Microsoft: Xbox One Will Start Ahead and Stay Ahead

In that strangely childlike way that marketing people sometimes fall into when they sniff a bonus from the management, Craig began by bigging up his product over the PS4 with, "It's the most hardware we've ever produced. It's the most we've ever pre-sold. We're preselling a little over 2-to-1 from what we did with Xbox 360. The momentum on launch has been really good", before he went full-on.

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GribbleGrunger1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

This is what he actually said:

"Xbox One is going to start ahead, in terms of the experience we can deliver,"

The headline is wrong here, and so is MS for that matter.

Mikelarry1630d ago

good one, i must admit i have fallen prey to one of these click bait articles and gaming journalist twisting out what was originally said to generate clicks for their site its a damn shame that they have to go this route

raWfodog1630d ago

But he also goes on to say...

"And because we're built for the future, we're going to stay ahead." the headline was right. It was just simply paraphrasing what was actually said.

GribbleGrunger1630d ago

He's still talking in terms of 'experience'. It's very telling that he isn't actually talking about hardware sales, especially when you consider all through this gen MS having been using American numbers to convince people they're still ahead in WW sales.

CYCLEGAMER1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )


Yeah its a shame that "journalist" have to do this.

I have a question for you, and don't take this the wrong way, it's a genuine question.

How is MS wrong in their statement? I know that an experience can be subjective, but what do you think that the PS4 offers that makes it a better experience than the xb1, to us as core gamers AND your average individual?

cell9891630d ago

For the core: amazing first party exclusives that will benefit from the full power of the PS4. Speaking of, it's more powerful therefor can achieve more. Almost All multiplats so far are superior on PS4. Less fees to pay to enjoy what you already pay for. PS3 has been enjoying dedicated servers for a long time, I don't see why the PS4 won't, specially now that they will charge for online play. You can share all your digital content with any 2 ps4s and remote play is very enticing for the hardcore gamer.

For the non hardcore: $100 less than the competition, Jimmy's mom will certainly see that as an advantage. Less hurdles to enjoy the device for multimedia purposes, plug and play netflix available, none of that "subscribe with xbox live to enjoy all aspects of xbox network". Even brand recognition comes into play, PS3 was able to catch up to xbox even with a year late start and a more expensive price. Camera with voice recognition? PS4 has that too.

GribbleGrunger1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

My main issue is with the headline misrepresenting what MS said, but I agree with your statement that everything is subjective. At the moment I see fans and the press taking it for granted that the X1 has the 'overall' better package (be it weaker for gaming) but I think that's a misconception born out of both company's initial marketing.

As we move forward people will begin to realise that Sony offer just as much in terms of none gaming 'experiences'. The only differentiating factor will be how well each company deliver that experience.

I think MS have made a mistake counting on cable box connectivity when the world is slowly moving towards Internet TV. It was a strategy created entirely for the American market and relied a lot on policies that MS have now had to drop.

I wouldn't be so quick to consider the Kinect 2 the deciding factor either. Sony have been very careful in avoiding any meaningful dialogue concerning the PS Camera. I think we've got some eye opening news ahead for Sony's camera, which will surprise a lot of people, and no doubt draw comments of 'copy cat' from those people who still wish to forget Sony's console camera legacy.

CYCLEGAMER1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )


Almost none of what you said has to do with the overall experience an individual will have while using these systems in thier homes.

Examples of what I think the xb1 brings to the table are its snap features/extreme multitasking, the ability to switch inputs and change tv channels withouth a remote, notifications when your game is ready, snappy UI, rumble feed back in the triggers, dedicated servers for all games, the IR blaster which enables you to your entire home theatre to be connected to it and controlled with your voice (xbox on/off), it's robust variety in next gen exclusives, the convienience of a code scanner, the intergration of your games tv shows (think Ryse and it's small tv show) etc....IMO these are things that make the xb1 an overall better EXPERIENCE.

We know these systems play video games, but what else am I getting for my hard earned cash?

ExDexteraDomini1630d ago

In terms of the experience they can offer, yeah. I certainly think the X1 offers up a newer and more immersive experience than the PS4, seeing as the PS4 doesn't really throw anything new into the mix and just refines the same old ways of doing things, and if that's what you wanted and that't the way you like it, it's perfectly fine.

xHeavYx1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Care to explain what the "newer" experiences are? I don't see anything that hasn't been done before.

So, the fact that the console comes with Kinect is what you consider a "newer experience"? Wow
Voice and gesture controls are not something new, maybe you read my question wrong? I didn't ask for something that has been done many times in the past

beepbopadoobop1630d ago

Now you can watch TV on your TV while being watched! What more could you ask for =P

Septic1630d ago

The Kinect integration is something that hasn't been done. It comes with the console and is doing a myriad of different things. The whole emphasis on voice/gesture controls, right out of the box will be very interesting.

