The 10 Greatest Horror Games Of This Generation

Bloody Disgusting lists the ten greatest and most influential horror video games of this generation.

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etownone1567d ago


Probably tops my list as the scariest game this gen.

UNCarolinaBlue1567d ago

Nice to see Bloody Disgusting getting a nod on this site! They are my "go to" site for horror.

Kyosuke_Sanada1567d ago

Glad to see Shadows Of the Damned make an appearance on this list but I am very VERY surprised to see nothing about Cry Of Fear for PC. I'd say it was my absolute favourite this generation and top 5 of all-time. If you guys haven't played this masterpiece you should get a move on.......

Venox20081567d ago

well its hard to call this list a horror games, since many games of it isnt horror.. but overall games are good in it.. Shadows of the damned deserve more love, amazing game..

anyway, my list:

Siren: blood curse
Fatal frame IV (aka Project zero IV)
Cry of fear
Deadly premonition
Resident Evil: revelations
Lone survivor (yep, its survival horror) :)