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Submitted by Naga 750d ago | interview

How Next-Gen Kinect is More Accurate Than Ever

Microsoft has made big changes to improve the accuracy and potential applications of Kinect. In a talk at GDC Next titled “The Next Generation of Kinect,” Microsoft senior program manager Ben Lower detailed a few of the new features that Microsoft’s new Kinect sensor is capable of on both Xbox One and Kinect for Windows. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

UltimateMaster  +   751d ago
Now, if only Microsoft actually made commercial adds to convince people it's worth the extra 100$ investment.
donman1  +   750d ago
Its not worth the extra $100. Sony once again made the smart decision of making their cam based peripheral optional (plus it cost less.. $59).
come_bom  +   750d ago
I'm really not interested in Kinect nor PS Eye... but i can't believe you are even trying to compare the PS Eye with Kinect. That's like comparing a Fiat (PS Eye) against a Ferrari (Kinect).
donman1  +   750d ago

Whatever drug you are on, put it down and get your life in order. Comparing the Kinect to a Ferrari... Really!!! Not even close.
Lwhit6  +   750d ago
Kinect is useless to me.
It's actually the reason why I stopped gaming and sold my xbox. It treated me like a child and forced me to play in the living room. I saw where gaming was going and I didn't like it. Then a year and a half later Sony comes out with this thing called the PS4 (I don't know if you've heard of it, it's pretty cool) and I see gaming as I used to see it (and how it should be); an escape from your every day life. I want to sit by myself and talk with my buddies online. Not sit in my living room and Skype my grandma while I use my 500 dollar glorified remote to control my (soon to be extinct) cable box.

This is why I choose the PS4 and dispose the xbox. Because it almost ruined the beautiful thing, that is gaming, for me.
Shadonic  +   750d ago
I have to agree with Come_Bom while im skeptical yet excited about the new Kinect because they haven't really brought many games that adequately used the device to its fullest in the past the PS eye on the other hand from what ive seen of its next gen uses just seems like stuff I could do with a normal webcam on any flash game that utilized one. Everyone having one (if it is indeed as accurate and playable everywhere as they advertise )would open everyone who was skepticle about it before to give it a try.

It's all going to come down to what they bring us in games though.
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SpinalRemains138  +   750d ago
More accurate than it used to be, but not nearly enough to warrant a forced 100 purchase.
Dehnus  +   750d ago
IT's like that thing raped your house, burned your water supply and plundered your mother. I know you dislike it, but you take it as if it is a persoanl attack on yourself.

Relax... you do not HAVE to buy it. IT IS NOT FORCED!

There is... hope:
Wii U :).
It is there for you and me for all ofus to enjoy. :).
GarrusVakarian  +   750d ago
Well, it kinda is don't have to use it no, but you do have to have it included in the box. Im glad ebay exists, because that's where mine is going the second i unbox it. Is there anything the Kinect can do that you cant just do with your controller?.....And if there is, is it so much more convenient enough to justify the extra £$?
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MysticStrummer  +   750d ago
"Relax... you do not HAVE to buy it. IT IS NOT FORCED!"

Hey that's great news. I missed the announcement of a Kinect free XB1.

As for the article, being more accurate than 360's Kinect isn't a huge feat.
badboy776  +   750d ago
$500 Console
$60 Xbox Live Yearly
$60 Single Video Game
$20 Play Charge Kit for Gamepad

What does that bring the total to? I'm terrible at Math.
BeAGamer  +   750d ago
= Buy a PS4 instead
Erudito87  +   750d ago
kinect 1.0 didnt even work and wasn't ryse supposed to be a kinect 2.0 game? i dont have faith in kinect after being suckered into buying the first one.
Dezmond  +   750d ago
Ryse can now be played with a controller.
Erudito87  +   750d ago
it was originally a kinect only title
C-H-E-F  +   750d ago
I think the reason behind the developmental change for Ryse (using controller instead of kinect 2.0) is because the Kinect isn't as good as Crytek thought. How do you go from a Kinect 2.0 game to a 90-100% anti-kinect game? There's a reason why it got dropped.
CrossingEden  +   750d ago
Um, evidently you didn't look up some of the extra perks that the first kinect was capable of. Like markerless motion capture.
EasilyTheBest  +   750d ago
My Kinect 1 worked great i had great fun with it too.
GmIsOnPt360  +   750d ago
It is well worth the $100 but it is hard to sell somebody something you have to experience. That is the biggest challenge that Microsoft has faced even with some of the DRM type stuff with the family sharing it's hard to To sell the idea of something that you have to experience when you're telling somebody you can no longer share a disk but look you can do at this cool digital way it's hard to sell concepts. It's easy to show flashy gameplay awesome little features etc. but selling somebody something that needs to be experienced is very difficult. I think a lot of people have seen how connect works with the new Xbox one and I'm blown away by it and more and more on this site I see positive stuff in response to that and not the concertante MS hate
skoorydook  +   750d ago
Thats a good breakdown, it would be easier to sell if the 1st kinect wasn't a bit of a flop.
Shadonic  +   750d ago
I honestly hope that they open it up to modding because the modders did wonders with the Kinect.
MatrixxGT  +   750d ago
Im glad its working better for those who want it.
feraldrgn  +   750d ago
News at 11, Kinect 2 better than Kinect 1.
christocolus  +   750d ago
kinect is an amazing piece of tech...cant wait for the aa games to show off its true potential..
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GarrusVakarian  +   750d ago
I eagerly await that day too. I just can't imagine how you could walk or look around or interact with NPC's in-game.....what if im laying down in bed, how would that work? What incentive would i have to use Kinect if i had a controller right next to me? I bet Kinect 2 will just be used the same way Kinect 1 was, assisted features (voice commands, hand gestures) rather than full blown use for every in game action.

