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Submitted by s8anicslayer 827d ago | news

"We have graphics envy" about Forza and Ryse, quips Dead Rising 3 producer

Dead Rising 3 became notorious last night after it was revealed that - shock - Capcom Vancouver's latest is one of those dreadful, dreadful 720p resolution Xbox One games, the kind absolutely nobody can bear looking at without first scooping their own eyes out with bits of shattered Kinect sensor. (Dead Rising 3, Forza Motorsport 5, Mike Jones, Ryse: Son of Rome, Xbox One)

dirigiblebill  +   827d ago
The frame rate's the key thing. It's easy to get confused when there are loads of zombies on-screen - the last thing you need at that point is stutter.
s8anicslayer  +   827d ago
I think that's is way the Resolution is at 720p, cause with DR3 and all those zombies on screen at once the game would be virtually unplayable at any resolution higher than that, remember all the early previews stating at how choppy the framerate was and we don't know at what resoluion the game was running at that time but I can bet it was atleast at 900p in earlier builds!
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cleft5  +   827d ago
I think most people understand why this game is running at 720p. There are a ton of zombies on screen and the game is clearly pushing the limit technically being an open world game with a ton of different AI routines running at once. Clearly, from a technical standpoint this is what a lot of people expect from next-gen gaming.

With that said, there is no need to downplay the importance a lot of people put on 1080p60fps with sarcasm, " shock - Capcom Vancouver's latest is one of those dreadful, dreadful 720p resolution Xbox One games, the kind absolutely nobody can bear looking at without first scooping their own eyes out with bits of shattered Kinect sensor."

Just respect that people are a little upset over this issue. If you accept that and move forward than it isn't a huge deal. But if you start doing what folks like Adam Sessler did and tell people that resolution isn't a big deal and basically start being an apologist for a console maker it upsets people a lot more than necessary. Sony recently dropped some unpopular news with the whole DLNA and mp3 issue, people where rightfully upset and Sony is considering that feedback. Because Sony didn't start telling people it isn't a big deal the issue passed a lot smoother for them.

I think Dead Rising 3 will be great and I look forward to watching someone broadcast it, while I play Contrast.
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Cupid_Viper_3  +   827d ago
@ dirgiblebill and s8anicslayer

It's downright amazing the things you guys tell yourselves in order to remain as delusional as possible.

You guys boast that "the power of cloud" allows devs to offload things like AI computations and other taxing stuff to the servers and frees up compute space on the Xbox One. But now all of a sudden, this game is pushing loads of zombies on screen and therefore the resolution and framerate is acceptable.

You guys are going to have to choose which one is true. if 300,000 dedicated servers are helping with the AI, then certainly the number of AI on screen shouldn't mean much, right?

Meanwhile, In reality land, Heavenly Sword, a launch title on for the PS3 is pushing 1000 very animated charaters on screen at once.

Infamous Second Son is 1080P/60fps with fully destructibles environments and tons of other stuff going on.

GTA5 on current gen is doing so much more on screen than this game. But you know what, anything that fights insomnia is a positive in my book, so carry on guys.
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dirigiblebill  +   827d ago

Way to read a bunch of stuff I didn't say into my post.
jetlian  +   827d ago
cupid HS didnt have 1000 very animated characters most were loops in the background waiting for the few you faught to die

in any case DW games NNN had a lot on screen. IFSS isnt even fully destructible and the map is very open and the same size as IF1/2. Which isnt very big.

GTA5 doesn't have a lot going on either. the resolution doesn't matter. it looks way better than last gen dead rising games
UltimateMaster  +   827d ago

I think you'll disagree with yourself if this game, or a game like it plays 1080p 30fps on PS4.

Both Infamous Second Son and Watchdogs plays 1080p on PS4. Infamous Second Son has much smarter enemies than the brain dead DR3 Zombies and runs @ 60fps.
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NeoTribe  +   826d ago
Its at 720 because its on the xbox. Don't blame the zombies for microsofts weak sauce.
Godmars290  +   827d ago
Except that the zombies don't do anything. Are about as much of a threat as regular troops in a Dynasty Warriors title.

It would be better to have a dozen or less zombies who were honest threats, chased and climbed after you and broke down barricades, than hundreds that just mill about until you're an arms reach from them.
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MrCastle  +   827d ago
Maybe you should just play Walking Dead or Resident Evil?
Godmars290  +   827d ago
Or a Dynasty Warriors that lets me use a lightsaber while wearing women's underwear.
Stoppokingme  +   827d ago
"It would be better to have a dozen or less zombies who were honest threats, chased and climbed after you and broke down barricades, than hundreds that just mill about until you're an arms reach from them."

