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Next Generation Controllers

So a couple of days ago we at AGR covered the hard drive issues that some of us may experience sooner or later regarding the new set of consoles on the way later this month.

Now its time to talk about the one thing you’ll probably be using just as much as the consoles themselves. The controller. (Culture, Microsoft, PS4, Sony, Xbox One)

KrisButtar  +   260d ago
I've had hands on with the DS4 and before I seen/used it, I seen it online and everyone was talking about how much larger it is. It is very close to the DS3 size and would have said its a small increase to its size not its larger. It does feel good and seems to be made stronger or less breakable. I am impressed with it, which is something I wasn't so sure about because of the touchpad.

I haven't seen or used the XB1 controller in person yet and only seen it in online videos and such. It looks good but the video with seller and him saying the RT and RB are too close and causes me for concern. I should be checking one out in the next few days though and be able to see for myself if its a problem. I hate the fact about the batteries and don't get me started on those charger kit things as they were garbage on my 360. I think that maybe my biggest problem with the new controller seeing how they fixed the dpad
Autodidactdystopia  +   260d ago
DS4 for me has always given me problems with my fingers slipping off the analog sticks. The controller is iconic and I like it though

Xbox controllers since the 360 Are great I have no complaints with them, The Xbox 1 controller, I wonder though if the Feedback triggers are the weakest link on them. For some reason I feel they might break after extended use. But I don't know. I like the concept.

The Steam Controller, looks cool too Im still on the fence about the whole touchpad thing... If they get the firmware right on the controllers, then it could be great. For now ill just wait and see.

The wii U Controller I dislike, I just don't like it at all. :(
KrisButtar  +   259d ago
"DS4 for me has always given me problems with my fingers slipping off the analog sticks. The controller is iconic and I like it though"

You mean the DS3? I'm not a great fan of either controller(PS3/360.) They each have a set of problems. After using the PS4 controller I don't even want to go back to the PS3/360 ones and when I have they both just feel like crap. I hope the new XB1 controller does the same or it won't be considered an improvement.

I don't like rumble/vibration features ever since the N64. I just turn those features off. I think the weakest link might be the bumper and trigger being so close, not the rumble. I'm really excited to get my hands on one.

I agree with you on the Steam controller with the wait and see. On looks its pretty sweet but when they said you can map 24(I think) face buttons. I was like damn that's a lot and maybe to many to get used to.

I don't know anyone around here who likes the WiiU gamepad. What they say is "I bought my big screen to play games on it I don't want to have to look away."

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darthv72  +   259d ago
i like the DS4 is using slightly longer hand grips with textured feel to them. Plus the analog sticks have that semi concave center point where the thumb rests instead of the convex style the DS1-DS3 uses.

On the DS2, the rubber would get sticky but not on the DS3 and the DS4 looks to be very comfortable. Sony had the dual analog (came out before the DS1) and it had the same type of sticks and longer hand grips like the DS4 and that one is very comfortable to hold for long play sessions.

Id like for them to come out with that batarang style even if its just for collectors. that one would have been a trip to hold.
chrissx  +   259d ago
The DS4 is a true next generation controller from my personal hands on. Best I've ever used
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SuicideKing  +   259d ago
I can't believe someone wrote an article comparing the next gen controllers without even using them. FYI the author has only used the DS4. Lol
abradley  +   259d ago
Sorry mate, haven't had the chance to use the new Xbox pad yet.

The article was more a comparasion from a features point of view. Just thought I'd add my thoughts on my hands on with the DS4.
abradley  +   259d ago
Sorry mate, haven't had the chance to use the new Xbox pad yet.

The article was more a comparison from a features point of view. Just thought I'd add my thoughts on my hands on with the DS4.
skydragoonity  +   259d ago
I'm not too sure i would enjoy littering my house with AA batteries & turn to a battery scavenger like i did with my 360. DS4 for me.
Strange_Days  +   259d ago
Well, in that case you should've invested in a play n'charge kit, or even rechargable AAs.
You know, just like most people will did on the 360, and what most will do on the XB1?

An enclosed battery isn't necessarily a good thing either.
What if the battery unit fails? Or over time, no longer holds a decent charge? At least you won't fork out for a new 360/xb1 pad, merely a few quid/bucks for some new batteries, if wifi is what matters to you.
abradley  +   259d ago
The Play n'charge kit was dreadful from my experience. Sometimes barely lasted a couple weeks before needing to be replaced.

I understand your point on the enclosed battery but I've got a couple DS3 controllers and not one of them has ever given me any issues with the batteries.
SaffronCurse  +   259d ago
Haven't had the chance to try out the Xbone controller. But the Ds4 feels so right, everything about it is just done right and I'm happy to say, it's probably my all time favourite controller. Been using it non stop since I bought it last week.
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feraldrgn  +   259d ago
I still find that image odd, considering the DS4 is chunkier than the Xbox controller:

GhostPanther  +   259d ago
I went to Gamestop today and held the PS4 controller. It is 10 times better than the PS3 controller, but the triggers on the PS4 controller feel horrible.

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