Virtual Reality is Just Around the Corner

It has always been the dream of gamer to be able to be in the games they play. No longer will a controller be necessary, and a TV screen will only be for one thing, TV. Games will come to life around us, and as we swing our arms, mighty swords will smite our enemies. A well placed jump will allow us to dodge an opponent sweeping for the legs, and after a win the sweet smell of victory, and sweat, will fill our nostrils. The point is, all we have ever wanted is to live the fantasies of our heroes. Not on just an emotional level, but on a physical one as well. One day we will be able to enter this virtual reality and do just that. Amazing advancements in the last few years have made unbelievable leaps toward virtual reality gaming. These product are crazy awesome, and will definitely prove that virtual reality is just around the corner.

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BABY-JEDI1628d ago

Virtual reality is just around the corner!
So is looking like a tw*t!

Grave1628d ago

... so is looking like someone who will never get laid.

specialguest1628d ago

Why does it even matter what you look like when you're playing alone in the privacy of your home? Who are these people you speak of who may somehow MAGICALLY catch you looking like a total loser? lol

BABY-JEDI1628d ago

I'm looking @ the above picture. Surly someone out there doesn't think this is Koooool? C'mon, if you think it is please explain yourself.
; )

PoSTedUP1628d ago

haha u crazy. ever play lazer tag, airsoft, paintball, house of the deadII or PS1 games with the guns? this is pretty badass if you ask me. someone on youtube has the oculus rift set up with the Wii motion head tracking playing cod and it looks awesome. i cant wait for this.

HALOisKING1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

cool hope its like the anime sword art online XD would be epic

Lord_Sloth1628d ago

Yes indeed. Then I will DEFINATELY be looking forward to the next Bioware game with Romance options. XXXP

Moncole1628d ago

I won't want to get stuck in the game.

chrissx1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

Being inside my room slashing zombies with my laser sword..sounds awesome XD

specialguest1628d ago

I am excited about VR in the form of the Oculus Rift since it's the only product out there with a real chance. Here are a few examples of the potential for a totally new experience and concepts:

The movie theater demo:

Horror game within a horror game:

Puzzle game with a twist:

VR tours:

(note: not my youtube channel. I just enjoy this guy's channel because he's very informative)

SaveFerris1628d ago

Why has the gun in the above pic have a red coloured flash suppressor?

Outside_ofthe_Box1628d ago

So that people know it's fake.

SaveFerris1628d ago

Okay. Never considered that.

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