GTAIV Better On PS3 Comment Blown Out of Proportion

Apparently the owner of the site that said ps3 version is superior has come out and disputed the claims made by one of the editors saying:

Multiple comments and rumors are circulating around the internet that involve people arguing about which console will have the better version of Grand Theft Auto IV. Comments made by Adriaan on the website yesterday were blown way out of proportion. Both versions of the game offer an unparalleled experience. Both versions offer superior graphics. Both versions will have excellent online capabilities. After playing both versions for hours myself, I can attest to this.

The answer to the question of "Should I get the PS3 or Xbox 360 version?" can be easily answered by asking yourself this question: Which version will your friends be playing online...the people that you want to play the game with? That's it. Answer that question and you will be able to make your decision with ease. It really is that simple.

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sonarus3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

Woohoo time for another epic story. Can't wait to see the fanboy backlash on this one.

@fishy. PS3 fanboys were getting a little cauky there, time for the backlash

To be honest i still think ps3 version will have the edge with things like pop up and people on screen e.t.c.

360 version will probably have the edge with frame rates and visuals.

Fishy Fingers3861d ago

What backlash, now they just look like idiots. Kinda makes me want to smile :) aahhh...

gamesR4fun3861d ago

Only thing I can say is the game cant come soon enough!

Template3861d ago

"360 version will probably have the edge with frame rates and visuals. "

Why the hell are you trying to spread this BS.

Rockstar themselves have come right out on multiple occasions making it clear the PS3 version has better graphics.

Virtually everyone who has played both versions states the PS3 doesn't have the framerate problems the 360 version has.

sonarus3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

@Template, well i haven't been paying attention to those people. I really haven't been following GTA4 at all, i hardly even care for the game. Its just something to play while i await MGS4 to be honest.

PS3 may or may not have framerate issues but judging from experience, whenever 360 has frame rate issues, ps3 has worse frame rate issues.

@TTSU3R Yea i heard about sony sending their guys in. We really can't say which version is superior until the games are out and a side by side comparison is done. However due to the hard drive, ps3 version should have a lot less pop up and issues like that. Personally i find pop up just as irritating as frame rate slowdown

bozobucketeer3861d ago

@template, You have any links that show Rockstar saying the ps3 version is better?

SUP3R3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

That would be true if GTAIV was ported from the 360 to the PS3 which is wasn't.
So the probability of shared frame rate issues are minimal since it was developed separately to take unique advantage of each systems offerings and capabilities.
Also, Rockstar reported that Sony themselves sent their tech guys to ensure the PS3 version of the game was as flawless as possible.

joydestroy3861d ago

man, i just wanna play it. i could care less which console i play it on. i just wanna blow some sh!t up.

wow4u3861d ago


"Rockstar themselves have come right out on multiple occasions making it clear the PS3 version has better graphics"

You. Are. A. Liar.

Show us ONE instance where someone @ R* said that.


Bubble Buddy3861d ago

But not everyone has both a 360 and PS3. Only if you have both or you are going to buy a next-gen console have to make that decision.

Official General3861d ago

I'm sure you have been following the GTA 4 news closely like everybody else on here and what you have said about the PS3 version GTA 4 is clearly different to what has been said by the reports about it from the guys have played it and spoke about it. In the flying face of all available evidence even from Mr Sam Houser himself you still say this? Man re-evaluate your judgement. Lets just all wait and see anyway.

Varsarus3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

They BOTH have frame rate problems, I've only seen it occur in exactly the same weather on both, night time with rain. They're probably bugs.

chaosatom3333861d ago

what the hell are u doing in the post dude, if you don't care about gta, then don't comment, simple as that.

sonarus3861d ago

because its fun to watch you guys debate over which is better. Right now i have MGS4 on my mind and though there are other games i would like to play, i honestly can't say GTA4 is that high on my list.

waltercross3861d ago

Actually Rockstar(Houser) said: He Likes
the way the PS3 renders, and the PS3 has
warmer colors without being blurry and
that the 360 versions is clinical.

It's posted somewhere on this site already.

rubarb233861d ago

i just want to frigg'n blow sh!t up son, f*ck man i can't sleep thinking about this game. shiiiiiieeeeeeet, just release the damn thing,

Varsarus3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

I have san andreas on my PC and I do see some blurry moments on it, so :S, dunno whether it will happen to this game.

waltercross3860d ago

I'm not gonna lie, GTA SA for
the regular XBOX was better then the
PS2, The PS2 had an orange mist in
the sky and tore allot while the XBOX
had rarely tore and had blue sky.

