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Apple Rejects Hot Mess For 8Bit Nudity

Apple is notorious for rejecting creepy, vulgar, and messed up games from the iOS app store. This time, it rejects a game because of crude nudity but then changes their mind for a very odd reason. (iPad, iPhone)

mewhy32  +   259d ago
what? oh my. 8bit pixel nudity LOL
Autodidactdystopia  +   258d ago
I was gonna say the same thing.

Kids would be better off reading an anatomy book than trying to figure out whats beneath the 20 pixels that make a game character.

Does that even count as nudity? wow apple sucks haha.
SL1M DADDY  +   258d ago
And yet they have issues with hacking and slashing fruit and all other copious forms of violence in Fruit Ninja.... What a double standard!

On a serious note:

It's a strange world we live in where nudity is seen to be worse than blood and gore.
Hazmat13  +   258d ago
8bit nudity what has the world come to!? what about my 8bit kids!? what will they think of this!
majiebeast  +   258d ago
No problems with blalant ripoffs, but 8bit nudity is a nono. Lol Apple.
Fishy Fingers  +   258d ago
Haha, true but why would Apple care about ripoffs unless it's their IP being copied? Nudity is obviously part of T&C, even in 8bit.
mixelon  +   258d ago
I guess rules are rules.. Even if the rules are dumb sometimes.

The team that goes through apps looking for violations must have a pretty confusing job sometimes. Not sure whether it'd be unbearable or entertaining.
GentlemenRUs  +   258d ago
It's always welcome on Android, We have no restrictions.
kB0  +   258d ago
Solution, Android.

Other than aesthetics, I see no reason to ever buy an iphone. It's restricting users of more than it's worth. iTunes is also the biggest poop.

iPhone 4 was the first and last iPhone product I ever owned/will own, unless they get rid of itunes and it's closed software gates.

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