Spawn, Die, Repeat: Why Call of Duty 4 Isn't That Great

We all know that Call of Duty 4 is one of the best games of 2007, but there are a few problems we feel need to be addressed.

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NOTORIOUSzeke3888d ago

Sounds like a load of "waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaah!"

sonarus3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

Didn't read the article but i agree with the spawn die repeat part. Gets old. Plus maybe the weapons are too realistic for me. Overall though i put in a modest effort, leveled up a couple of times but the game couldn't hold my interest. All my friends play it online though so i am in a minority

MikeGdaGod3888d ago

that's why i don't play FPS online

joydestroy3888d ago

haha, damn, you both beat me to it.
definitely sounds like someones whining.

Regret3888d ago

Weapons too realistic, wtf you are talking about?

hey hey hey3888d ago

this game is crap tbh it does nothing u throw grenade u shoot( cs source make this game shooting mechanic look foolish) this game has no gameplay depth halo 3 makes this game suck i played halo 3 on my m8s house and wow the game convinced me to buy a gta +360 bundle this Tuesday

sonarus3887d ago

Congrats on your new 360. I also agree though i still feel halo is overrated, Halo 3 is better than COD4 but not for the reasons you listed above. Halo wins simply because its more fun

prunchess3887d ago

COD4 online is an amazing game let down by its online glitches and problems. Though the death spawning is the least of it’s problems.

I have developed such a love hate relationship with this game. I played it through to the first prestige with just the default weapons due to one of this games "create a class" problems. There must have been hundreds of other players at the time posting on infinity wards site about this problem, that they never addressed. It's like they have this attitude of "well we've sold millions of copies of this game. We have your money now. Just sit there and put up with this stuff until we can be bothered to fix it."

I finally got to set up my own classes after level 8 (why lvl 8 I don’t know!? It just unlocked) on my 1st prestige, so I've started to get back into this game now I have access to the perks and weapons. But COD4 is getting traded as soon as HAZE come out. Free Radical Rocks! Fingers crossed there is no online problems with it!

permutated3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Sounds like half of you guys haven't played COD4 more than 10 minutes.

People who say Halo 3 is better than COD4 are entitled to their opinion; you mostly just like more slow moving, meditative games. COD4 is about fast paced, realism (in comparison to other games on the market), and customization.

Also, to anyone who's complaining about respawning; play Hardcore Search & Destroy, it's 10x more fun than deathmatch and you only get one life per round.

Can't wait until all the 12 year old Halo whores who disagree with this post.

Forgot the mention that this article is written by a bunch of idiots who like to complain about great games because they've never done anything real with their lives.

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Alcohog3888d ago

I only play S&D, but then again I'm a first generation COD player. ;) ...And most of the people who play COD4 are noobs.

DanB913888d ago

i loved CoD1 and UO. but i still suck lol. and I always hated S&D because i guess im not too fond of round based games

myabsolution3887d ago

yes I ONLY PLAY S&D as well, none of that spawn/kill/die mindlessness for us.

Hell I only play hardcore mode as well, much more funer

wangdiddy823888d ago

the problems in the game just fade away with all the good stuff about the game.. The main thing i hate is just playing with idiots who dont know how to play.. I play search and destroy all the time and i cant stand the retards that play sometimes..

hey hey hey3887d ago

guys this game is very average but its the best game i got on my ps3 so it will have to do.

ASSASSYN 36o3888d ago

The airstirkes are a little overblown if you die by the same one twice friend or foe. But, I got a comfortable kill/ratio and can't complain when im the one calling the airstrikes.

tweaker3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

Never really got into it. I liked the single player way more than the multiplayer mode. I did beat the game at least 4 times now.

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