Phil Spencer: Xbox One Will Seem “Relevant Three, Four, Five Years From Now as it Did on Day One”

Microsoft Game Studios honcho Phil Spencer sees the upcoming years as a period of innovation, with great technologies impacting on the gaming market, but he’s not afraid of that, and thinks the Xbox One will stay relevant thanks to its computing power and the ability to connect to the internet.

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stuna11441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

I don't know if anyone will catch the key word in the title? "Seem" relevant in three, four, five years. Meaning not really relevant from day one.

Does anyone understand the difference of "Seem", as oppossed to "Will"!? Nowhere did I state that these were Microsofts words, I merely pointed out a observation! It's not like if this was their true way of thinking, that it would make a difference anyway.

BlueShirt77491441d ago

No that's not really what that means.

shivvy241441d ago

They already have a great amount of exclusives in the works, titanfall, quantum break, ryse, dr3, d4, crimson dragon, halo 5, sunset overdrive, ki, forza 5. Hope they keep it up like this

The Killer1441d ago

am sure xbone is a good friend of the NSA.

best spying tool they can have with kinect! what they couldnt get with phone and pcs, they will get it with kinect.

abzdine1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

for all who missed what happened day One:

how can they say their console was releva,t day one?

thrust1441d ago

Killer you are about 2 months behind the times have you been on holiday with no internet or somthin?

Killjoy30001441d ago

Ryse - Terrible, boring gameplay, looks like a 6-7/10 game
Titanfall - Multiplatform
Dead Rising 3 - Barely next gen, same as the other 2 with more zombies and a dash of Saints Row thrown in.
Sunset Overdrive - SUPER MEH
KI - Shitty Dev, looks average
Forza 5 - 14 tracks, 200 cars, lolz

Quantum Break - looks great, but we know next to nothing.
Halo 5 - Gonne be a great game, as usual.

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PunisherRevenge1441d ago

The X1 will be a great console and with what they did with the 360 there are still great things to come. That's why I'm glad I'm gettin it day ONE.

thehitman1441d ago

Curious what was the last 3 exclusives you bought for xbox. Not trolling just really want to know.

rainhell771441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )


n4rc1441d ago

Or you could have been playing BioShock, GTA v, bf/cod etc etc

Ya know... All the most popular games.. Lol.. People get too wrapped up in exclusives as the only reason that matter to choosing a platform

nukeitall1441d ago


Exactly, as long as I have games to play, I frankly don't care if they are exclusive or not.

If there are enough games to keep me busy, I'm happy especially if I get to enjoy those games and have killer features with snap mode!

Xbox On!
Xbox Play Titanfalls
Xbox Snap Skype!

and I'm set!

thehitman1441d ago

@ n4rc I didnt say anything was wrong w/ those titles. But when you say something is great and that it did great things you expect to have a reason that separates it from something else that has the same thing.

n4rc1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

But when someone says they like Xbox better, it always boils down to exclusives... Because that's Sony's strength..

What if I prefer the ui? Achievements over trophies... The controller.. Kinect.. The online experience etc etc etc...

Exclusives are just games... Wanna know my last Xbox exclusive?

Gears 3... And it sucked.... Lol.. Before that was probably halo reach.

Yet my shelf has more games then I have time to play.. And I prefered to game on my 360 and actually sold my ps3 a couple months ago because I didnt use it anymore... Exclusives can be your main focus.. And that's cool.. But it isn't everyones

kenshiro1001440d ago

n4rc. What's the point of buying a console just for multiplats?

PunisherRevenge1440d ago

@thehitman...the last three exclusives I got are Gears of War: Judgment, State of Decay, and Halo 4. I also just downloaded Alan Wake: American Nightmare and it's pretty good. Anything else?

n4rc1440d ago

Why not?

If exclusives don't interest you, then you aren't going to buy them..

They are just games.. being multiplat or exclusive has absolutely nothing to do with my buying decisions..

You act like exclusives are the only thing worth playing when i feel most are hugely overrated.. On both platforms

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Blaze9291441d ago

lol so now you have a problem with the word "seem"? This Xbox One hate and over-analyizing just gets better each day. Hollywood couldn't come up with this stuff i tell ya!

Seem: "give the impression or sensation of being something or having a particular quality."

stuna11441d ago

Hate you say? No! It's called seeing the "Forest despite the trees"! Any hate Microsoft has received is hate they've heaped upon themselves! You choosing to believe otherwise is your prerogative, but it more than plain to see them (Microsoft) tooting their own horn doesn't negate the fact that they are pretty much the only one doing so.

Anon19741441d ago

Xbox One will seem as relevant 4-5 years down the road as it does today? But does it really seem that relevant today?

Ooohhhhh.... I gettcha. :)

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user74029311441d ago

well day one your multiplats are 720p. if 5 years will be relevant like day 1 you fed up.

thrust1441d ago

In 5 years xbox live will be even better all them dedicated servers.

exciting times for xbox live users.

true next gen online gaming.

Seafort1441d ago

What the hell do u think Gaikai is? A LAN party?

Sony is also prepared for online gaming too not just MS.

Most of PS3 online games had dedicated servers anyway. It's nothing special and if you have to mention it like it is then MS are in more trouble than I thought.

thrust1441d ago

You believe that if it makes you feel better, am going where I know it's good and only going to get better :)

Next gen online gaming no slap dash add on to try and keep up!

GarrusVakarian1441d ago

I should hope so too, i don't want to spend £430 on something that isn't going to be relevant a few years after i buy it.

DeadRabbits1441d ago

Worries me that he needs to convince people that the xbone will be relevant after 3 years!

DoctorJones1441d ago

@DeadRabbits remind me of someone else that was on here, who closed his account. Gaelic_laoch I presume?

DeadRabbits1441d ago


We are legion for we are many!

christocolus1441d ago

yeah..just keep the great aa games coming in ,keep xbx live unique and running, get amazing kinect games and make sure halo5 blows our minds....

nategrigs1441d ago

I think a few AAA games in addition to their AA's would help

christocolus1441d ago

dont worry about has that covered this time .

GryestOfBluSkies1441d ago

he should probably aim for making it more relevant... especially in the context of the living room, which is their ultimate goal

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