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Virtual reality on PS4 and Xbox One – the real next-gen?

Mounting evidence suggests that Sony and Microsoft will each launch firstparty peripherals for PS4 and Xbox One with virtual reality capabilities. (castAR, Oculus Rift, PC, PS4, Steam Box, Xbox One)

Lukas_Japonicus  +   266d ago
I really, REALLY hope this takes off next gen. The thought of playing the next Elder Scrolls or Fallout with VR headsets makes me moist. Talk about immersion.

The price has to be right though obviously, i have a feeling they will be way too expensive at first.
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mohuzas  +   265d ago
yeah, I'd like to see Metroid Prime 4 with VR headset support, god.
AgentSmithPS4  +   265d ago
I am virtually excited for a VR headset but I won't be really excited until Sony shows me the real deal with a good price, unlike their really expensive 'tv' headsets. I think they learned their lesson though since the PS4 was priced so well.

It would help sell a lot more games too, mirror's edge 2, witcher 3, the evil within, BF4, etc.

Motion sickness/Simulator sickness might be a problem for some people but that should go away once they get their 'sea legs', and Mythbusters proved that a GINGER pill prevents it. "Both Adam and Grant made it through their spin-chair sessions without feeling ill."

When I first played Half-Life 2 I started feeling sick and then I felt so bad I actually had to quit :|. I got over that quickly but I learned that if I stop playing FPS games for a few weeks I'll temporarily feel awful when I start playing them again (I bought ginger for the PS4 release :P).
Bio_Mod  +   266d ago
Agreed, the first iterations this gen will cost shit loads but the possibilities when it is done(done well) it will be awesome.
stavrami  +   265d ago
not to sure what to make of this , i mean it would be awesome to have a go and see them working perfectly ,BUT i must admit even playing with my 3D glasses on becomes a chore still good to see new possibilities though
MCTJim  +   265d ago
Oh no...I hope not...peripherals that are bought as addons generally do not sell well at all.
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givemeshelter  +   265d ago
EXVirtual  +   265d ago
I'd buy one-after a year or 2, just to wait for a price drop, even a little one. If and most likely when VR headsets come out, they'll be quite expensive, but I'd be willing to buy one if the price is right. I'd still be using the 1080p TV more often though, it just feels natural to me.

The Division would be great to play through with that *day dreams*
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PoSTedUP  +   265d ago
depends on how much itll put me in the game. let me hold a sword and shield or a bow with the move controllers with a 720-1080p OLED display and ill pay $400-500, maybe even six.
creeping judas  +   265d ago
I like the idea of the VR headsets. But what would we be using for controls? Still a joystick, keyboard and mouse. I think it would be hard to use either with a VR headset?
MysticStrummer  +   265d ago
Keyboard and mouse would be tougher to use with a VR headset, but a console controller would work great.
mr.selfdestruct  +   265d ago
Move, the pseye, and VR headset. That's a match made in heaven!!!
kalkano  +   265d ago
Add in the Omni. Full immersion!
Iltapalanyymi  +   265d ago
Im gonna get one of those sony VR headsets.
UNCarolinaBlue  +   265d ago
Nausea city here we come!

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