I wouldn't say its more 'immersive' but its certainly going further than the PS4, which whilst technically impressive, has a more conservative approach. I'm not saying the latter is a bad thing by the way.

But to be honest, it really differentiates the X1 from the PS4. Its doing something different and that's good. Will it pull it off though? That's the magic question.

Volkama1630d ago

In emphasising Kinect and their cloud I think it's fair to say MS have been more bold than Sony, but of course whether that's good or bad can be a matter of opinion.

I don't think the launch games are a great demonstration of those features, but then I don't think the PS4 launch games are a great demonstration of anything either...

Contrary to emotional responses here, both consoles have time so maybe we can discuss the merits of each approach in a couple of years.

ExDexteraDomini1630d ago

Saying, "Voice and gesture controls are not something new", really shows you're missing the difference in what is going on and what's been done before. If every dev knows that Kinect will be featured w/the console, the likelihood that they'll integrate it into their games is much higher. Even if you ignore this (important) factor, you've still got Kinect 2.0's increased ability in motion tracking and voice recognition.

Although DICE didn't do a whole lot in kinect integration with BF4 on the X1, they still did do something, and the fact that they even tried at all means to me that many 3rd party devs will even take advantage of the sensor. I would recommend looking further than just motion detection seeing as the sensor can do so much more. I've got a feeling devs can come up with some pretty creative ways to use the new functions in their games in the future.

I like the PS4, don't get me wrong, it's just not the experience I'm looking for.

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mcstorm1630d ago

I agree with you ExDexteraDomini for me the xbox one delvers more out of the box than the PS4 at the moment.

I remember someone posting on here asking the question apart from recording what dose the PS4 offer software side that the PS3 dose not and no one could come back with an answer. Im not saying the PS4 is a bad console ect as it looks like it will have some great games but it dose not offer anything more than the 3 at the moment so it is just a upgrade to the PS3 again not a bad thing but that is what it is where the One offers a lot more than the 360 offered out of the box.

For me I am not buying the console on power or software I pre order the one before the PS4 because I wanted Forza and KI more than any game on the PS4 at this moment in time but for me the back end the WiiU has me more excited for the games it has than the One and PS4.

People should just buy the console they want for the games or fetchers they want than what people on here say they should get.

Volkama1630d ago

Remote play. Remote play and sharing seem to be the "new" for Sony, and an online experience more akin to what the 360 provided.

I agree that the One offers better features, but I wouldn't downplay "better visuals" as insignificant, the PS4 is well worth the upgrade for Sony fans.

mcstorm1630d ago

Volkama Remote play was on the PS3 so its not new but I agree the PS4 is worth the upgrade but I feel sony have played it safe with the PS4 because of the issues they had with the PS3 at the start which is not a bad thing. Like ive said before people should buy the console they want as all 3 new consoles offer something different and have must own games.

Sevir1630d ago

Mmm, there are voice and gesture based navigations available on the PS4, and at it's bare minimum probably functions better than the original Kinect, however, the Kinect 2 boast stronger specs, but voice navigation is present out of the box with the PS4 and you don't need a camera to do it...

The Voice navigation was present on the Xbox 360 and it wasn't anything revolutionary... It's more or less an upgrade here on the One.

GoodnessGreatness1630d ago

are you high or something? There's no such thing as new experience on the Xbox One. It's a slightly powerful 360, with TV functionality. Oh wow so new

Trekster_Gamer1630d ago

You troll.. If you would remove those Sony colored glasses you could tell the xb1 brings much more and so very much more than the dribble you spew forth.

Sony trolls like you must be very scared to come to every Xbox One forum and spread your lies about Xbox One.

The Xbox One caters to all
Hard core gamers, casual gamers and people that aren't really gamers that might want a new and exciting media experience in the living room but mainly gamers!

The PS4 is a PS3 2.0

Trolls...Sonybots disagree and reply below

pete0071630d ago

first, id be ashamed having such tag , psvita. only two were sold, yours and hirai´s.
second, xbox one, as product of microsoft will no doubt have much more features than playstation, the problem is that everything is payed here, so go get the poor box- we get the rich box, it has allways been like that, even when sony released a 600 dollar box they never turned the tables, they continued to be the poor man console, primitive xmb, primitive online gaming.
so much noise when ps2 fans cried out "who needs online gaming anyway???"

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MasterCornholio1630d ago

But isn't the PS4 launching before the Xbox One?

I don't understand him.

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AJ Hartley1630d ago

:( gotta wait till 29th shall be worth it though.

MasterCornholio1630d ago


I live in Europe as well but its still true that the PS4 is coming out before the Xbox One.

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