USA Preorders Chart, 2 November 2013 - Call of Duty: Ghosts


There is one game in the top 40 to be in its final week: Call of Duty: Ghosts for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Seven games have 200,000 or more pre-orders, down from 10 last week, and the top 14 has 100,000 or more pre-orders, the same as last week. Five games added 20,000 or more pre-orders, down from six last week and 16 added 10,000 or more, up from 13 last week."

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thekhurg996d ago

Look at those BF4 and Killzone numbers for PS4. Very impressive.

abzdine996d ago

PS4 is on top of the world..
but troll xbox fanboys will say that you should never trust vgchartz

thrust996d ago

Cod selling well on xbox one

abzdine996d ago

i agree, but equal to PS4 sales of COD.
but check out the top 10 and see how many PS4 games are pre-ordered. without considering those buying the game with no pre-order

Belking996d ago (Edited 996d ago )

Fake They have games on that list that have already been released and The last guardian is still on there

Bundi996d ago

Dat TitanFall. Watch out Knack, you about to be railroaded by a game about 20 weeks from release!

badboy776996d ago

PS4 Numbers WoW!!! Also when you factor in that xbox one is getting all the COD:ghost and BF4 Ads. This is sad for Microsoft.

ballsohard2013996d ago

but wait... Call of Duty has the most pre-sells of any title on both PS4 and X1... soooooo i dont know bro. Take the fanboy shades off lol.

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