Microsoft VP: 'play the games, not the resolution'

One of the big controversies leading up to Xbox One's launch is what's (unfortunately) being called "resolutiongate." Major multiplatform games are running at a lower resolution on Xbox One than PS4, which calls into question the console's capabilities. Microsoft Studios VP Phil Spencer has defended Xbox One, saying gamers shouldn't focus on the numbers, but the experience.

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sigfredod1595d ago

seems that sales projections are lower than expected for MS

xHeavYx1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

People can refer to the past all they want to downplay specs, but this is 2014, specs are more important than what certain people want to admit.
Spencer is just saying "don't disregard our weaker console"
It was all about the graphical power and how good games look when COD looked better on the 360, now that the tables have turned, all of the sudden specs don't matter anymore.
By the way, better specs not only give you prettier graphics, but you can do better physics, more AI and such

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mewhy321595d ago

Of course Phil wants people to not think about specs...i mean microsoft is charging 100.00 more for a greatly inferior piece of hardware. If everyone thought about it hard enough they couldn't give the xbone away.

Eonjay1595d ago

If resolution doesn't matter... we would have this article:

mikeslemonade1595d ago

^ Raptar

It did matter that's why the 360 sold more copies. And take a look at the pre-orders right now. PS4 is higher. The negative PR is just going to snowball against the X1. Right now you may say it isn't a big deal but eventually you will see.

kneon1595d ago


But with PS3 and 360 the differences between the multi-plat games were quite small, this gen the difference is quite large.

Pushing twice as many pixels at the same or better frame rate is pretty significant.

Killjoy30001595d ago

Raptar, you're dumb. That's when PS3 was near impossible to develop for. Now, PS4 is easier to develop for than the X1, and more powerful at that. You fail hard.

mikeslemonade1595d ago

And one more thing.. If you go back in look the specs for COD on 360 and PS3 were closer. I think the two systems were running the game native at 640p. The difference were mainly in the textures and the 360 had a slight advantage in the frames per second.

Now PS4 1080p vs X1's 720p that is a even bigger gap.

felidae1595d ago

PS4 has a large block of GDDR5 which is great for displaying a high resolution image, doesn't mean that image is going to look great, and on top of this the CPU is equally important particularly for streaming the textures to the GPU via the RAM, and if the RAM is not best suited to the CPU then it will miss cycles, which you guessed it, shows up as dropped frames per second. There is a reason why PC's are mostly DDR3 and GDDR5 on the GPU, you need both really for balance. MS got it right and given the time with the new kit they'll get that resolution up just like Turn 10 have, and 343 will get Halo 5 at 1080p native 60FPS as well.

UltimateMaster1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Microsoft VP: 'play the games, not the resolution'
Yeah! Shut up and enjoy your crap! /s

Eonjay1595d ago

If you get a PS4, you can play both.

GTgamer1595d ago

Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tell me why we are buying these Next gen consoles why not stick to current gen since resolution doesn't matter :/

OrangePowerz1595d ago


I don't think that MS got it right. The ESRAM with 32mb is too small to make for the disadvantage of the DDR3.

MS went with DDR3 for the multi media stuff and the 3 OS.

Sevir1595d ago

As he said, I'll "play the games..." on PS4!

Simple as that! You can con your fanbase and consumers into buying a more expensive console that performs remarkably less than the competition.

Ezz20131595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

""""Micros oft VP: 'play the games, not the resolution""

really ?!
was he able to say that with straight face ?!

ok i will play both on ps4 along with my gaming pc
thank you sir...thank you very much for your good advice

ZeroX98761595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

for me, I'm getting more performance for my money on the PS4 than the Xbox 1. Last gen lasted quite a while(lifetime) and I want this one to be the same.

If Halo, Dead Rising or Forza are series that you absolutely wants to play, well you should obviously buy a X1 over the PS4.

This is the first time I'm buying sony's console first. the last 2 generations, I started with the Xbox brand and switched halfway through to playstation both times (xbox->PS2, 360->PS3)...
And I'm glad I did the switch each time!

