Nelson Comments on Xbox YouTube Channel Using Watch Dogs PS4 Footage: "Mix Up Made At Ubisoft"

Microsoft's Major Nelson has just issued a clarification on "Official Xbox YouTube Channel" using Watch Dogs PS4 gameplay footage.

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zeal0us1440d ago

I'm pretty sure Ubisoft would've caught this. Even so Microsoft could at least double check the video.

u got owned1440d ago

This is as much of MS fault as Ubisoft, there is no excuse for this.

Kingthrash3601440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

lol man this is so one sided right ms cursed? i mean dam i dont know what to think about ms and x1 anymore...anythings possible with them.
so many "mistakes" and typo's and getting caught in lies...i think they are targeting the casuals who dont know any better about things like native/upscaled or paywalls or in this case button layouts...i cant say they did it on purpose or if its even their fault....but whats bad is i cant say didn't either.

Comnnsence1440d ago

The blame game has begun! But what makes this a b***s*** response, if it were "the wrong feed that were sent" then why try to block out the buttons? Simply put, it was a total lie and they were caught!

blitz06231440d ago

Weren't the button labels being "blocked" on the screen up until that split second where it showed the PS controls? That already means MS was aware of it and they tried to hide it and got caught.

pixelsword1440d ago

There is no "mix-up" if the buttons were blocked; that shows a clear intent to deceive; why else would Ubisoft cover up PS3 buttons for a PS3 video?

What do these people take us for, morons?

xPhearR3dx1440d ago

It's really not that big of a deal to be honest. I'm not defending them, hell I'm not even getting an Xbox One. Seriously though, some of you are acting as if someone killed your dog and you can't believe how this happened.

First off. People make mistakes. It happens. Secondly, why on earth would MS do this on purpose will that the bad PR they've been getting. Seriously. Think about it. Do you think MS would upload PS4 footage and think out of the MILLIONS watching, that not one person would see the button prompts? Come on now.

MS has pulled shit in the past, but they've always tried to be sneaky about it. Like the E3 Kinect Star Wars presentation. But uploading PS4 footage on purpose? Gimmie a break.

u got owned1440d ago

@ xPhearR3dx

man has a point...

Eonjay1440d ago

Apparently we have to believe that Ubisoft created a trailer for the PS4 and intentionally blacked out the controls. This is a bridge too far. No one is that mentality incompetent.

badboy7761440d ago

In my Simpson Nelson Voice

Ha ha!!!

kreate1440d ago

Microsoft keeps lying ... when would it stop? :(

mikeslemonade1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

The negative PR just keeps snowballing and snowballing.

Microsoft must be in there conference room racking there brains about to avoid and downplay these PR mishaps. It's literally gonna cost them millions.

Don't believe me?? Just look at the PS3 pre and post launch. They could have easily sold 100 million systems already if they just did the right things.

BG115791440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

Following the NDA rules, Sony could suit MS for reveling confidential information or misuse of the footage for the PS4.
This is actually pretty big, because it's not just one isolated event.

abzdine1440d ago

let's suppose it's ubisoft, how about the loser who uploaded it to YouTube?

sinjonezp1440d ago

Two words..quality control. Doesn't every company have it? This is sad and ms had the nerve to blame ubi? Smfh. And People still want to buy into Microsoft bs? U have to be a hardcore fanboy Seriously to be naive to the douche baggery ms dish out. IMO.

guitarded771440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

Some of it is MS making bad choices (initial XBOX One policies). Some of it is just dumb mistakes (probably the situation with the video)...

But some of it could be mistakes from outside of MS (3rd party workers/contractors).

Remember when MS had Killzone on their website as an XBOX One exclusive... don't remember which region it was. But that was just stupid.

I'm inclined to think (doesn't mean it's true) that MS may plant some of these stupid mistakes for more free exposure. "There's no such thing as bad press" the saying goes, and by making simple "mistakes", it just gets more people talking about XBOX One, with no real damage to the console's image. Sure, MS may look inept, and people can argue that it's because the PS4 version may look better, but the number of people saying "XBOX One" is worth the "bad" publicity. <- not saying this is the case, but it's a possibility.

Just another example: The PlayStation Blog allows 3rd parties outside of Sony to post to the blog. The info is monitored by the PS Blog staff for oversight, but this could be a similar situation.

Kayant1440d ago


Re watching the videos on ubisoft's channel shows that its the same vid with the blurred out buttons.

Ok this situation does look like its a mistake on MS's part as they should have checked it before uploading it to their official channel.

The real problem here is that we have yet to see any XB1 footage. We have seen pc & ps4 iirc. I think this is the real problem at hand.

johndoe112111440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )


You're missing the point. After everything we've seen since the console reveals, everything we've heard from the devs, everything we've heard that was leaked by insiders (which turned out to be true), it all points to one thing, PS4 footage was used because xone footage is not ready.

