Five More Games in Development Using Frostbite 3

DICE recently revealed that it is developing more than 15 titles using its next-gen generation Frostbite 3 engine.

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Crossbones1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Battlefield Bad Company 3 has to be one of them.

MWong1658d ago

The article should read that 15 titles have been announced to be using the FB3 engine. The way it reads is that DICE is actually working on 15 titles.

We will probably have a year and change before BF:BC3 comes out. With BF4 releasing just less than 10 days ago I am sure EA wants to wait a little. But I am really excited to see a new Battlefront title and can't wait.

Pandamobile1658d ago

Man, I'd love to work with this engine.

KimoNoir1658d ago

Battlefront 3... Thatll be interesting trying to merge battlefield with star wars. Death Star + Levolution.
I hope they can up the player count to 128 to make the skies more dense with dog fights

KimoNoir1658d ago

Imagine a levolution moment when a star destroyer is floating above a city but suddenly gets destroyed because someone blew up the power reactor which sends the star destroyer down destroying the map.