GamesBeat: GameStick: The cheaper Android console alternative that’s great for kids (review)

Your first glance at PlayJam’s Android-based GameStick home console might lead you to think it looks silly. The analog sticks are oversized, the controller housing itself seems comically too big and round, and the bulk of all the processing power is in an HDMI stick that’s just barely larger than a flash drive. But what you won’t see is that it works pretty darn well as a console.

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jounceman1860d ago

Based on the demo-graph Gamestick appears to be aiming for, I think I'll wait for them Steam Machines and those new game boxes I keep hearing about...that

JeffGrubb1860d ago

Impulse buy? Impulse buy.

wita1860d ago

Still gonna pass. These are novelties to me.

kenthegreat11860d ago

Total impulse buy, but brilliant if you don't want kids to get wrapped in the console cycle.