Three of the Best Xbox One Launch Games to Own

After first observing the varied mix of games that were on display inside Microsoft's underground lair of next-generation titles, there are just three main launch titles that are worthy of your attention, and would you know it, they are all exclusive to Microsoft’s new console. So stand poised dear soon to be Xbox One owner, for here is a run down of what three games you should be picking up when they all release out of the gates on November 22nd.

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jackanderson1985989d ago

DR3 is a definite for me, ryse is a maybe at the moment and forza naw racing games just aren't for me

psych989d ago

Same here.

13 days, 6 hours...

jackanderson1985989d ago

13 days 15 hours for me unfortunately.. damn my irish time zone

Dragonborn312989d ago

I got all three pre-ordered. DR3 is the one that I am the most excited for. I pre-ordered Ryse after I got to play it and I really enjoyed it. I am not the biggest racing game fan, but I have enjoyed both F3 and F4, and F5 looks like a lot of fun so I pre-ordered that as well.

DeathOfTheFanBoy989d ago

Killer Instinct and Forza5 for me.

TheXgamerLive989d ago

For me Dead Rising 3, Ryse and AC IV. Watch dog was on my list but since delayed im not sure as Titan Fall is and Thief will be coming.

I can only work and play so many games.

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hankmoody989d ago

I'll be on board with DR3, BF4 and Forza 5 on Day One. It'd be cool to see some of you online that day!

Elit3Nick989d ago

Exactly the same games for me, but not until I'm done with my exams :(

hankmoody989d ago

Games can wait. School (and work) should always be your main focus. Take it from me, I'm the guy who got fired from a job for showing up three hours late after an all night binge of Final Fantasy 7.

Grave989d ago

So sad that DR3 is gonna be available through Steam on release.

Death989d ago

I had no idea Steam worked on the XboxOne, butt I'm willing to give it a try! Thanks for the heads up!

Grave989d ago (Edited 989d ago )

Lolz should've been "is not", whoops.

MrCastle989d ago

Zoo tycoon stole a little piece of my heart. I will definitely snag that as well as dead rising and ryse.

Eldyraen989d ago

Zoo tycoon actually looks kind of fun as a sim fan. Not Viva Piñata kind of fun but more traditional sim kind of enjoyment. I doubt I will pick it up at release though but maybe later on.

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The story is too old to be commented.