Nintendo Confirms the size of Super Mario 3d World

Nintendo already counting the days to the arrival of another of their releases star in the face of Christmas.
The next November 29 the world's most famous plumber land on the console from the company with a new title and new action packed gameplay.

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triforce791590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Wow 1.6GB for such a stunning big game,Nintendo rule at this stuff but I'm sure Havok nextgen compression tech had something to do with them graphics wow,because without compression this game could be easy 10GB or alot more...

FriedGoat1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

This game is most likely lacking content, just like the 3DS version. Compare it to Super Mario 64 DS it's like 10X shorter.

mohuzas1590d ago

hunderds of levels = 10x shorter than Mario 64. mkay.

RobbyGrob1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

It wouldn't surprise me if they would be rather short and generic levels. I would love to play new levels in style with the excellent ones in Mario World for the SNES, but i bet i'm dreaming there. The Mario Galaxy games also had shitloads of levels, but only of few of them were truly good while most of them could be finished in five minutes with very little effort.

thepatientgamer1590d ago

Don't know what you're saying bro. Super Mario 3D Land was huge.

WiiUsauce1590d ago

Did you even play the 3DS version??? I spent 60+ hours in that game.

FriedGoat1590d ago

60 hours? What the hell were you doing? I got all star coins in under 10 hours. These "hundreds" of levels are short as hell mostly 1-2 minutes long.

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andrewer1590d ago

Nintendo isn't like others that try to make high resolution textures, real shadow effects, real lightning effects, real reality effects and stuff like that :P these consume lots of space. Think of it: is just mario HD. The fun is in the game, not the graphics

BullyMangler1590d ago

Nintendos been doing this since early 2000 . .

and have you even seen Super mario world? the metallics actually reflect the environment . etc etc etc

Gemmol1590d ago

wrong, they use compression, look at all the money they put into compression before the 3ds came out, they basically use same technology for the Wii U

Thepcz1590d ago

...or maybe its just a small game

from what i have seen its hardly full of sprawling landscapes as far as the eye can see.. or high res textures and high polygonal objects.

just floating objects in an empty space, with flat shaded/simple textures, basic 3d models. hardly going to take up space.

the music is probably what uses most of that space

FriedGoat1590d ago

Lol this thread is so full of Blind Nintendo fans, what you said is true yet all you get is disagrees. Compared to mario 64, and the galaxies 3D land was a short disappointment.

triforce791590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

This is proper NEXTGEN graphics,looking at it imagine how much system RAM a pc version would need I'd say 4GB/6GB easy,this is pure proof with 2GB of RAM and compression x10 system RAM is not that important anymore.

ChickeyCantor1590d ago

For crying out loud. Stop talking like a 5 year old.

WilliamH1590d ago

What 5 year old knows what RAM is. GAWD

ChickeyCantor1590d ago


Exactly, he pretends to know how RAM affects the system. He is rambling on about stuff he just read about but doesn't understand.

He is just throwing around technical terms.
Just like a child would do.

TomahawkX1590d ago

I will buy a wii u eventually for this game, bayonetta 2, SSB, and X.

mcstorm1590d ago

Nintendo showing its not all about filling 50GB disks cant wait to get this game at the end of the Month.

GirlOnFire1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Impressive Nintendo I'll be getting Wii U again in December along with this and Zelda WW HD. ^~^

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