This time however It's gonna be closer
graphically speaking since both systems
are powerful.

gaffyh3860d ago

You know it's blown out of proportion when there is a story about it being blown out of proportion on N4G lol.

solidt123860d ago

Listen to the one up podcast. They said that the 360 version has frame rate issues and it runs a little better if you do the hardrive install.

mos35913860d ago

i own a ps3 and 360...but the 360 will probaly dish out better visuals and framerates

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SUP3R3861d ago

Wonder how long this debate will go on?

pwnsause3861d ago

until the gametrailers comparison videos lol.

the greatest3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

gametrailers will play P$3
on the lowest setting

360 on the highest setting

NO_PUDding3861d ago

Yes, Gametrailers will make sure 360 version is running on a HDD installed 360 version.

And they'll somehow spin the positioning and such to make it look worse. Like they did with the Assassins Creed video.

But I will be happy as long as PS3 doesn't look as 'vibrant' as that warm coffee video. That looked ridiculous, the lightign on the wet ground was like huge puddles of red and yellow milkshake.

GameDev3861d ago

a debate when everytime a website posts something thats negative against the 360 they get inundated with rabid fanboys making their lives hell until they retract the story or just pull it. its funny and scary at the same time.

vickers5003861d ago


Their opinion is actually affecting you that badly? I suggest you spend a little less time on N4G if peoples opinions are making your life hell.

GameDev3860d ago

I said the lives of the people who run the websites, not me.

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THC CELL3861d ago

he is just making things easy for people

No matter what people say they will always be a war between games
and this time ps3 is topping for once no matter what live offers or dlc
or cheapness of a console is

Hatchetforce3861d ago

Yes both versions are great. He is correct.

But the cold hard facts are the versions are not the same, and one is noticeably better. He knows this.

At no time did he remark the versions were "pretty much equal". That was missing from his attempt to quell the firestorm because even he knows the PS3 version is markedly better. His own unwillingness to say otherwise speaks volumes.

The handwriting is all over the wall and it says, "Hey Microsoft! First you produce a turd called Vista and then you throw away 50 million bucks on GTA4 for the second rate version!"

AngryTypingGuy3861d ago

How is it superior on the PS3? I have yet to see a graphics or framerate comparison. Then again, I haven't searched for one, so post a link if you have it. I know which version is getting exclusive DLC, but as far as an "out of the box" comparison, I have yet to see one.

Pain3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )


u can wish all u want PS3 GTA4>>>RROD2's

madestar3861d ago

all i gotta say is why the f would i wanna play with a bunch of bill gates coc sukkas

Sez 3861d ago

i guess the same way people don't want to play with sony d!ck riders.

hey hey hey3860d ago

the problem with your statement is that the ps3 storys are all make believe, made up by fanboys on websites as we know both of them will look the same with little difference but the key difference's is that the 360 dlc is not make believe its actually coming +)

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the greatest3861d ago

the ps3 ver is the superior
dont try 2 help M$ out
ps3 rules

power of Green 3861d ago


Like a COC roach with its body cut in half.

FLOPbox 3603861d ago

Power of Green go away with your same TWO ACCOUNTS that you use to agree with yourself in every thread. Everyone knows no one agree's with you over anything. You are the ultimate DOUCHE of this whole site.

As said from Sam Houser and Rockstar Employees for WEEKS now. GTA 4 is superior on Playstation 3. Xbox 360 is failing in sales and being dominated.

PS3 is going to win. Get over it.

rawd3860d ago

Do you smell it, i smell it


xhi43861d ago

great way to diffuse the situation.

but Adrian's comments still stand, I live in Australia and three of my mates have already received their copies of GTA.....lucky bastards. Two are PS3 players, one is an xboxer. My PS3 mates have just been raving on about the game (i don't want to watch it i want to kind of experience it on my own, 2 years of waiting I think I deserve that), but my 360 mate said he gets a little pissed of with pop-up and some issues with cars appearing only when he turns away issues, but my PS3 mates said they havent seen anything like that. The xbox mate has a core only though, so that could be it.

mintaro3861d ago

how did they get it early!? a fella like myself could certanly use that information.....

xhi43861d ago

the lucky bastards got it from some dvdcrave website i think, I'll ask them.

They're pissing me off n texting me plot details n i just have to close my eyes and delete. And its a PUBLIC HOLIDAY TOO :( Lucky bastards.

hey hey hey3860d ago

i own a ps3 ( getting gta +360 on the 29 ) and from history 360 software look better than ps3 counterpart but i hope this trend changes with gta as all gamers should have the same game we just have to wait til the game is released to judge from what ive seen the both look the same .