DICE: Battlefield 4 netcode is top priority, working on a fix

DICE acknowledges Battlefield 4 netcode issues and says they are working on a fix.

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MajorAly1684d ago

A game known better for its MP having MP issues?


guitarded771684d ago

Not the first time this has happened to a game... won't be the last. At least DICE is committed to fixing it. Just hope they have everything ironed out by the 15th.

Statix1683d ago

Like every COD game the last 3-4 years?

KwietStorm1683d ago

You sound surprised. New to gaming?

MajorAly1683d ago

I'm not surprised, that was supposed to be sarcasm. Battlefield is known for its MP, so why would they launch a game that would be having netcode issues from the get go?

MWong1683d ago

Probably because they wanted to get out before COD? The netcode is horrible, but hopefully we will see some fixes soon. I know the PC, PS4 & XBone will probably get faster patches compared to current gen consoles.

WhiteDynamite1684d ago

So glad I got a refund for this POS. I'm not your beta tester, EA.

Can't wait for these fools to get sued for false advertising. Have you seen the footage from the commercials? Not even the PC version comes close to that level of polish and fidelity. What's even more hilarious is that they claim that footage is from the Xbox One version, LOL.

LordDhampire1683d ago

Your tough bro, refund you showed them....

I doubt you even bought the game, a game like battlefield is catered to the same people who either no whether they are going to buy it or not....the second they patch it your just going to repurchase it and be back on it

WhiteDynamite1682d ago

If I agree to take it all back, will you agree to not continue lowering the average thread IQ with your lack of punctuation, horrible grammar, and embarrassing misspelling of common third-grade reading level words?

ZBlacktt1684d ago

If there is one thing I hate more then cheaters in a online game. It's lag...

JimmyLmao1684d ago

they just wanted to get in before CoD... that's all that EA was worried about

pompombrum1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

See, what should have been a "top priority" is releasing a product stable enough for retail release. They release a product clearly not ready for release and then EA turn around and act all innocent when unhappy gamers vent their frustrations by voting for them in worst company in America polls.

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The story is too old to be commented.