720p? 1080p? ESRAM? Why it matters and why it doesn’t

Gaming Trend Editor Ron Burke writes an in-depth piece on resolutions, their differences, the math behind them, and how all of it comes together to mean almost nothing.

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user74029311381d ago

all you need to know

1080p> 720p

120 hz > 60hz

ps4 > one

Fanboyssuck271381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )


Wii u > ps4 > xbone

CGI-Quality1381d ago

Unless you're talking personal game experience, the technology in a WiiU is NOT greater than the PS4.

LOL_WUT1381d ago

Even the X1 has more appealing next-gen titles than the WiiU! And yes resolution, specs all matter if it didn't devs wouldn't pass up on Nintendo. ;)

u got owned1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )


Oh boy, you will be at one bubble in no time if you keep that up.

ziggurcat1381d ago

"Wii u > ps4..."

nice try, but that's beyond delusional.

triforce791381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

Mariokart8,X,ProjectCARS,and titanfall have the best nextgen textures ive seen so far...

Dehnus1380d ago

Sir, you get a bubble for being so truthful. Everybody knows this fact yet they keep denying it. The facts look them straight in the face! Why do these fanboys keep denying it.

Why, we can already play games on it, while they can only compare spec sheets. SO by definition it is better ;).

In 2 weeks that might change a bit though ;).

UltimateMaster1380d ago

You're a brave one.
Here's you Mario kitty VS COD Dog.

Magicite1380d ago

you need to check your head, mate

LaserEyeKitty1380d ago

LOL at all the morons who just got trolled. You figure the name would give it away.

But, if you can't beat'em - PC Specs trump all.

user55757081380d ago

it doesnt matter because once youre focused on gameplay graphics tend of become an afterthough

however it does matter because before you play the game you want to know you're buying the best possible experience. so it def matters for sales. why pay $100 more for a technologically inferior product that outputs inferior resolution. on paper it doesn't make sense

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0ut1awed1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

I really doubt 120hz is going to matter for a PS4 other than maybe smoothing it out a little bit. 60fps seems to be the sweet spot for the system so you really don't need anything over 60hz.

Also FYI pretty much every TV that is "120hz" or "240hz" is actually not true. For all intensive purposes it is basically "upscaled" so to speak. None of those TVs actually allow for more than a 60fps input.

You need a computer monitor with a display port or DVI-D input to actually get anything over 60fps.

Sci0n1381d ago

This is true, as I was tv shopping I was really considering getting a tv with like 240hz for gaming mainly. I spoke with a best buy TV sales person and told him why I was searching for a 240hz tv and he kindly said are you going to be gaming from a pc rig or a console? and when I told him a console he said well I don't think any console games are rendering over 60fps so you really don't need a insane amount of hz at the moment 60hz is enough. I am now waiting for 4k TVs before I upgrade.

0ut1awed1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

I guess it's his job but if you would have said PC gaming I know for a fact he would have tried to sell you one of those 120hz/240hz TVs (otherwise he wouldn't have even asked that question). Kind of messed up because as I already stated those TVs don't actually support higher FPS inputs. HDMI just doesn't have enough throughput to support it.

Knal1381d ago


The latest versions of the HDMI standard does not allow through put for more than 60fps? You have proof of this? Could you support that with some links?

mabreu1381d ago

@ 0ut1awed

according to Wikipedia, hdmi can output 1080p @ 120hz after version 1.4b which was released back in October 2011.

However, I'm not sure if the PS4 or Xbox1 can support it. I assume they can but don't see any evidence on the web.

CrusRuss1380d ago

You guys are confusing TV refresh rate (hz) with fps. If you read the article it explains the difference.

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Visiblemarc1381d ago

It really is basically that simple. I'm tired of how the articles about how "resolutiongate" being "overblown" have become more exhausting than the relevant genre that are articles about "resolutiongate" (those that compare price/performance)

If you don't like price/performance articles, take your ignorant opinions and go find a hobby that caters to morons.

BlueShirt77491381d ago

With a name like that you need to get over yourself and get out more. Do you work for Sony? No? Then those figures are certainly not "all you need to know."

Simple mind....

WorldGamer1381d ago

You didn't really provide any evidence. You basically personally attacked him, then trailed off.

I think what he says is correct, and many other reputable forums also agree. I don't see why would would get so upset.

BOLO1380d ago

No one needs to work for Sony or Microsoft to know the facts...PS4 is a more technically capable console compared to Xbox One and Wii U. Try again.

bornsinner1381d ago

xbox one has dedicated servers a better online experience and better games, ps4 has killzone & losers who count pixels all day

GW2121381d ago

* better launch games.

* PS4 has Killzone, better graphics, better hardware, and losers who count pixels all day because they are actually there.

AngelicIceDiamond1381d ago

"720p? 1080p? ESRAM? Why it matters and why it doesn’t"

It matters now. But when everything gets fixed, we'll move on to the next thing and forget about it.

Biggest1381d ago

Fixed? Do you mean the next generation of consoles?

MRMagoo1231380d ago

If you know anything about tech you will know the xbone is only going to get worse as much needs to be put on the ESram in the future to keep up with the PS4, the lower gpu and the ESram will make it impossible in a couple years, gpgpu will be the xbone downfall.

AngelicIceDiamond1380d ago


Yeah that's not even close to being right.

linkenski1381d ago

720p @60fps > 1080p @30fps, though

H0RSE1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

I agree. I'll take 60fps and lower resolution over the opposite. Hell, in competitive PC gaming, it's pretty common (or at least was) for players to disable a lot of visual features, to obtain the best framerates possible. When I played competitively, that is what is what I did. It was also used to gain advantages, like disabling lightning do eliminate dark spots/shadows for players to hide in.

Mitchblue1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

@linkenski: Not a fair assessment. You cut the FPS in half with your illustration but don't double the resolution.

Fairer would be 720p @60fps vs 1080p @45fps.