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Nintendo Download Update [11/7]

8CN: Nintendo has revealed its latest batch of downloadable titles across the Wii U, Virtual Console, 3DS, and DSiWare. (3DS, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Nintendo DS, Wii U)

Update Sorry, the link is incorrect. It should link here:

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deafdani  +   349d ago
The link to the story only leads me to Pit's picture. Just saying.
sloth3395  +   349d ago
I thought it was just my internet acting up causing it
TheGenkz  +   349d ago
Sorry, I don't know how that got approved. The link is here:
Lubu  +   349d ago
Wheres the sale of Kid Icarus games? Why use that picture if it has no relevance?
WPX  +   349d ago
It is relevant. Kid Icarus Uprising was added as a downloadable title.

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