRipper1593d ago

I look forward to this. They don't know how to run this businness, he would them and Steam/Nintendo a big favour.

prodg521593d ago

The only company that I see that would be interested and have enough capital to purchase XBOX would be Google.

ThanatosDMC1593d ago

Nail in the coffin all ready? Not good for Xbox fans.

They need to get rid of Bing. It's more of annoyance to people. Heck, Comcast promotes that we dont use Bing. (I work for XSS)

UltimateMaster1593d ago

Killing Bing, best decision ever made.


The problem you guys dismissing this are missing is that it's not the first we heard about that latelly. Even worse, most times it had came from shareholders. Now, it's a possible future CEO opinion. Couple shareholders with CEO and you have enough of board to actually go ahead and cut the bleeding limb off if Elop gets the job.

The fact that Live still gives some profitable is hardly helps, they could very well keep Live, try to pass that as PC or Tablet service, or license the hardware standard for other manufactures forcing Live there (which sounds great 'till you remember what happened to the 3DO, manufacturers would want a profit and the price would rise even further, third party support was also a no go, and that was actually conceived by EA none the less).

I'm not saying they'll go through with it, in fact, if past is anything to go by, Xbox division was never profitable and many times it was suggested to be cut off, yet it remained, so it may pass quietly by this again. But don't fool yourselves thinking this is a minor issue, every other time the majority of the board (and specially the CEO) were agaisnt cutting off Xbox, if Elop actually gets the job this will be a whole new conversation going on that room (at the very least, he can deeply hurt Xbox division by restricting investments, or even give it an ultimatum).

GameSpawn1593d ago

"Xbox maybe but what do people have against bing?"

Hey if you like Bing then use it. I've tried, but I keep going back to Google. In my experience with Google, I can type the vaguest search (3 random words related to what I'm searching for) and I have had great luck getting what I want in the first 3 search hits.

Bing on the other hand, even with the MOST specific search hasn't always given me what I'm looking for. I like Bing's image search, but that is where the buck stops.

In the end whatever you're comfortable with use.

Ritsujun1593d ago

Sell it to Nintendo. Xbosh's heading down the casual/Beeburr route, anyway.

Xavilend1593d ago

Am I the only one here that knows that the original Xbox was the spiritual successor to the Dreamcast? #TheMoreYouKnow

Anon19741593d ago

When Microsoft investors are continually hearing things like "the sale of Bing and Xbox, along with other moves, could lift fiscal 2015 earnings by 40 percent" it's not surprising that something has to give. Especially now with Valueact on the board and Ballmer on his way out.

I think it's not so much a question of "if" but "when" will Microsoft sell or spin off the Xbox business.

UltimateMaster1593d ago

Nintendo doesn't want that.

I'm just guessing maybe Apple or Google might be interested in the franchise logo.
Or maybe they'll do their own thing like Steam.

Why not sell it to Steam?

P0werVR1593d ago

"He would consider ending Microsoft’s costly effort to take on Google with its Bing search engine, and would also consider selling healthy businesses such as the Xbox game console if he determined they weren’t critical to the company’s strategy, "the people" said."

Funny how they missed that detail, and yet with all this talk of doom and gloom this week has driven Microsoft's market value since a couple years back. Hmmmm....I wonder why?

Anyways, Bing I can understand. Xbox Division is a money maker for Microsoft and the potential is there, simply because there going up against Sony. Who are lackluster in innovation for next gen. Xbox One is more than prepared because of it's dynamism. Bing however is going up against don't mess with Google, their too nice.

dmeador1593d ago

It really is amazing how ignorant many posters on this board are. If you in any way think that the xbox going away is good for gaming, you need to learn how things work.

Its sad that you somehow have a personal stake in a company, for no real reason at all. Its just like a Burger King eater cheers about McDonalds shutting down, or a Dodge Ram driver going crazy if GM went bankrupt. One day you might understand that you aren't "wining"

pixelsword1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

If it has to go, I hope Nintendo buys the Xbox and not Sony; that would put Nintendo near the cutting edge in terms of advanced technology, plus there should always be two consoles, two rivals to constantly sharpen each other's claws to make sure they aren't dropping the ball.

