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DICE: Battlefield 4 netcode is top priority, working on a fix

DICE acknowledges Battlefield 4 netcode issues and says they are working on a fix. (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

MajorAly  +   315d ago
A game known better for its MP having MP issues?

guitarded77  +   315d ago
Not the first time this has happened to a game... won't be the last. At least DICE is committed to fixing it. Just hope they have everything ironed out by the 15th.
Statix  +   315d ago
Like every COD game the last 3-4 years?
KwietStorm  +   315d ago
You sound surprised. New to gaming?
MajorAly  +   315d ago
I'm not surprised, that was supposed to be sarcasm. Battlefield is known for its MP, so why would they launch a game that would be having netcode issues from the get go?
MWong  +   315d ago
Probably because they wanted to get out before COD? The netcode is horrible, but hopefully we will see some fixes soon. I know the PC, PS4 & XBone will probably get faster patches compared to current gen consoles.
WhiteDynamite  +   315d ago
So glad I got a refund for this POS. I'm not your beta tester, EA.

Can't wait for these fools to get sued for false advertising. Have you seen the footage from the commercials? Not even the PC version comes close to that level of polish and fidelity. What's even more hilarious is that they claim that footage is from the Xbox One version, LOL.
LordDhampire  +   315d ago
Your tough bro, refund you showed them....

I doubt you even bought the game, a game like battlefield is catered to the same people who either no whether they are going to buy it or not....the second they patch it your just going to repurchase it and be back on it
WhiteDynamite  +   313d ago
If I agree to take it all back, will you agree to not continue lowering the average thread IQ with your lack of punctuation, horrible grammar, and embarrassing misspelling of common third-grade reading level words?
ZBlacktt  +   315d ago
If there is one thing I hate more then cheaters in a online game. It's lag...
JimmyLmao  +   315d ago
they just wanted to get in before CoD... that's all that EA was worried about
aiBreeze  +   315d ago
See, what should have been a "top priority" is releasing a product stable enough for retail release. They release a product clearly not ready for release and then EA turn around and act all innocent when unhappy gamers vent their frustrations by voting for them in worst company in America polls.
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Rob Hornecker  +   315d ago
Looks like its back to playing BF3,Diablo 3,and the screwed up mess that GTA 5 online is!

I'm glad to hear that they fixed/patched up battlelog when they should have put that time and effort into fixing BF4!

xKugo  +   315d ago
They won't fix it..
They tried with BF3 and failed miserably; I guarantee you that the majority of these issues are here to stay for the duration of the game's life. Sad to, because it's a great game with gorgeous visuals. Shame that DICE can't seem to learn how to make a working netcode.
memots  +   315d ago
Wow good read.

I know someone who works at EA here in Vancouver and this is very true. I do wish the internet was not such a hate and hit whore like it is.
I rarely see level headed conversation and talk to have this honest talk from a Bf4 dev would be great and would definitely help the end game.
FragMnTagM  +   315d ago
The game is working just fine for me. I hardly ever lag, no more than any other online game.

I have been disconnected a couple of times, but nothing major.

Sorry for the people that are having issues, but this is a really good game.

The PC version is just insane. Putting on the big TV with home theater on and setting the audio to WAR TAPES is second to none.

The only problem I have been having is joining a team that knows how to play.

Origin: FragnTag if anyone wants to play.

My buddy and I rent a server too.
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Rob Hornecker  +   315d ago
I have had a few of my students that have the PC edition mention that they have there share of issues with the game. I expect this from a BF game to begin with as every bf game has had some issues upon release.

As said in other stories here on N4G,BF4 was rushed out to beat out the latest CoD game and needless to say,it shows!

I'm a huge fan of the BF series and have learned to love it over the years despite its issues. What really needs to be fixed is the ability to squad up with friends before a match,being able to set up my loadout without having to be in a match,and the fact that you don't have the 3rd person in the tank.

Lagg will always be a issue no matter what game or format you play on,but to me cheaters are the scum of the earth!
RE_L_MAYER  +   315d ago
So wait, you telling me I bought a game that crashes all the time and its not fixable.........give me some developers to punch to death right now
aiBreeze  +   315d ago
Not really the developers fault, blame the publishers for pushing the release.
cycofoo831  +   315d ago
Hopefully it should be fixed when next gen releases.
zRude  +   315d ago
All these ignorant angry nerds.
the game WILL BE fixed on most parts.
Or did you guys already forgot what a clusterf*ck BF3 was on the start ? And now only thing that bothers me in BF3 is the horrible suppressing effect.

BF4 will be fixed. But when it comes to hit detection and getting killed behind a corner. Don't play in servers that allows +100 ping players. That is the only way to not let that happen to you.

Sure i had to tweak one day to get it work fine.
But i was one of those rare cases. Now only thing i and everyone have is the random game crashes.
That will also be fixed in the future.
So yeah. After 1 year, the game is good as ever.

You can rage and go ape s*it all you want. And s*it lies out of your little mouth. But that does not change the FACT that the BF4 will be fixed and will be good and even better game than BF3 ever was.
RedSoakedSponge  +   315d ago
im loving bf4 atm but the netcode is definitely a serious issue.

im just glad they are admitting to the issue so we can soon get a fix.
N4GJD  +   315d ago
This is all intentional and it won't be fixed. It's all from what's commonly referred to as lag compensation; essentially you are seeing everything, other then your own actions, with a delay, or of the past. All while those with poor quality connections are not. This puts you at the severe disadvantage. They progressively dial it up with each new release (or sequel) to increasingly cater to worse internet connections. Most online shooters have been going this route as of recently (Halo, Gears, and particularly Call of Duty). Nothing is legit online anymore!

zRude  +   315d ago
You do know that as i just CLEARLY said.
This problem have not happened to me for over a year. When i found a good server where all players have 50 ping and under.

Sure if you go to s*itty servers with poor gamers with slow connections and +50 / +100 pings. Stuff like that happens.

Yeah it cant be fixed. Only you can do something about it. Use your brains that is.

And yeah i obviously am talking about PC version.
Since all FPS games are MEANT to be played on PC.

Dunno about Console MPs. Since last game i played on my old x360 is BF BC2 that worked just perfectly for me.
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BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   315d ago
Kinda off topic but does anyone know if I can upgrade my copy of bf4 on Xbox without buying it from gamestop? I bought it from target but not sure if they have the upgrade program.
zRude  +   315d ago
All games updates emself automatically on consoles No matter where you bought it. You honestly do not know this stuff ?
FragMnTagM  +   314d ago
Even though he did not specify, I assume he is talking about the upgrade to next gen program, where you only pay like ten dollars for the next gen version since you already bought the current gen one.
BLKxSEPTEMBER   314d ago | Personal attack | show
AllroundGamer  +   315d ago
DICE programmers must have been switched since BF2 with monkeys as it seems... the MP is nearly unplayable thx to the horrible netcode, it isn't fun emptying whole clip just so the enemy kills you in one hit (which is cause he saw completely different situation as you did)

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