Call Of Duty: Ghosts Is A Joke

Fans are trashing it, critics are "meh" and the game is reusing MW2 footage and misleading the press about sales numbers.

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Maddens Raiders1658d ago

"Call Of Duty: Ghosts Is A Joke" - who cares?

Activision execs are on a yacht right now in crystal blue waters sipping libations and hugging swimsuit models whilst sitting on chairs made of gold and platinum.

Silly casuals - this is your fault. I hope they keep pumping out more trash for you to clamor over and hype beyond the warmth of the sun lol..

B-radical1658d ago

But the swimsuit models like them for there personality right?!

HammadTheBeast1658d ago

Obviously. Just like we all love CoD for its graphics.....

Eonjay1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Its true... everybody hates COD.

Its worse that American Idol; and they would have to start killing contestants to ever make me watch it again.

Gekko361658d ago

you should see the gay execs..

Outrageous flirting, symbolic smoking of cigars and lot of bumming over the back of those gold chairs.

COD is like a sore tooth you can't help touching it even though it hurts.

Remember what they say, familiarity breeds contempt

G_Hartley_1658d ago

Damn it. I knew i should of pre-ordered BF4..

1657d ago
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Benjammin251658d ago

@HammadTheBeast Funniest comment I've read for a while. :D Cheers.

Sarcasm1658d ago

Despite the negative reviews, negative PR, Resolutiongate, and all that junk, the game still sold Millions.

iheartSONY1658d ago

Yes it did. And I am one of the millions to blame. I couldn't help it. My brother and friends who are casual gamers bought the game so I had too. They don't care about any of the issues we mention here. They just wanna shoot. I just want to play along their side.

deecee331658d ago

"Hugging" swimsuit models? So that's what they call it these days...

Nail, head and all that Hammad- for all the negative press they're still going to sell more copies than most of the rest of the games of this generation COMBINED.

triforce791658d ago

BO2 wiiu crushes it in MP online and I'm talking textures are way better,character models look ultra realistic in wiiu BO2 best nextgen COD all day long.

Shuyin1657d ago


Literally made me lol.

triforce791658d ago

Rubbish game bring me MK8 ONLINE now...

NachoNinjaNuts1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

You fail to appreciate the casuals for what they mean to this industry. Call of duty is the gateway drug. "Casuals" will buy a console and pick up Call of Duty because that's the game everyone's always talking about. Eventually some of them will get burnt out. The "high" never feels quite as good year after year, so they branch out and start playing more games. All of a sudden they realize what they've been missing all these years! The beautiful graphics... the epic storylines. Next thing you know they're on these forums laughing at the most recent call of duty to hit the shelves but the cycle continues... Without the casuals your industry is not economically viable... Maybe next time you see one you should thank them...

RedoSupreme1657d ago

It was my gateway drug now im looking for a new fix


casuals dont bother me. they give money too, but who they are giving it to doesnt push the industry at all. they just put out more bullshit. doesnt help the cause. but like you said, if they branch out and acually research games and choose the best developed ,then sure they are great for the industry. but im not thanking anyone except the hard working developers. and ill thank activision when they fkn disapear

Glitchysugar1653d ago

One does not simply "hug" a swimsuit model...

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cellfluid1658d ago

Only took yall ten installments to realize that.. Better late than never... I stop buying call of duty when modern warfare 2 dropped...


well mikejew, its not the cool thing to hate cod and call it a joke. its the fact that it sucks, and lil mikejews flock to it that makes it a joke

Benjammin251658d ago

In a year that included The Last Of Us, Bioshock Infinite and GTA 5, COD really needed to step it's game up. Did IW even try?

CrusRuss1658d ago

Please dont call them Infinity Ward. They are actually Treyarch. The shitty dev who made all the bad CODs (COD 3, 5, 7-10) while IW made all the good cods (COD1, 2, 4, 6).

After all the IW guys left to form Respawn and work on TitanFall, they merged the remnants with Treyarch and called it IW LOL? GG

dcj05241658d ago

Cod 5 and 7 were pretty fun but 3 and 9 are TERRIBLE. Infinity Ward made no bad ones COD 1, 2, 4 and 6. 8 and 10 are from completly different people.

Irishguy951658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Cod 4 - WAW - Blops were all good. MW2 was SHIT. I blame Acti. Look what respawn are doing without Activisions sticking their cocks in the middle of innovation

imXify1658d ago

And your life is ruined ! -First world problems

Intentions1658d ago

CoD Ghost Veteran was a joke. lol, it was so easy.

bestofthebest1658d ago

I'm actually enjoying ghosts mostly because of the maps. Guess I'm the minority on this site.

christrules00411658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

I think the maps are garbage. It's a 6 vs 6 game and they make maps like the stone castle map like a kilometer long. You run, run and run and can't find someone usually. Oh yeah and then the spawn system is completely broken. I can't even say how many times I've spawned, taken 1 step and then got shot. Seriously Activision releases COD every year but they can't even get the spawns right or make a map that compliments how many players are in the game.

COD is known for being a fast paced game which is good for running and gunning. But the maps in Ghosts are way to big to have any fast paced fun. It's like they tried to appeal to Battlefield fans in terms of map size but forgot something. Battlefield hasva lot morebpeople in there games.

christrules00411658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

I think the maps are made well but there isn't enough players in them is what I meant to put. Lol

grahf1658d ago

You're in the ultra-minority because N4G HATES anything CoD related, you like Ghost AND you like the maps.

Hey, whatever floats your boat.

Personally I despise 75% of the maps. They need to pick a "theme" for each one and stick with it... Circular, Tri-path, Vertical, or Spread out... don't make maps ALL OF THEM.

I'm looking at you, Chasm.

And most are way to big for 12 players... Stonehaven.
Or too small... Strikezone.

Spawn is broken, I've spawned and been spawned on top of in Stonehaven. Thats really unacceptable; the "biggest COD map evah" and I spawn right next to an enemy, or right in one's LOS.

Glad I played it (rented), now I can move on with my life.

cdrorbaugh1658d ago

Don't bash on GHOST then dude, if you want a game go pick up f***ing mario kart for your dumb A$$, Ghost is by far the best shooting game so far, also considering the game launch was just about flawless.. Everyone bashs on CoD because they took a diffrent route and it's not as stupid as a 5x5 nuketown map.. they bumped there game up and excelled way above everyone's expectation's.