The best liked Superhero out of DC, Marvel, etc., is batman; conversely, the best liked villain is The Joker.

Not because of their powers or even their intellect, but because of the finely-tuned balance of good and evil, the evenly-matched rivalry that can take a city already teetering on the edge one way all the way to another; and even in the video game world that shows: the best rivalry of all time so far has been the Sega/Nintendo era.

Oh sure, you can have one console, but either you'll get huge upgrades every 15+ years or you get upgrades every couple of years, having maybe three to five consoles in 10 years.

WolfOfDarknesss1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

This man is playing really REALLY stupid ?, He's is CEO candidate too ! My God.

It's not a good time to talk about Xbox and Bing business situation like that Specially just weeks before the release of Xbox One !

He should support Microsoft and NEVER mention anything about the company financial earnings .

If Xbox one is out , The it will be bad news for Gaming industry .

BattleAxe1593d ago

Samsung would probably be interested in buying the Xbox Division.

rainslacker1593d ago

I really don't see why Samsung would buy the Xbox brand. They have enough money and know-how to make their own console, and if Xbox were to leave the market, it would be wide open for the next competitor to step in.

Google seems more interested in providing services and not hardware, and quite honestly, given the way they have their google phone set up, it would probably make the Xbox brand just what MS intended the X1 to be in the first place, an all digital marketplace with substandard quality control.

Anyone that would have the money to buy the XBox brand would be a company that has the resources, but not the infrastructure to produce their own console, and actually wanted to get into the console marketplace. It's hard to imagine many companies wanting to do this since they aren't already. From the looks of it, it isn't a hugely profitable venture for any company on the home console level.


OK, now it's hard not to think of you as a shill when you say how great Bing is, and try to downplay Google due to a redirect virus...really?

scott1821593d ago

I hope Sony never considers buying the Xbox division... They are fine with PlayStation, they would never need anything Xbox.

Prime1571593d ago

Any of you who don't understand that competition is a good thing need to stop commenting.

You think business hinders it now? See how it stagnates after there's only one.

Chris_GTR11593d ago

why the hell would sony want xbox? lolol.

nukeitall1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

Why would anyone want Xbox division split out is beyond me.

If it wasn't for MS and it's push, you would have a $800 PS4 right now with almost no network connectivity and PS Home version 2!

After all, Nintendo isn't pushing the online space, and nobody has cloud servers like MS.

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hiredhelp1593d ago

Lol this would be one my favourite Days if come true.

Dehnus1593d ago

Why? So people can loose their jobs? Seriously?

Eonjay1593d ago


Wrong... selling a business doesn't mean everyone loses their jobs.

dmeador1593d ago


Many people would lose their jobs

sobotz1593d ago

It would've been terrible. Competition is always good.

hiredhelp1593d ago

You got nintendo steam apple may join in then theres possible sega come back.

sobotz1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

You know Nintendo can't beat Sony when it comes to console. And apple is no difference than Microsoft.

I think Valve is the most suited rival to Sony if Microsoft left.

combatcash1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )


Very true, honestly if it hadn't been for the xbox 360 the ps3 wouldn't have seen all of the major price cuts that helped get it into peoples homes.

It helped humble Sony quite a bit. Imagine if sony had left the business we would be stuck with all that DRM stuff from MS.

Competition is always good keeps companies on their toes and benefits us the most.


Really valve?!!!!!! No bro they have worst restrictions than the xbox one did and you saw how people cried about that. It's all digital and while they would make a formidable opponent, they themselves don't make enough exclusive games or (AAA) experiences.

tiffac0081593d ago

Sega coming back? Lets be realistic here, they can't even localize their games.

Baltar1593d ago

I wonder if Nintendo could buy the xbox division, Sony Vs Nintendo+Xbox that would be a hell of a competition!

