Marvelous AQL’s Video Game Sales Are Up Thanks To Vita Game Reorders

Muramasa Rebirth maker Marvelous AQL reported an increase in sales and operation profit from their consumer games division. Sales for the first half of the fiscal year were 3.7 billion yen ($38 million) up from 3.1 billion last year.

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HelpfulGamer1659d ago

Big Breasts & Cuteness sure have an effectiveness in increasing sales and operation profit. :D

snitch_puck1659d ago

no.. that does not count for everything if you talk about these games! both games had something special to give in terms of plot and gameplay although Valhalla Knights was not really received well by some but, personally I liked it. Muramasa:Rebirth, however, had great gameplay, art, and story and, i think, revisiting the game via a remake was both beneficial to the gamers and Marvelous themselves.

P.S. I did not disagree to your comment.

N4GCB1658d ago

I hope this brings them to get us Shimovi Versus.