Dead rising honors the original zombie, not the bastardised modern day version that can sprint, climb, or mutate.
Godmars290  +   827d ago
"Normally" zombies aren't threats unless one catches you off guard or in groups of three or more. but Dead Rising has never offered surprise moments, and usually things don't get difficult even when surrounded by fifty or more. There's just never a sense of danger and the developers well know it.
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UltimateMaster  +   827d ago
Hey, don't down grade DW, at least they attack sometimes at higher difficulties.
Dragonborn312  +   827d ago
The important thing is the frame rate. With thousands and thousands of zombies on screen, the game runs smooth and that is what matters. I prefer a game to run with no frame rate issues and look good over a game that runs ok and has some issues and looks great.
Belking  +   827d ago
Forza and Ryse are two of the best looking next gen titles out there.
AJ Hartley  +   827d ago
Are some of, that are on the xbox one. Thats all
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Visiblemarc  +   827d ago
Yeah and it's worth mentioning that Deadrising actually looks fun...Ryse? Not so much.
4Sh0w  +   827d ago
nah AJ Hartley Ryse and Forza5 have been praised by tons of sites for having some the best next gen graphics on consoles. Here's one of them:

"Of all the next gen launch games I've seen its hands down the best looking." -Brian Albert IGN

Visiblemarc Ryse looks fun to me and although some a few sites weren't impressed with the gameplay, some did in fact enjoy it, so how "fun" it is will likely depend on who you ask, for me the vid above and this one tells me its plenty of fun:

yeah I think I'll go with visual proof over an individuals opinion.
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glenn1979  +   827d ago
overtime they will improve, I mean common when the ps3 launch developers have more problems with the cell processor, there making such a big deal about this
AJ Hartley  +   827d ago
Yeh but the cell wasnt limited it was just hard to work with where us the esram being only 32 is slow and limited.
miklo84  +   827d ago
To be fair, most third party XBone games started as 360 games and then where switched over to XBone. Who knows how much time devs really had with the new hardware that up until recently has been getting tweaked for better performance. DR3 is one of those games (link provided). Only time will tell if the esram is truly a bottleneck.
AJ Hartley  +   827d ago
Is that why mark cerny didnt bother with it we know esram can be used and in time it will get better with experience but only 32 cerny considered 1000.
christocolus  +   827d ago
its ok will get there someday but definitly not at launch give us dr3 the way it is and allow us start the zombie killing count.
josephayal  +   827d ago
I'd say that Ryse was one of the best looking games on the entire E3 show floor, sadly, the gameplay is repetitive
AJ Hartley  +   827d ago
Really what about battlefield 4 running on top end pc's.
lifeisgamesok  +   827d ago
I find it funny that dark/demon souls gets a pass but Ryse doesn't
lifeisgamesok  +   827d ago
The game still looks great so no worries

If they make a Dead Rising 4 or for their next game they can increase the texture fidelity and use tiled resources
justSumDood  +   827d ago
I dont understand the complaints. It looks great.

DR, at the time of release was eye candy, it truly looked next-gen.
DR2 and DR:OTR felt like a step back in the graphics dept. Ill admit, I was a little disappointed at first, that is until I started playing it and quickly forgot since I was having such a blast.
DR3 has clearly taken the franchise to the next level and looks better than I ever hoped for.
GamerXGATT  +   827d ago
in before the massive parade of xbox haters claiming its not next gen unless its 1080P/60 fps. I'd like to see EITHER of these console try running a game like Skyrim or Bioshock infinite running at 1080P Max settings 60 FPS.
ma1asiah  +   827d ago
More zombies than any other game previously on screen at the same time

No loading screens

Completely open world

Do we care that this game is not 1080p OR 60 fps

FUDGE No!!!!!

Is this game going to ROCK!!!! -

BattleTorn  +   827d ago
Would I have preferred 60@1080p - of course, I was expecting it.

Will 720p keep me from buying the game - hellllsss no.
solidboss07  +   827d ago
'We have graphics envy'. Yeah, sucking cock is the only thing left for these developers after the embarrassment they have caused.
Espurr   827d ago | Spam
iluvmaPS3  +   826d ago
A Xbone exclusive commenting two Xbone exclusives. I wonder if someone is getting paid to say that. Don't trust anything ign says. They gave cod a 8.8? Paid site.
FanboyKilla  +   826d ago
Only sony fans are complaining about a game theyre not even going to pay. Lol im x1 i like it, all the bs tech aint nun of my buisness. Its fun im in. Shut up hating. Go play knack lmfao. Talk all you want i bet youd trade any of those MS games you so hated on for knack. Lmfao

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