GameStop announces pre-launch PS4 events, with special trade-in offers

The PS4 launch is just a weeks away, and if you are one of the millions of gamers that are interested in the event, you should checkout your local GameStop. The company announced that it will be hosting pre-launch PS4 events on Sunday, November 10 at all U.S. GameStop store locations. The events will allow customers to bring in their pre-owned hardware, software, or consumer electronic trade-ins early to pay-off their pre-ordered Sony PlayStation 4 consoles, as well as purchase available games and/or accessories.

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user74029311660d ago

there ripoffs. in store credit they give $65.00 for a ps3.

SarahFox1660d ago

yeah their trade-ins are also sucky but i think the event idea is cool

user74029311660d ago

hell i'd go if kaz was there sarah

Angels37851660d ago

Knowing gamestop they normally would give $65 for a ps3 and apparently wit this deal it should be nearly $120, BUT I can guarantee gamestop will lower the original value of the ps3 trade in because they do this all the time with big deals.....expect to get near...$40 plus 90%.

SniperControl1660d ago

I won a 360 Forza 4/Skyrim bundle worth £220 in a raffle last year, as i already have a 360, i went to Game here in the UK to trade it in, they were gonna offer me £90 for a brand new unboxed unit.

Screw that, i sold it on Gumtree for £190 instead, places like these are total a rip-off.

LOGICWINS1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Yeah, they're obvs going to make the trade in value for a PS3 as low as possible for the tenth. Still, if I can get at least $180 for my 60GB that could break at any minute...I'm selling it.

Doubt I'll get this much as it seems like a scam. The "triple credit" is really a 90% bonus.

dazzrazz1660d ago

Stop living in a lala land :P New console is $200 ! You will be lucky if they give u close to $100

Dark3stShadow1660d ago

Well I think they might actually give quite a bit for the system because (to my understanding) this only last for about 4 hour. Maybe that's no true but at my gamestop it says the event is from 12pm to 4pm. However that time may also just be when they will have the ps4 available to play

JetsFool35001660d ago

I doubt you'll get that much considering the most they give for a super slim is $120

prodg521660d ago

@Dark3stShadow if it's only 4hrs long, that's really bad. It takes gamestop employees an hour to serve one customer!

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evilhasitsway1660d ago

I got over 130 for my ps3 just a few weeks ago. it depends on what model and hard drive size is it. I had the limited edition crystal white ps3 with 500g hard drive. I trade gta 5 in with it and got a total of 201 in store credit. which is pretty damn good.

BoriboyShoGUN1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Sorry you got raped!!! Would of been better selling that on Ebay or Craigslist!

Ok just saw it was $201 not $130 but I still think you could've done a lot better.

cell9891659d ago

That was an awful trade, total ripoff. 200 for GTAV with white 500GB PS3? GTFO GameStop. They will sell that ps3 for 275 and GTAV for 49.99

evilhasitsway1659d ago


maybe but never know how long it would have taken to sell and going that path I might or might not have sold it since xmas is coming and most people not all but most are getting next gen systems. it was quick and easy. I still got a 360 and a fatboy ps3 so I will still be ok.

GmIsOnPt3601660d ago

people waited to long. i got 170 for my ps3 in trade in credit when they announced PS4. traded in to PS3's and couple games and had my ps4 paid off in full.

MizTv1660d ago

Yeah right after e3 I went to gamestop got $320 for a bunch of games
But I kept my ps3 and like 6 games
I think it's was like a extra 30% or 40% I got

wynams1660d ago

I got about the same for my PS3. Sunday's deal is rumored to be triple credit so my 360 slim should fetch about $210.

PS4 for $20, a 40GB Phat and a 250G 360 S? I think I did alright.

FullmetalRoyale1660d ago

Well I've been playing my PS3 this whole time, and I've had my PS4 paid off for a while... So....

You lose?

juggulator1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )


It's probably your local store doing that. My Gamestop gave me $130 for a bricked 60gig model. My slim is fully functional and being a Powerup member gives more so I could probably get at leat $150.

Prime1571660d ago

I hate when people don't get the idea of a "Middle Man."

Sell the thing yourself or be lazy and sell to GameStop, simple as that.

And on a side note, that's the way technology works. It's obsolete within a year.

ICarly19851660d ago

....they wanted to give me 40$ for my 80G ps3 but old skool would give me 55$ cash

BoriboyShoGUN1660d ago

These pigs offered me $40 for my 250gb MW2 edition elite xbox 360 like 2 weeks ago. Anyone else think they're trying to pull customers away from the possible Target sale starting the 10th???

HugoDrax1658d ago

Damn! That's it? That's actually the same console I use currently. $40 is a total rip off. I wonder what they would give for a Black Wii console hahaha? $5 maybe

ifistbrowni1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

you get like $110 trade in for a slim ps3. $40 for a white xbox, and $110 for a 320GB xbox last time i checked.

if you get 90% more, you're getting a hell of a deal. My buddy just struggled selling his 2 white xbox on craigslist at $60 a piece (with controllers).

Though, the article is confusing. It says you'll get triple value, then says 90%. If its tripled it'd be 300%

Burrito26a1660d ago

Triple of the 30% deal already in place. So 90%.

princejb1341660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Dam that's all
I was hoping to trade it in when ps4 comes out
Might have to try craiglist than

MASTER_RAIDEN1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

not really. gamestop is set up to have promotions on console trade ins almost all the time. most of the time they at least have a 30%-50% extra trade in on consoles. a lot of times they have double trade credit too.

I traded in my 360 shortly after the ps4 was announced. i was supposed to get $75 dollars for a 4gb console, BUT they had double trade on all consoles (a deal theyve had several times since then). I ended up getting $150 for a console i paid $199 for over a year before. ps3 would have been worth even more money and you would have easily been able to get $170ish had you been on top of your stuff. if you slept on the deal for so long that the ps3 lost its value, that sucks man. but thats on you. i admit that gaemstop is sort of a ripoff with game trade ins, but if you know what youre doing over there, you WILL get a good price for your console.

dont expect to trade in your ps3 at the last minute and get top dollar just because youre cramming for a ps4. what exactly do you expect? a 120 gb ps3 slim is currently on sale for like $149 in the states. how much money do you actually expect them to give you?

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Ketzicorn1660d ago

Does this work for trading in a Wii U also?

evilhasitsway1660d ago

my game stop got only 36 reserves and only half of them are paid off. mine paid for in full like two months ago. so im just waiting to pick it up.

jukins1660d ago

i was hoping they would do something like this I got a 120 ps3 and a bunch of accessories that havent been getting much use. had no luck selling on ebay or amazon so i'll have to take this offer.

wynams1660d ago

They are actually giving triple credit on Sunday. To all the thread crappers, I'm making $10 on my 250GB 360

current TIV is $70
triple credit $210
paid $200 on BF

Burrito26a1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

You'll get $133 in the end.

wynams1659d ago

If that's the case, the TIV is dropping 63% in the next 2 days ... I obviously hope you are wrong, and I would probably hold on to my 360 if that were the case!

Burrito26a1659d ago

@ wynams... the trade in value is triple. As it stands now it's 30%. If you triple that you get 90%. 70 × .90 = 63. 63 + 70 = 133.

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