Apple Rejects Hot Mess For 8Bit Nudity

Apple is notorious for rejecting creepy, vulgar, and messed up games from the iOS app store. This time, it rejects a game because of crude nudity but then changes their mind for a very odd reason.

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mewhy32908d ago

what? oh my. 8bit pixel nudity LOL

Autodidactdystopia908d ago

I was gonna say the same thing.

Kids would be better off reading an anatomy book than trying to figure out whats beneath the 20 pixels that make a game character.

Does that even count as nudity? wow apple sucks haha.

SL1M DADDY907d ago

And yet they have issues with hacking and slashing fruit and all other copious forms of violence in Fruit Ninja.... What a double standard!

On a serious note:

It's a strange world we live in where nudity is seen to be worse than blood and gore.

Hazmat13907d ago

8bit nudity what has the world come to!? what about my 8bit kids!? what will they think of this!

majiebeast907d ago

No problems with blalant ripoffs, but 8bit nudity is a nono. Lol Apple.

Fishy Fingers907d ago

Haha, true but why would Apple care about ripoffs unless it's their IP being copied? Nudity is obviously part of T&C, even in 8bit.

mixelon907d ago

I guess rules are rules.. Even if the rules are dumb sometimes.

The team that goes through apps looking for violations must have a pretty confusing job sometimes. Not sure whether it'd be unbearable or entertaining.

GentlemenRUs907d ago

It's always welcome on Android, We have no restrictions.

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