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Microsoft Pre-Authorizing Xbox One Pre-orders Nov. 15th

If you're one of the people who ordered an Xbox One directly from Microsoft, an e-mail has been issued to you letting you know that your Xbox One is almost ready for processing. Interestingly, pre-authorization of the $500 plus dollars needed to purchase their next-gen console will be authorized on the same day as the release of PS4. (Xbox One)

mewhy32   320d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(6)
Cursinguser  +   320d ago
Yeah it's too strategic to be coincidence.
soljah  +   320d ago
cursi desperate times call for desperate measures.
this is proof of how scared ms is of the ps4 launch that they would need to resort to these tactics.
why not do this on the 14th or the 16th,17th,or 18th.
this is what you call skankey marketing 101.
vallencer  +   319d ago
Probably because a lot of people get paid on Fridays. So Friday the 15th seems like a good day to pre authorize a pre order of that calibur.
Cursinguser  +   319d ago
agreed. Convenient timing, to say the least.
DoubleM70  +   319d ago
What you call desperate times. I call competition for my Dollars and I love it.
BABY-JEDI  +   319d ago
It's called trying to rain on someone's parade
tagan8tr  +   319d ago
Its the xbox boat floating down the water at the PS launch part 2
IcicleTrepan  +   319d ago
PS4 is out next Friday, they are charging credit cards today (one week in advance).

Xbox One is out 2 Fridays from now, they are charging credit cards next Friday (one week in advance).

Good try though at spreading a bunch of BS OP.
NatureOfLogic  +   320d ago
Wow trying to stop people from canceling once they realise PS4 is a better deal. MS have very little confidence in their own product.
tanis_halfelven  +   320d ago
while i totally agree that your thought is part of what is going on, i also think that they HAVE to authorize this charge a bit early in order to ship their product to be available on day 1 for consumers.

its funny to think of xbox users, after seeing how great the ps4 looks, running to their computer in that limbo week....CANCEL, CANCEL, CANCEL!!!!!!!!
OrangePowerz  +   319d ago
I pre ordered my next gen console from gamestop online like most the games and I always get charged the day my order ships, sometimes even 1 or 2 days after shipping.
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famoussasjohn  +   319d ago
Shocking how your name doesn't fit you at all.
They have to start authorizing the transactions to begin shipping them. There's nothing sketchy going on here, it's a standard process when ordering things online.
sigfredod  +   320d ago
and this have the PS4 tag because ..... ?
KwietStorm  +   320d ago
Because the 15th...........?
KwietStorm  +   320d ago
lol locking in any possible voters on the fence.
Lord Maim  +   320d ago
They want to lock in their money before all the embargos expire on Xbox One game reviews.
generalthadeape  +   319d ago
IRNMUNKEY  +   320d ago
Nah just doing it to make sure people can pay without hitch. Place I preordereed from is taking payment for preorders starting tomorrow.
Lord Maim  +   319d ago
A hitch like buying a PS4 in the meantime, you mean.
C0LLAT  +   320d ago
MS seems sooo desperate.
They send me emails at last 3 time per week about the xbox one.

Its starting to get annoying.

You never hear anything positive about the XBO is pretty much been all negative sine its been announced.

Microsoft has completely turned me away from the Xbox One and shoved me to Sony.

Thank you Sony for doing everything the right way with the PS4.
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cervantes99  +   320d ago
I feel the same as you. I've owned every console back to the Atari 2600, but the X1 just seems like the insecure girlfriend that won't take a hint to leave - always bothering me with e-mail and false hope.
C0LLAT  +   319d ago
I'm not going to lie, I was a total MS fanboy. but after everything that happened, you have to be pretty freaking dumb to buy a Xbox One over the PlayStation 4.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   320d ago
Yeah I canceled my Xbox account years ago and I still get emails. I don't even have a 360 anymore and MS still won't live me alone.
TheRatedD   320d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
redcar121  +   320d ago
ps fan are getting boring im more than sure the ps4 is going to have a high failure rate
OrangePowerz  +   319d ago
Really are you? Care to explain? :)
LogicStomper  +   319d ago
Lol, asking fanboys for proof. It never happens in the end.
kneon  +   319d ago
I'm more than sure that you don't know what you're talking about.
irokster  +   319d ago
I'm more than sure you got the PS4 confused with the 360
ger2396  +   320d ago
Don't other retailers charge your credit card on the day before it ships?
#11 (Edited 320d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Sephiroushin  +   320d ago
yeah, a day or same day but not a week ...
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IcicleTrepan  +   319d ago
Sony's charging today for a system that is out on the 15th, MS is charging on the 15th for a system that's out on the 22nd. They are both exactly 1 week beforehand.