This is the big deal here. Is it so hard to think that the devs are really having a hard time developing for the xone.

It's not just this either. Practically all multiplat games shown for the past couple of months from the devs have been on ps4. Why is that?

What is so wrong with the xone versions that no one wants to show them? All these things put together along with this watch dog footage debacle is pointing to the fact that the xone is not ready to be released.

I had always planned on getting an xone up until they confirmed all that DRM bs (I buy all systems every generation). But I'll tell you this, even if that DRM fiasco never took place I would still be cancelling my order right about now.

I salute everyone who has the balls to purchase that system on day one, you are true martyrs.

I'm not saying the ps will not have issues but from everything we've seen and heard it appears the ps4 issues would be a lot more bearable and easily fixed when they arise.

Something is wrong, microsoft knows it, the devs know it but they can't talk because of NDA's, this is a very very scary situation.

Edit: Anyone who thinks that microsoft didn't know this was ps4 footage has to be freaking insane. Even if it was ubisoft who blacked out the buttons.

AndrewLB1440d ago

Reminds me of Obama trying to pass the blame for every scandal he gets himself into. No ability to just admit screw up and move on.

Fast & Furious: Blamed gun stores
Benghazi: blamed a youtube video
NSA Spying: blames Bush
AP Wire Tap: Blames low level employees
IRS Used as political weapon: Blames two employees in Ohio blames Republicans
90 million people lose health insurance: blames insurance companies

Perhaps Microsoft took a page from the Obama playbook since it's effectively fooled idiotic Americans for 5 years now. Triumphantly take credit for the good, blame everyone but you for the bad. lol.

johndoe112111440d ago


Just some advice, you would probably do well to leave politics out of a gaming discussion. Just saying. Please feel free to ignore my advice.

mewhy321440d ago

Oh come on!!!!! Microsoft instructed them to use the BEST footage they had for the game and, since this game got delayed because of trying to achieve parity for the lowest common denominator bone, they were forced to show the PS4 footage. "on the case?" There are people that will actually believe that ROFL. WOW!! It's because of the bone that we PS4 gamers aren't getting this game this year!! They need the extra time to try and achieve parity for the inferior bone. Pressure from microsoft caused the delay. Wake up!!!

SilentNegotiator1440d ago

"Seriously though, some of you are acting as if someone killed your dog and you can't believe how this happened"

Calm down; absolutely no one is acting like that. Believe it or not, some people don't like being deceived over and over and over.

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tanis_halfelven1440d ago

disgusting that the company/people who ultimately upload the video take no responsibility for the mistake.

i could care less if it was a mixup just take some damn responsibility for it and move on.

Kingthrash3601440d ago

agreed...if their was a mix-up then did you guys at least watch the vid? if you did and you saw blurred buttons wouldnt that be a red flag?
i mean either they are not giving a dam about the way they market the x1 or they dont give a dam about how they market the x1.
their is no excuse for this sleezy sneaky approach they have taken into this's like this is 1 giant aptitude test for gamers at this point.
what's baffleing is some loyalists will fail.

sinjonezp1440d ago


Just like the 4 people who disliked @tanis.

Its sad ..really....I like the games x 1 have but they just keep turning me off to there methods. It makes me think everything they changed for the better they will employ in the near future. IMO . as gamers we must become wise at some point regardless of how much of a fanboy you are.

Killjoy30001440d ago

And it's just as much of their responsibility for letting the footage pass submission into their uploads. Way to unload all of the blame on Ubi, Nelson.

AngelicIceDiamond1440d ago

"Nelson Comments on Xbox YouTube Channel Using Watch Dogs PS4 Footage: "Mix Up Made At Ubisoft"

Lol please. Listen, I won't believe MS until I see the official X1 footage of Watchdogs.

solfol1440d ago

Sad Microsoft...just sad.

Funantic11440d ago

Obviously Ubisoft was too lazy to make another video for the X1 version so they blurred out the buttons to just show their game video. Come on folks use common sense. When you see commercials of multiplatform games they don't have to show every version. How long would that video be? You guys don't give MS a break. Every little thing....

Campy da Camper1440d ago

Or they do have a xone video of watchdogs and it looks like garbage.

Hicken1440d ago

Cuz Ubisoft blurred out buttons?

And wouldn't it be smart for Microsoft to check the video themselves?

I'm with you on both counts, here.

nightfallfilms1440d ago

Sony Fanboys are a bunch of blind idiots believe anything negative about MS you read. Ubisoft made this video with the buttons blocked out end of story. Take a look at their website. What do you fanboys think Ubisoft is going to post a video on their own website that MS has blocked out the buttons. Bunch of F-ing blind idiots!!!!

