Hooked Gamers: Highlander Preview

Eidos Interactive and WideScreen Games announced Highlander: The Game last year and the fans have been talking about it ever since. Some may be wondering how the main hero in the announced game can be over 2000 years old and still have a Scottish last name, let alone be called a Highlander and why his first name is so un-Scottish. Well, the answer is simple: the developers face the difficult reality that the Highlander movies and series rely on having a Scottish main hero.

You cannot just start calling the series Immortals all of a sudden, or you will be losing your fandom. Thus, you have to create more and more Scottish Immortals, preferably with the same last name as the original and claim that they are all somehow related to each other. This is how Connor MacLeod (the original) has been joined by Duncan MacLeod (TV series) and even Quentin MacLeod (animated series).

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