Boody-Bandit1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Hey Phil
Build a gaming console, not a TV companion.

Sorry pal but Sony gets it. You guys don't.
So by purchasing a PS4 I will have the best of both.

kickerz1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Go outside and kick a ball or something. Goshh some of you guys need a life. It's a $500 gaming machine to have fun on. Your obviously not gonna buy an xb1. So what's the point of all this negative BS

UltimateMaster1595d ago

Microsoft VP: 'play the games, not the resolution'
Buy a Wii U.

Gekko361595d ago

@BigBoned... sorry xHeavYx :D

I think @Raptar's got you there.

First rule of debate.. keep your arms still when they're under the table.

I think yours were jiggling like mad and then stopped suddenly.

Thing is, while your arms were jiggling Raptar owned your arse!

badz1491595d ago

FINALLY! they conceded defeat! let's just hope there will be no more hiding behind lies after this!

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badkolo1595d ago

first off not one game has been reviewed so no the multiplat games dont look better on the ps4, thats just guessing and specuakltion, so far we see ryse kicking arse on the x1 which is better then anything on the ps4 at launch, so lets wait for the reviews to kick in, granted there might be a game or 2 that might fair better resolution wise but lets wait for the actual games and not your wishes, when they are reviewed then you can come here and moan. until then there has been only talk of lesser resolution like in bs4 case which many argue looks better on x1 ./ so lets wait and see , many of you are just hoping but ryse tells me x1 is a beast. lets not base this off of call of duty either since everyone is in agreement they suck for both systems since everyone here hates cod, wait n see

UltimateMaster1595d ago

I'd buy the best posible hardware.
If that means it's also cheaper, the more the better.
I mean, there's still some kind of positive for the Xbox One, you can use MP3 and DNLA. But if you already own a PS3 or Xbox 360, I don't know why you wouldn't use those instead. So I don't see this as a deal breaker.

Still, it's a stupid move from Sony to remove existing features.

LonChaneyTV1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

@ xHeavYx "People can refer to the past all they want to downplay specs, but this is 2014, specs are more important than what certain people want to admit. "

you would actually get a PC if specs were more important to you. In 2 years time after consoles hit, you could get 3 R9 290s and be 16x ahead of the consoles for dirt cheap.

xHeavYx "yeah but specs don't matter when comparing them to PCs, they're also more expensive!!!"

Consoles themselves are made up of PC parts, mid ranged parts...who better to compare them to than their originators?

And Consoles are more expensive, 10 brand new games is $600 + tax. (not including online services.) you will also be charged top cash even when game's graphics become dated.

Also not having backwards compatibility means you have to buy new games to support that console, every time.

I wonder how much overcompensating PlayStation gamers will be in 2019? In the generation after when competition increases 10 fold.

I've lived through it all to see enough of this never ending battle. I'm a senior now.

Sideras1595d ago

Either way it's a new generation, prettier graphics are fairly important. Makes it all feel fresh and new and shiny.

Yes very important. And I don't trust that fucking guy, his forehead is too big and his hairdo is to douchey.

ThanatosDMC1595d ago

MS is gonna mandate parity for their crappy consoles...

llamaman131594d ago

actually physics, AI, and 'such' are CPU tasks mostly. And considering the ps4 and xbone cpu's are generally the same, the differences between the two's CPU tasks are non-existent, please be informed next time.

Visiblemarc1594d ago

Yes... But it also heavily affects future playability. Games get more taxing as the years wear on, xb1 has very little wiggle room.

SniperControl1594d ago


"first off not one game has been reviewed so no the multiplat games dont look better on the ps4, thats just guessing and specuakltion"

Huh? So i guess you must have missed all the hoorah regarding the numerous graphic comparison articles done between PS4 and X1 on COD:Ghosts & Battlefield 4.
All of them stating the PS4 version to be superior to the X1.

frostypants1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

@idontcare, did you just try to claim that DDR3 is a better option than GDDR5? NO....just NO..."Zip it, ex zip it a, zippy longstockings, zip it, zip it good, subtitle: zip it, zuckle on my zipple, zip it, Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, exZIPIT A..."

