Microsoft Pre-Authorizing Xbox One Pre-orders Nov. 15th

If you're one of the people who ordered an Xbox One directly from Microsoft, an e-mail has been issued to you letting you know that your Xbox One is almost ready for processing. Interestingly, pre-authorization of the $500 plus dollars needed to purchase their next-gen console will be authorized on the same day as the release of PS4.

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mewhy321266d ago ShowReplies(6)
Cursinguser1266d ago

Yeah it's too strategic to be coincidence.

soljah1266d ago

cursi desperate times call for desperate measures.
this is proof of how scared ms is of the ps4 launch that they would need to resort to these tactics.
why not do this on the 14th or the 16th,17th,or 18th.
this is what you call skankey marketing 101.

vallencer1266d ago

Probably because a lot of people get paid on Fridays. So Friday the 15th seems like a good day to pre authorize a pre order of that calibur.

Cursinguser1266d ago

agreed. Convenient timing, to say the least.

DoubleM701265d ago

What you call desperate times. I call competition for my Dollars and I love it.

BABY-JEDI1265d ago

It's called trying to rain on someone's parade

tagan8tr1265d ago

Its the xbox boat floating down the water at the PS launch part 2

IcicleTrepan1265d ago

PS4 is out next Friday, they are charging credit cards today (one week in advance).

Xbox One is out 2 Fridays from now, they are charging credit cards next Friday (one week in advance).

Good try though at spreading a bunch of BS OP.

NatureOfLogic1266d ago

Wow trying to stop people from canceling once they realise PS4 is a better deal. MS have very little confidence in their own product.

tanis_halfelven1266d ago

while i totally agree that your thought is part of what is going on, i also think that they HAVE to authorize this charge a bit early in order to ship their product to be available on day 1 for consumers.

its funny to think of xbox users, after seeing how great the ps4 looks, running to their computer in that limbo week....CANCEL, CANCEL, CANCEL!!!!!!!!

OrangePowerz1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

I pre ordered my next gen console from gamestop online like most the games and I always get charged the day my order ships, sometimes even 1 or 2 days after shipping.

famoussasjohn1265d ago

Shocking how your name doesn't fit you at all.
They have to start authorizing the transactions to begin shipping them. There's nothing sketchy going on here, it's a standard process when ordering things online.

sigfredod1266d ago

and this have the PS4 tag because ..... ?

KwietStorm1266d ago

Because the 15th...........?

KwietStorm1266d ago

lol locking in any possible voters on the fence.

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