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Halo 4: A Look Back

To celebrate Halo 4's birthday, enjoy a look at some things that didn't make it in the game. (Culture, Halo 4, Xbox 360)

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jimbobwahey  +   414d ago
Very disappointing game, no surprise that the playerbase plummeted downwards and many have now given up on the franchise. The season pass was a big waste of money too.
Bundi  +   414d ago
Interesting, very interesting because over here http://n4g.com/news/1253089... you claim Halo 4 is your favourite Halo on Xbox 360 and your 4th overall favourite 360 exclusive.

And now you claim it was a disappointment?
A game YOU claim to have enjoyed the most in the series this gen also alienated you and drove away fans like yourself?

I'm lost here Jimmy, help me out.

Confused or trolling bro?
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PixelNinja  +   414d ago
Detective Bundi strikes again!
Bundi  +   414d ago
Pixel I got that condition when you read something and you never forget it? I just forgot what they called it in the book where I read about it. . .
LogicStomper  +   414d ago
"Pixel I got that condition when you read something and you never forget it? I just forgot what they called it in the book where I read about it. . . "


You know what, have a bubble.

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PixelNinja  +   414d ago
Lol, I would love a rainbow warthog though :D
Perjoss  +   414d ago
I'm not the biggest Halo fan but Halo 4 was such a good looking game.
PixelNinja  +   414d ago
Them in game cut-scenes (not the prerendered ones) were surely using all of the Xbox 360 resources, in terms of graphics it was an outstanding visual achievement for current gen.
343i have the graphics and the story, they jut have to focus on gameplay now.
MadMen  +   414d ago
Kevlar009  +   414d ago
Halo 4 was fun but disappointing, at least compared to Reach. Multiplayer was missing game modes, you had to have Gold to play Spartan Ops, going from a Credit to a tiered/objective based unlcok system was a step back imo, bland Slayer maps (5-6 maps either brown or white in scheme).

The Campaign was great and looked great, but the multiplayer was nowhere near the caliber of Bungie's. Multiplayer was a solid effort, but I lost interest quickly. Leaving things out like Forgeworld, modes like King of the Hill, or going to a ridgid unlock system made multiplayer seem a bit tasteless.

Tbh the only thing I'll miss about leaving Xbox is Halo (and if they ever get Banjo Kazooie right). I have fond memories of Reach and enjoyed Halo 4 while it lasted. I think it has a great future ahead of it, wish I could be there to enjoy it (PS4 beckons)
CrossingEden  +   414d ago
Lol this was good. Love this game.
Kevin26385  +   414d ago
It will be interesting to see how 343 rebounds with Halo 5. I am not a big fan of the ordinance drops or special power-ups like invisibility, Promethean mode, jetpack etc. I miss the old days where they had two or three powerups that were on the map and it was a privilege to have them.

Also, I hope 343 learned that having 15 playlists is a terrible idea because it spreads each playlist out too thin.

Halo 5 on Xbox One will hopefully return to this classic Halo feel that Halo 1/2/3 had.
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MajorGecko  +   414d ago
The maps where garbage bring us halo 2 and 3s maps with some breathing room
Benchm4rk  +   414d ago
Enjoyed this game alot. I think 343 will learn alot from Halo 4 and im expecting big things from Halo 5
LAWSON72  +   414d ago
I don't wanna

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