Ritsujun1594d ago

Pathetic Microsofie is frigging pathetic.

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Belking1595d ago ShowReplies(10)
GribbleGrunger1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Watch the TV, not the resolution. Eat your food, not the nutritional value.

BlueShirt77491595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Yea too bad Spencer is right. All of a sudden the resolution matters to Sony fanboys. Real gamers won't care and play the games for the games knowing they'll look great regardless of console.

WAKE UP! (and in some cases GROW UP)

scott1821595d ago

"knowing they'll look great regardless of console."

If Spencer is right, then what does it matter how they look? Resolution contributes to the appearance...

Studio-YaMi1595d ago

If you haven't seen the difference from 1080p to 720p,then you need to check your eyes out QUICK!

"Looking great" means the resolution is a MUST HAVE!

Are you people serious??

No wonder Spencer said that,he knows that his sheep are gonna eat it up with a smile on their faces.


mistertwoturbo1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

And all of a sudden it doesn't matter to you hardcore Microsoft fans.

It mattered in the past 7 years how much better multiplatform titles on the 360 looked and ran better than the PS3.

Now it doesn't matter anymore.

Although I'm considering to buy an XB1, I really really hate that Microsoft community. It's full of backwards people like you.

slapedurmomsace1595d ago

Wow, real gamers won't care about the appearance of a game. Well....than please explain why visuals are apart of reviews. Why PC fans love the latest and greatest. Why Battlefield 4 on ultra is blowing people away. Why do some in the gaming community wanna label the Wii U as last gen. Why did Xbox owners chastise the PS3 when multi-plates looked better last gen?

You wanna buy an Xbox One because of their exclusives, that's 100% fine and understandable. Eventually I will too, but why pay more for a console that's not delivering the same experience that can be had for LESS on a different system if you are buying most multi-plates.

Also as FYI..real gamers...they don't need to justify their purchases to people they don't know to make themselves feel better about their choice.

irokster1595d ago

And what in the hell makes you a "real gamer" and not the rest of us? Explain.

Neo-Axl1594d ago Show
frostypants1594d ago

If resolution doesn't matter, then why did they develop a new console to replace the 360? Seriously...anyone who claims hardware power isn't important is in denial. And that's what we're REALLY talking's not just resolution that is impacted here. It's everything the console does.

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andrewsqual1595d ago

Would have been a great slogan at E3 2013.

solar1595d ago

The Wii sold better than 360 and PS3. It isn't all about power.

MightyNoX1595d ago

The Wii was also cheaper and doesn't tout 'Full HD 1080p graphics' on it's website. How is that selective memory working for ya.

Derpity derpity derppy doo.

SilentNegotiator1595d ago

Wii also had a gimmick that got millions upon millions of non-traditional gamers to play it. None of the 8th gen systems have that appeal (Go ahead and say Kinect - didn't save the 360 from falling into 3rd place and they put 1/2 billion into marketing for it) and Wii U is proving that simply being cheapest is no guarantee of success.

Ps4 has more preorders than Wii U has released systems and Xbox doesn't have as many preorders as PS4.

Furthermore, when was the last time that the strongest console (by a long shot) was the 2nd cheapest?

solar1595d ago

still sold better and was the weakest console.

sigfredod1595d ago

so you are getting the wii u that will sell better since is the weakest and cheaper ?

1594d ago
frostypants1594d ago

The Wii is also the world's most expensive paperweight for most people who bought it. Let's not pretend it competed for the same audience.

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mistertwoturbo1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

They were singing a different tune back in 2006

"I guarantee that Xbox 360 games will look better than PS3. Xbox 360 is easy to develop on and programmers have experience already. We will keep ahead of the curve for two to three years"

Seems like they really cared about "looks" at that time.