XabiDaChosenOne1440d ago

So I'm guessing Ubisoft uploaded the video to YouTube for them also? GIVE ME A BREAK!!

nightfallfilms1440d ago

@Kobe357 are you really that closed minded? Ubisoft made this video series to show case WD's game play. They blocked out the buttons so it could be used for all platforms. Is it really that hard for fanboys to see this?

llMurcielagoll1440d ago

true, they could of at least viewed the video before uploading to YouTube.

Volkama1440d ago

It's not a big deal at all. The game isn't out on any platform, it's OK to use representative footage.

It has playstation button prompts, but it could very well be running on a PS4 dev kit or even a PC.

Crazed fanboys on a witch hunt smh

madpuppy1440d ago

Stuff like this happens when you think you are smarter than your customers.

One of Microsoft's main traits.

sigfredod1440d ago

Lol trying to drop the ball on Ubisoft court major? when you receive your footage you don't check it? you don't edit to add the Xbox logos andd stuff? if they send you a porn video you just upload it ?

Blaze9291440d ago

you guys just are grasping for reasons to talk bad about MS now. Ubisoft are the ones who provide all assets to Watch_Dogs, not Microsoft.

It's no different than this gen where all games were being shown on Xbox 360 with PS3 footage only finally being shown weeks/days before launch.

PS4 is Ubi's lead system for Watch_Dogs and they want to show the most optimized version. Xbox One may not be there yet.

So like everything Ubi has released, they took some old PS4 trailer and gave it to Microsoft.

So it's MS's fault for uploading something they asked for and later realized was incorrect?

Don't they call that....uhhh, accidents?

whome1440d ago

all i want to know is, where's the xboners footage. at least show that, since it was a mix up. they would have to mix it up with something, right?

medman1440d ago

"Mix up at Ubisoft"...this coming from a buffoon who can't admit to the mix ups at Microsoft. Go figure.

JasonKCK1440d ago

Ubisoft controls Ubisoft. It's not MS or Sony's job to monitor Ubisoft.

UnHoly_One1440d ago

My God, you guys really need to get off your MS hate train. Seriously, this has gotten ridiculous.

You know damn good and well that the video had to come from Ubisoft. There is no reason that MS or Sony would be making their own videos of an unfinished third party multiplatform game.

I'm just trying to be reasonable here.

You guys are all up-in-arms about how dishonest MS is, but you are the ones perpetuating lies, blaming them for every little negative thing you can come up with.

We're all supposed to be gamers here. We should all be "on the same side" so to speak. I don't understand this unrelenting hate you guys have for MS, I really don't.

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GamerXD1440d ago

Well let's say that's the case. But why won't ubi show off a WD demo running @ X1 hardware? So they won't need to use other versions?

MasterCornholio1440d ago

Hmm I'm wondering if they delayed the game due to issues with development on the Xbox One.

Nexus 7 2013

Campy da Camper1440d ago

If that is true and got out I'd be pissed off. I was reeeeally looking forward to WD at launch.

black0o1440d ago

this days MS put all the blame on the Devs/pub

1st COD/BF res -it's the devs that didnt optimize it well for the console-
2nd using PC footage -the devs didnt get the dev-kites early-
and now ubisoft send us this

BG115791440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

You also forgot:
-MS messed up at E3 when they announced the resolution and framerate for Ryse.
-MS didn't know the resolution of COD/BF before time.

No wonder they end up having bad relations with developpers...

timmyp531440d ago

completely understandable but its just a bit odd that they blanked out the buttons . i can understand if it was pc footage. its sort of becoming the norm to show pc footage to show off a game. hmm whatever. don't see the big deal honestly.

LOGICWINS1440d ago

This wasn't an accident. Someone blanked out the buttons. Someone was trying to hide something. Whether it was MS or Ubi, it doesn't matter. Someone PURPOSEFULLY tried to pass off the PS4 version as the XB1 version. That much is certain.

Why? We don't know. We can only assume.

MRMagoo1231440d ago

I assume it was because its the xbone version of watch dogs holding the release back and they have no footage because the game plays like arse on the console. I wonder how close to the bullseye i am.

LOGICWINS1440d ago

^^I agree. The XB1 version is either inferior or not as far into development as the PS4 version is.

Kingdom Come1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

Or, maybe, Ubisoft wanted to simply utilise the same gameplay video for both consoles as a shortcut for not having to reenact the gameplay on the other console.

Why do people have to read in to things overly conspicuously?

NatureOfLogic1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

Ok, so where's the Xbox footage? Even if this truly was an accident, MS really need to get it together. No way I'd trust them with so many mistakes being made. It looks very unprofessional and pedestrian when a corporation as big as MS continue to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

KiRBY30001440d ago

if you do a "mistake" on purpose, its not a mistake.