They are literally doing the exact same thing, but somehow the mongoloids on N4G are making this into some sort of monopolistic tactic by MS.
Supermax  +   320d ago
Going to be good times playing killzone next week and then killer instinct the week after with a bit of bf4 mixed in.its really happening.
chaosdemon09  +   320d ago
Some do and some don't. Best buy I know takes it out right away. Target puts a hold on the money then takes out the money again and releases the hold after.. Ya try making sense out of that..on a high volume item. Amazon is the best in my book once they ship it they charge it. Granted other retailers on amazon take it out 1st. But in amazons case they"ll be shipping it Friday next week. One thing is clear though people buying the ps4 or xbone for a quick buck on ebay are going to find that there not going to make more then 100 bucks if that. Sure you'll get a sucker here and there but the aftermarket won't be the same as other xmases people I think caught wise to buying that console ahead of time for there kid. Mostly because those parents in there 30s know how to get that console for there kid..without paying the crazy ebay 1200 buck prices.
Juangie3  +   320d ago
Shade lol
coopman300  +   319d ago
Im sure each preorder isnt overnight, theyre probably shipping to dist. centers that day to be shipped separately to each person. Better to insure they arrive on time than have a bunch of people pissed off that they didnt get their console on release day. I know if you preordered from the ms site they charge you when it ships.
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revsnake  +   319d ago
Man N4g really is just Playstaion fanboys as of the past 5-6 years. Like grow up and see each system for it's qualities don't bash someone on what they're going to buy.
irokster  +   319d ago
Like, look back to late 2009-2010 and this site was run by MS fanboys like yourself. It's not our fault Sony's making all the right decisions this time around... :/
PimpDaddy  +   319d ago
You're full of it. I joined with my original account in the fall of 2007. This website was overrun by Sony fanboys back then. I only owned a PS3 and got attacked by the SDF just because I wasn't swinging from Sony's NUTTS like they were. Then once I traded my original 60GB PS3 for a 360 and Halo 3 I got bubble raped.

I still come here to read the news. But I rarely comment anymore because of the tactics Sony fanboys use on this site. The worst part is the moderators are so Pro Sony they not only allow this BS they actually participate in the comments section to further the flaming...
generalthadeape  +   319d ago
The ball is in Sony's court.

There are thousands of people that got "snookered" into pre-ordering a Day One Xbox instead of a PS4-- I'm one of them.

It is my greatest hope that somehow, someway, Sony is able to ship many more units than are expected.

If that happens, I'll do everything in my power to buy a PS4 instead of the Xbox One.

If not, then my money will sit there and rot until the day one becomes available-- I just can't see myself paying top dollar for a sub-par machine that we all know the Xbox One actually is.

That's the way I feel about it. I know there are many more like me. Beware Microsoft-- beware.
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Flutterby  +   319d ago
I have my fingers crossed for you , get to the shops early you might have a chance then especially at a small store, welcome to the Sony land :)
moparful99  +   319d ago
If you live near western kentucky you can buy me out of my second preorder at my local best buy.
Jeedai Infidel  +   319d ago
Seriously, do public schools teach spelling and grammar anymore? I understand if some of you people are ten years old, or if English is your second language, but for a sizable section of those that post here frequently, I have to decipher what you wrote before I can even begin to weigh in on the subject matter.

Here are some tips, aside from the obvious one of picking up and finishing a book every now and again.

1. Then and than are two completely different words with different meanings. Really. Look it up.

2. You, your and you're need to also be used correctly. As well as they, their and they're. You're and they're equals you are and they are, respectively.

3.For the love of all that is holy, learn how to use commas. If you read your post back to yourself, which you always should, and you sound like a robot from a 1950's sci-fi movie, you probably need some commas.

4. If all else fails concerning spelling, turn on spell check in your browser settings and pay attention to all the red lines under those "words" that you just typed, they are telling you the word is wrong and if you right-click on the underlined word it'll give you suggested corrections.

I know how much of a dick I sound like, however, I see humans becoming what Mike Judge was warning us about in his film, Idiocracy, and I want to be part of the solution.

Dickish rant over.
Fiestabrian  +   319d ago
Really dude?
Jeedai Infidel  +   319d ago
I know, it's been one of those weeks. Ever seen Falling Down? It's like that, but with no guns.

Rage typing, it's a son of a bitch.

But I'm not wrong, except in my timing.
Majin-vegeta  +   319d ago
This is the internet not farking English 101 go cry somewhere else.
Jeedai Infidel  +   319d ago
Oh, you mean the very internet that allows me to say whatever the fark I want. If that post wasn't for you, then run along.

Also, commas are your friend. :p
Flutterby  +   319d ago

Actually you can't say what ever you feel like because it gets marked as spam or off topic then it goes away lol nice try tho kid
irokster  +   319d ago
I wholly agree with the entirety of your post.
Jeedai Infidel  +   319d ago
Thank you, kind sir.
Flutterby  +   319d ago
Soooooo MS locking in the sales before the embargoes come off huh , now if I was getting an xbone along with all the other news of bad games and bad performance weaker hardware I would take this as a warning , but then again if I was dumb enough to want an xbone I guess I would be too stupid to realise this stuff in the first place lol . It feels like a jaws movie daaaa da daaaa da da da da da da da then MS bites your arse.
Kidmyst  +   319d ago
They figure if you pre-ordered a PS4 and Xb1 then if they charge your account and stop you from picking up your PS4 a win for them. Or if you want a PS4 and didn't pre-order and go out and try to buy one but keep the XB1 as a backup in case you can't get a PS4, this might mess up your channces getting one if you don't have enough in your account.
Sky Lazarus  +   319d ago
Any old gamers remember the song "return to sender "? I bet a console c##k block like this will have a few of us throwing back the bone and getting money back.

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