First impressions: 'Call of Duty: Ghosts' multiplayer | USAToday

The thrill is gone.

It's astonishing to consider this notion when playing a game where explosions rip through environments and bullets zip by at a blistering pace. But that's what happens when pushing a franchise to video game players on an annual basis.

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4lc4pon31415d ago

I thought this after mw2. When will the world ever learn. Cod tho it sells a ton is beat

Galletto31415d ago

Its strange. It is fun, but it doesnt have that same rush as previous iterations.

It is not that its bad; far from it. The guns sound and feel amazing, and customization in all aspects of your load out is a welcome change from previous games. You kind of have to think a little when running around. The maps are really well made, but the spawn system needs some work.

Its just feels toned down from the hectic pace of BO2 or even MW2/3. Like a shadow of its former self, like a....phantom or something...

caperjim1415d ago

I think the game is good too and will devote many hours playing it. With that said I think the game wasn't given much polish as the other CODs. It seems like it was rushed.


Maps are too big for only 12 players and way too many campers

imahustla191415d ago

this wasn't even an impression piece its just a description of the multiplayer.