Turn 10 Boss Explains Nürburgring Absence from Forza 5

IGN: Fewer cars and tracks for Xbox One launch title unavoidable, says creative director.

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Dragonborn3121661d ago

I really like Dan Greenwalt. From all the interviews I have watched, he seems to be extremely passionate about cars and video games. I like that he really cares about the level of detail for each car and track, and that him and his team at Turn 10 were not going to include cars and tracks that did not meet a certain level of detail. I am super excited for this game. November 22nd cannot come soon enough!

sigfredod1661d ago

Dan Greenawalt: It's been a successful program for us, having the paid DLC. Those that don't want it don't have to get it, and those that want it can buy it.
That say it all, the cocky statement make me sick

Yi-Long1661d ago

The DLC is the reason why I stopped buying the Forza games completely, unless they release 'complete editions' ...

... which sadly hasn't happened yet for Forza 4 and Horizon.

About Forza 5: I'm more interested about why the gorgeous Japanese mountain track is missing. LOVED THAT.

Dragonborn3121661d ago

I am disappointing at the lack of the Nurburgring, but I can live without it.

Gamer6661661d ago

Why is that cocky? They just said it is a successful model?

A lot of the car companies and tracks want royalties to put their stuff into games like Forza...

Paid DLC allows everyone to win... MS gets profit for the DLC they release, the tracks and car companies get profit, and the gamers can get all the stuff they want by picking and choosing their favorites... Why should MS have to take a financial loss to release a game they can't make money at?

GrizzliS19871661d ago

a "simulator" without green hell is like a NBA2k14 without a basketball.
Every single race car ever made is tested on the Nurburgring. Lack of detail PR? lol wow

this PR talk aimed at xbots.

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mcstorm1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

I agree. I like how they want to have the game at the same quality all the way through and from the videos ive seen of Forza 5 it looks stunning and this along with KI was the reason I pre ordered a xbox one. Bring on the 22nd of November only 2 weeks and a day ish.

A lot of people seem to be going on about DLC but I don't recall Forza having tracks in DLC or 4 didn't.

Killjoy30001661d ago

Killer Instinct looks like every other fighting game, except a shitty developer is behind it. Moving on.

mcstorm1661d ago

@Killjoy3000 that's just like saying KZ looks like every other FPS game, Or GT looks like every other racing game. If you don't like it fine but let other people who are interested in a game be interested in it as it really should not bother you.

Dragonborn3121661d ago

How do you know that he is a total arse? What has he said or done that makes you think that?

DRambo1659d ago

Are kidding? The man spouts nothing but BS. Typical MS.


greatest track in the world, know it like the back of my hand. itll always be around though. oh well

GarrusVakarian1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

I know it like the back of my hand too, the amount of times i raced on that track on PGR4 is unreal. Maybe not the best version of the track in a racing game but i still know all 147 turns off by heart.

Shame it isn't in Forza 5, it should have been a priority. I have a feeling its going to be paid DLC, they seem to love that way of doings things. Shame.

TruthInsider 1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

They seem to be extremely interested in DLC money is what they are!
Only 200 cars and 14 tracks but day 1 DLC and every month thereafter.
No NURBURGRING is unforgiveable and will have certainly been cut to be sold as DLC i guarantee it!

Held back content much? Typical MS!

gamegenieny1661d ago

I've said similar things with dlc milking. My biggest issue is my wheel not working on it (CSR Elite). I'll just play GT6....

Playstationologist1661d ago

Considering they're running 1080/60, it's obvious why the track isn't there. There's no way they could make an attractive looking nur at that resolution/framerate on xbone. No. Way.

Naga1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

I'm really bummed about this, and I really hope they provide an updated, fully-realized version in later DLC. Goodness... I've been in love with this track since the days of PGR2.

Wait a minute...

They bring on the rest of the Top Gear crew for Forza 5, and the Nurburgring mysteriously disappears.

... James May. You bastard.

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