Activision blames Xbox One, PS4, Disney, and Pokémon — for Skylanders’ dipping sales

Skylanders isn’t performing as well as it did last year, and Activision is pointing fingers at Disney, Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony.

Publisher Activision launched Skylanders: Swap Force in October. It’s the third release in the franchise that combines digital games with real toys (which players mostly have to purchase separately). The series is still the No.1 franchise for kids, according to Activision, but it’s down compared to 2012′s Skylanders Giants.

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xHeavYx1500d ago

I'm surprised they didn't blame Obama... /s
There is a reason why this game is performing the way it's doing, deal with it Activision

abzdine1500d ago

this game brings nothing. you don't even need the split figures to finish the game you can just use the old ones.
this game is good for kids and parents to have some good time, nothing else.

DestinyHeroDoomlord1500d ago

Disney is copying skylanders...

Fil1011500d ago

I brought Disney infinity on ps3 for my 3 girls and they love it and I think it's simply because they can relate to everything in the infinity universe where as there is nothing they recognise in skylanders.

Activision probably knew this was coming if you stuck a 10 year old child in front of a skylander set and a Disney infinity set I'd put money on the infinity set.

badz1491500d ago

oh...don't forget to blame those poor Afrikan countries for not buying it either while you're at it, Activision!

Mr-Dude1500d ago

Milking much... People are fed up with the same repeating stuff

Stick891500d ago

Because it certainly wasn't the milking that is killing yet another IP under Activision.

MegaRay1500d ago

Haha I rather play Disney infinite than skylander tbh

badz1491500d ago

both are as guilty for trying to introduce a new level of milking!

MegaRay1500d ago

Yet infinite is better for the fact that they took their time unlike skylander wich coming every year

WeAreLegion1500d ago

Disney Infinity is really fun. Same dev team that did Toy Story 3. Also awesome. ;)

310dodo1500d ago

I work at Gamestop
Skylanders is still the most asked for stuff at the store.
So many parents come in looking for certain figures.

but I am sure purchasing toys for a game every week sucks.

Regis1500d ago

I'm guilty as I try not to buy a game every week.

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The story is too old to be commented.