Here’s How the PS4 Looks When a Game Crashes

Demo Stations operate in in rough operational conditions that don't really reflect what would happen in a normal household, so failures are pretty normal. Here's how a PS4 demo station when a game (Battlefield 4) crashes, taken at Madrid Games Week.

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SuperBlur1383d ago

is it going to be norm when a game crash?

i hate when a game crash and the system locks up and force me to restart the console.

xHeavYx1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

There is an "ok" button, so for me it looks more like a game that failed to launch instead of a game that crashed . If it is a crashed game, that OK button would mean that the console doesn't lock up, which is great

Abriael1383d ago

It's a crash, I've seen it happen once at Paris Games week too, still with Battlefield 4, so it's probably a software problem. It's actually nice that when the game crashes the console doesn't freeze and you don't need to reboot.

JimmyLmao1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

i saw on a PS4 livestream once.. if a game crashes, the console doesn't freeze and need to restart, you just go get an error message and go back to the menu then start the game up again, pretty neat i guess(^▽^)

also, its good because i always feel bad when my 360 or PS3 freeze and you have to go up and press the on/off button and it beeps at you (⊙︿⊙)

Thehyph1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

Vita is like this, too.
I've had two game crashes in the (almost) year that I've had it. Both times I just hit "OK" and started the game back up.

tuglu_pati1383d ago

Why are games crashing in the first place?

Abriael1383d ago

@tuglu_pati: because it's demo software, not the final game.

Clarence1383d ago

Damn great observation!

abzdine1383d ago

press circle and reboot the game. takes 5 seconds...

One_Eyed_Wizard1383d ago

Games, like every other software crash all the time regardless of if it's a full version or a demo. While demo's or betas tend to be less stable, full version softwares will crash too. They crash more often than before because their code is a hundred times more complex than previous generations. Not only that, but unexpected OS activity can also cause software or games to crash. Hardware can also be a cause but that is usually the case later down the road when the system has aged.

MWong1383d ago

If it's BF4 it's the game sadly. DICE is working on a fix for the game crashing current gen consoles. My game crashed more with the retail version compared to the beta.

One_Eyed_Wizard1383d ago

@MWong That IS pretty sad. Didn't know it was this bad.

ShinMaster1383d ago

At least the PS4 continues to function just fine.

mewhy321383d ago

lets hope we dont see much of that.

MWong1383d ago

@ One_Eyed_Wizard
I love DICE, but EA forced them to rush that game out way too soon. BF4 should have been released in December or January. They are working on the crashing issue, but the list of launch bugs to me is worse than BF3. If you are switching your kit and you get revived the game menu freezes so you have to leave the game and comeback in.

I wouldn't take this article too seriously.



Oh no, a game crashed, what has this world turned into... In other news, water is wet.

Seriously now, cut the drama, games crash, it's nnothing new or completelly avoidable. Don't matter how far we get into technology, stuff will still eventually fail or break. Obviously every new piece of tech will need some way to deal with it.

Cernunnos1383d ago

Those who don't understand why games can crash, and think that it's just lazy devs or something obviously have never written a line of code themselves.

A game consists of millions of code, a single typo in that code can in theory cause a crash. It is impossible to make a game that wont have bugs.

AndrewLB1383d ago

Just because the console didn't require a full reboot doesn't mean it's the game and not the console itself. Crashes happen on many levels, whether they are software related, driver, OS, or hardware. An unstable operating environment caused by things like heat, poor drivers, or improper memory allocation can all result in a program/application/game crashing without the whole thing crashing. All modern operating systems contain a form of crash recovery feature that prevents entire system shutdown for most types of crashes.

Jessika_S1382d ago

This are debug display units, they dont have a full working operating system just runs games and demos.

LonChaneyTV1382d ago

"If it is a crashed game, that OK button would mean that the console doesn't lock up, which is great "

................And i thought consoles shouldn't be compared to PCs. first it was rest your consoles now it's error windows.

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Abriael1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

It's a demo station, in a trade show in Europe, that already had Milan Games Week and Paris Games week, which means that that PS4 has probably been moved all across Europe and has worked almost 12 hours a day for three weeks. I'd say a crash is not much of a problem, especially because it could be very well the software's fault.

black0o1383d ago

the good thing is the system isn't frozen like the ps3 does when a game crashes

G20WLY1383d ago

Huh.. *pensive face*

I'm glad you shared this. I very much doubt I'll ever see it in person, so it was interesting. :)

Mikelarry1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

*shudders* i hated those as well furiously pressing the PS button on the controller and the darn thing doesn't respond making me get off the couch (the cheek) to press the power button and sometimes just to be a bit%h the power button on the console too does not respond and i have to pull the power plug from the back


yeah ive read that when you have to acually unplug it "which has happened to me" will evenually damage the ps3. just hear say though idk

SuperBlur1383d ago

i've had it happen with spartacus legends and one of EA sports title , can't remember which.

a freaking pain in the arse yes.

yellowgerbil1383d ago

I hate it but got used to it playing MAG, it crashed and froze epically with crazy kaleidoscope effects quite regularly

Tsar4ever011383d ago

Look at the picture, The "STUPID ASSHOLES" has the console locked in that tight glass thingy, You're NOT suppose to block the air vents at the back of the console. I'm sure they don't want the console TOO EXPOSED to the public to touch, at least open the area where the consoles air vents are located. JEEZ, What stupid asses.

MartinB1051383d ago

A freeze and a crash are two different things.

A freeze is typically the result of a process becoming trapped within an algorithm (e.g. an infinite loop) from which it's unable to escape and continue the program.

A crash is caused by a process doing something it shouldn't resulting in termination of the program, which is likely what this image shows.

princejb1341383d ago

they probably threw the ps4 down the stairs to make this happen

LiQuiZoN1383d ago

I have BF4 for PC. An AMAZING PC! This game constantly crashes. There is a known memory leak. Terrible. It's an "EA" issue. There quality has dropped off. bleh EA!

I'm pissed I gave in and got it through origins. Never again. I'll with Steam only.

AndrewLB1383d ago

most of the issues have been either server-side and punkbuster related. But yea, the memory leak is annoying... i found a temporary fix for it though. I have a program called Windows 7 Manager which has a little utility called "Free Memory", where every 15 minutes it frees up memory from programs who are allocating large amounts. So far it's worked perfectly.

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user74029311383d ago

still looks sexy crashing in 1080p