What is Sony's "Last Guy"?

Sony Computer Entertainment America recently trademarked The Last Guy for use with computer game and video game software. Its game related, but for what? A brand new PlayStation 3 game? Or is it for a PSP game? Resistance 2: The Last Guy? No, it's probably not used in conjunction with that franchise. Maybe it won't even be used. Sony trademarked Million Monkeys, which is probably related to Sarugetchu: Million Monkeys. The PlayStation 2 game never got localized.

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El_Colombiano3883d ago

Resistance 2: The Last Guy...that was a great laugh...anyway I bet it's going to be another awesome PS3 game.

sonarus3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

Apparently its psn related

Bonsai12143883d ago

haha. that just sounds so stupid i laughed too.

Bathyj3883d ago

They're bound to have games due in 2010 or 11 that haven't been announced yet. Sony dont sit around on their hands. I wonder what it could be.

resistance1003883d ago

A game based on I Am Legend will work great. Why do they never make games based on the good movies, only the crap ones

Bubble Buddy3883d ago

You make a good point there.

MorganX3883d ago

We need the game to get the full experience, the movie left me hangin'. In the movie, for all that racing around and high powered rifle, he didn't shoot a thing.

InYourMom3883d ago

are they talking about their console position or a new game?


Xlll3883d ago

Actully it's based on PS2 crushing xbox. It's a prequel to PS3 crushing 360 this gen, enjoy.

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The story is too old to be commented.