The day you can play a video game as easily and as conveniently as you can with a controller with Kinect, ill eat my hat.

Of course, ill have to buy a hat first ;p
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christocolus  +   750d ago
you be will amaze all you doubters ...shinji, kojima and other japanses devs are on board this research has ben working with some aa devs on intuitive ways to implement the tech in games...343 and blacktusk are rumored to use it in very innovative ways .even rare has been working on the tech ti feature in some of their unannounced titles..crytek is impressed enough to want to develop a full kinect game, same with hideo, suda51 ,shinji mikami etc..have you read any previews of d4 or kinect sports?..dude you dont have to be impressed anyway but i know i am,my pals too and millions will be..the tech has been receiving so much praise from devs , journalists and gamers...i cant wait to get my hands on me its totally worth the extra 100dollars..not that you care but if yu are even willing to then give it time you will be amazed.
Trekster_Gamer  +   750d ago
I agree, can't wait either. People can hate on the first kinect all they want, it was not perfect by any means but me and my family had some fun times with it.
GarrusVakarian  +   750d ago
@Your 2nd comment

I hope you are right, i just personally can't see how it could ever do basic game functions as easily as a controller and more conveniently enough to warrant the extra price of the console.

Who knows? Maybe they will figure out ways to make it work just as seamlessly as a controller, but i bet all my money that by the end of next gen i will still be primarily using a pad to play my games. Why didn't we see any real "core games" with Kinect 1?

When i think about it would kinect manage the functions that each analogue stick manages? Looking around and moving the character.....Kinect 1 couldn't do it (star wars kinect pre planned out routes that you didn't have any control over) and i don't see how Kinect 2 could do it.

But as i said, who knows? Maybe i will be searching ebay to buy my Kinect 2 back in a few years time.....but i highly doubt it.
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Ashby_JC  +   750d ago
The one way that it can be used in fps games is fir head tracking. basically the Kinect controls your characters head movement. you still have your normal gun and foot movement with your controller.

games like bf4 are confirmed to use this for when your in vehicles...not sure about infantry yet.

I feel that Kinect should be used fir things like this that enhance play and is not a tacked on gimmick.
EasilyTheBest  +   750d ago
Play golf with kinect, a controller cant touch it. Kinect Sports golf or Tiger Woods golf.
DigitalRaptor  +   750d ago
Good, now where are all the games for it?

Surely it's not $100+ for voice control and gestures?
badboy776  +   750d ago
We'll have to wait and see.
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strickers  +   750d ago
I still think it's the wrong question.
People ask " is Kinect accurate enough?"
I think " is controller less gaming ever going to be compelling to tactile human beings"?
I genuinely believe that once the novelty of it passes, people get bored.
Look at the first one. People raved about but ultimately rejected it.
This will go the same way. Siri was going to revolutionise the world too and that met the same fate. No touch is just not what humans like to do for pleasure.
Ashby_JC  +   750d ago
the key for me is they use Kinect with the controller. Kinect for me will never replace a controller.

just use the Kinect to enhance games. like head tracking for a fps or racing
Excalibur  +   750d ago
That's like saying those red light cameras are new and improved, they are more accurate to take a picture of your tag and send you a ticket, it may be more accurate but the majority of us still don't want it.
Nocando  +   750d ago
Many of you seem to still think that Kinect 2.0 will have you jumping around and flapping your arms, and while this is true for some titles, other titles will use it in more subtle and organic ways.
mochachino  +   750d ago
That wouldn't be difficult, Kinect 1 was pretty inaccurate.

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