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Concertoine1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

yeah, let sony LITERALLY monopolize the industry, surely they won't pull anything tricky then. When they near monopolized the the industry with the ps1 they took to using anti developer architectures to make it harder to port to competitor's systems on the ps2 and ps3. the ps4 is a different story, but if they dominate like it looks, who knows what the ps5 will be about. Hopefully not like the ps3.
i will miss it, the first xbox is one of my favorite systems ever. ports of half life 2, morrowind, deus ex 2, thief 2, along with bitchin' exclusives like jet grind radio 2, panzer dragoon orta, shenmue 2 (NA),or all the Microsoft game studios games. Also better multiplats like fatal frame and silent hill 2. Then the hundreds of hours of memories on halo 1 and 2, the first GOOD online console network, from which every one today owes at least something.
even the 360 was a great system. MS was cool before the xbox one. I believe they could've come back with something special after this diappointment.


those were the good old days when the xbox was really about gaming and it showed !!... those days feel long gone now...

Irishguy951593d ago

MS were cool till about 2010 and 11, till Kinect reared it's ugly head and MS wanted a Piece of Nintendo's new found casual made pie.

Xbox and Xbox 360 were great for gamers(again until 2010/11 for 360)

The way Ps4 is now, is how the Xbox 360 was at it's launch. Cheaper, better games, stealing exclusives from Sony, much better online(although next gen they are about equal online), better multiplats etc etc

Hayabusa 1171593d ago

Yeah, I loved the original Xbox, and it seems I missed a lot of decent games on the PS2 as well...a brilliant era in gaming, I think having the Gamecude on the same level as the XBox and PS2 might have had something to do with it too...competition is good.

I agree with Irishguy95, the 360 is a fantastic console, but it all started to go downhill round about when they started pushing the kinect and all the shovelware that came with it. The PS3 started in a mudslide, but has steadily climbed at a consistent rate.

I have hopes for the Xbox One but I seriously want to see Microsoft change their attitude towards their costumers and the games.

Omegasyde1593d ago

I agree more competition is better for gamers wallets and choice, but say keep Xbox and remove the Microsoft. Sell the console division to google perhaps?

rainslacker1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

Everyone was using RISC chips back in those days. Sony made in the PS1 a system architecture that was geared almost exclusively for 3D gaming. It wasn't meant as an anti-competitive measure. In fact, the PS1 used a pretty standard MIPS-R3000A 32-bit RISC chip, and RISC was all the rage at the time. The Saturn had one, and the SNES had a coprocessor RISC chip, among many others.

The PS2's chip was designed to streamline game programming overall, and the emotion engine was highly praised for it's capabilities in this regard. It still used common RISC architecture which has been used in every single console for the past 20 years except the original Xbox, but was adopted into the 360. The emotion engine simply put multiple processor cores onto one die and each of those cores was uniquely suited to certain tasks. It wasn't that complicated to figure out. The fact that Sony provided functionality that wasn't available in the more general purpose CPU's of their competitors isn't their fault, but their competitors fault for using more general purpose processors.

The PS3 was a gamble, and a vastly different way of programming from the standard PowerPC/x86 chips that everyone was used to, which is why it got so much heat. However, the design and processes capable within the Cell were uniquely capable of smoking what any other architecture could do at the time. Just very few developers took the time to really utilize it because it was so different and Sony lost it's hold on the market so there was no reason to even try.

In fact, many of the common things done now with new CPU's, including APU's in both the X1 and PS4 are designed around the functions that the Cell started off with and pioneered. The Cell hasn't died, it just evolved into what we will be using in the next gen, only in a more common architecture.

So before you go spouting off random nonsense, learn what you're talking about, because it's very apparent you know nothing of computer architecture.

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CynicalKelly1593d ago

You have no idea how bad it would be to eliminate competition and grant any company a monopoly on anything.

Competition is great. It pushes Microsoft and Sony to do better because they have to compete for us.

Rainstorm811593d ago

If Sony has a Monopoly...Sony will just become the new MS

If they do ever sell the Xbox brand i just hope its to a company that cares about gaming

SignifiedSix911593d ago

Sony wouldnt be able to afford the Xbox brand lmao.

Besides, I'd rather it be sold to samsung if this ever happened.

LordMaim1593d ago

Sony wouldn't NEED the Xbox brand. All of its good games are third party.

jocomat91593d ago

LMAO you just got owned.

Death1593d ago

Be careful what you wish. Who would be in the market for a game console/brand and has the money to acquire it? EA? Activision? Ubisoft? If any of the larger third parties bought the brand, Playstation would have problems.