SmielmaN1594d ago

Funny how they change their message to consumers based on what they are trying to sell. I just believe some ppl are still falling for it despite all the factual information that has come out from the very beginning (can't ditch DRM "if you want a offline console, buy a 360"), kinect must be on (180'd even tho they said they wouldn't do that), to games running on PC's and cut the resolution by nearly half lately when running on "Xb one" (are they really running on final hardware yet in the wild???)... You know what? I'm so sick of that company I'm not even going to bother anymore. I love gaming, I owned both Microsoft consoles and I'm pretty sure I'm done with them. I loved halo, but I think I'm looking forward to Destiny instead. If your buying a xbone then good luck, I won't be giving M$ anymore of my money. Wasn't there just a article saying they were thinking of selling off Xbox and bing? Could this be dream cast 2.0???

dale_denton1595d ago

mr. spencer... that's easy to say when you don't have to pay for a console and games does it?

medman1595d ago

Those of us fortunate enough to have ps3's and 360's have been playing the games. For years. That is the problem Microsoft. Your first party titles are not competitive with what Sony offers. "Play the games not the resolution". Too bad you're getting your arse kicked on both accounts.

frostypants1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Yep...only time I used my 360 was for cross-platformers because they were generally better on the 360, and to play with my buddies who did the same. If the PS4 has the better cross-platformers, all that goes away for the Xbox One. Outside of Forza (which I love), the MS exclusive franchises are nothing special. I've never liked Halo, and Gears is just Uncharted with less depth. I'm not saying I won't ever buy a One, but at $499, it's a joke.

otherZinc1595d ago

This is a great article for those that actually "READ" it;
Instead of only reading the click attention grabbing title.

malol1595d ago

xbox fanboys/employees used to rub it all over PS fanboys how they get worse multiplats

i guess karma is a BITCH !

PSX041594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

you are so right Spencer .... so I will keep x360 and will not buy xbone and for really next gen and numbers I will buy ps4

3-4-51594d ago

Games are more important than resolution. I spent this entire gen playing without the HD cables in my xbox 360.

Yea that is right.....NO HD for me at all this gen. Just didn't care to go get them once I realized it after a year.

Big deal. Games still were fun to play. Well some were.

I just don't trust Microsoft anymore.

I'm not a graphics snob...I still love 2D sprites.

PS4 for me this gen.

NateCole1594d ago

Someone please tell him that you play resolution when you play games as it is part of the game.

WTF?. Are MS reps really this stupid?.

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aceitman1595d ago

tbh it wasn't that way on the 360 to them it was always said multiplatform games look better on the 360 than ps3 , but now tables are turned Microsoft's Phil Spencer Urges Gamers to Remember Games Are More Than Technical Specs that's called being a hypocrite.

LordMaim1595d ago

No kidding. I should be able to do both, Spencer.

staticdash221595d ago

Lol sorry phil

If tech is important one day, you cant claim it isn't as important anymore once the comparison doesn't favor you.

pyramidshead1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

People need to realise the problem isn't solely the resolution, it's the paying £100 more for a system that can't match the power of the £100 cheaper system lol.

Pretty glad Sony's console won't bear the brunt of bad multiplats this gen, makes the future even more easier than it already was.

Kayant1595d ago

Ikr it remind me of when I saw this on gaf. Major nelson seemed to think it mattered a lot in X360 times -

At the end of the day it does matter especially for third-party games because they are going to aim for both versions to have the same graphical effects most of the time & if you get a higher resolution on one it will produce a crisper/cleaner image. We can see this in BF4.

"As well as cutting down on jagged edges, this reduces the amount of pixel shimmer we see in motion on complex shaders or thin geometry, with distant power lines, scaffolding and other elements with sub-pixel elements creating unwanted flickering on Xbox One"

Red_Devilz1595d ago

Major Nelson is a well-known idiot shill. He lost any credibility he had when he tried to be [email protected] in front of Joe and said they can't just flip the switch.

aquamala1594d ago

"play the games, not the resolution"

ps3 gamers have been saying this all this gen to PC gamers