Killzone: Shadow Fall Played in Remote Play on the PS Vita Shows Almost no Lag

Want to know how a rather hefty game like Killzone: Shadow Fall performs on the PS Vita via remoite play? Here’s a small clip showing exactly that.

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majiebeast1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

I think he should upscale the video to 1080P. Loving how its a second screen aswell.

Abriael1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

Eh, showing the shiny graphics ain't really the purpose of the video, I'd say :D

majiebeast1439d ago

It aint fun without a 1080P joke.

Abriael1439d ago

Ah, that flew right over my head lol.

Septic1439d ago

That is impressive. The VITA is a beast

Abriael1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

@Septic: well, in this case the Vita does almost nothing :D It's just displaying a stream. The real beast is the video capture/streaming chip on the PS4.

Sevir1439d ago

Abriael, the real beast is the Streaming technology powering it... Gaikai! I seriously can't wait for the PS4

DoomeDx1439d ago

^ What!?

Streaming a video over your own LAN network has nothing to do with Gaikai

majiebeast1439d ago


They are utilizing tech that Gaikai developed.

shivvy241439d ago

to the Australians here, Ps vita + killzone merc bundle for $188 at big w this Saturday only (9/11/13)

abzdine1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

@Abriael: he's like me thinking about the idea of owning a Vita and make them communicate the way they did. Da Powaah of GAIKAI i will even say!!
i don't think streaming would have been possible on a 3DS for example if PS4 does it all. The screen and performance of Vita are also playing a good role in it.

Anyway!! i'm gonna make all kinds of gains in the toilet with Vita when PS4 comes out :D ... ALL KIIINDZ!!

inveni01439d ago

I'll be getting a Vita next year specifically to take advantage of this feature (and all of the free Vita games I've gotten with PS+ over the last couple of years).

mewhy321439d ago

wow. the capabilities of the ps4 are just astounding. So glad that I preordered my PS4, extra DS4, and ShadowFall. I already have the DS4 and Shadowfall. Now just waiting on delivery of the might PS4.

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Thegamer411439d ago

"Almost" no lag? I see no lag at all.

Abriael1439d ago

If you pause it frame by frame you can see at times it's one frame late. Which is still extremely impressive.

Baylex1439d ago

I'm seeing Vitas flying off the shelves :P

Visiblemarc1439d ago

Just sit further away from your screen. ;)

clouds51439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

Yeah so with the wii u everybody think it Sucks but now with Sony it's the best thing ever...
It's a great feature, playing like this since a year. But I can't imagine it being anywhere near as good with those small sticks... If you want true 2nd screen gaming get the system that was made for it. Imho.

badz1491439d ago

yeah, since the Wii U came out earlier than Remote Play itself, right? oh...wait!

can I, you know, go some place else, like a relatives' or friends' houses and use the Wii U tablet to resume my games?'s limited to a certain range only? not wifi enabled? so shut up!

patsrule3161439d ago

@badz who said "can I, you know, go some place else, like a relatives' or friends' houses and use the Wii U tablet to resume my games?'s limited to a certain range only? not wifi enabled? so shut up! "

You don't know how well it will work over wifi yet. I am not getting my hopes up. In the PS4 FAQ itself, they HIGHLY recommend you use remote play over your home network. Although it can function over wifi, I would definitely expect some lag, which can possibly render games unplayable. I am open to the idea of being pleasantly surprised, but I am only counting on remote play to work well in my home.

GirlOnFire1439d ago

In that case Wii U is not the choice. It barely supports off screen play. While the PS4 everything is playable on Vita via remote play all but camera using games. I had Wii U and I couldn't play all my games like you said it was created specifically for. ^~^ Just saying.

clouds51439d ago

@ quite: what? You couldn't do off screen gameplay with wii u? Then you got a different system than I. Almost every game is perfectly playable off screen.

I'm away at a different university this semester. Just brought my wii u and gamepad and I'm able to play all my games. Nothing else required. No wifi no TV no nothing. So how was the crazy expensive ps4 vita combo better again?

Mr_Writer851439d ago


'If you want true 2nd screen gaming get the system that was made for it. Imho.'

The only that only 48 out of 216 games use it?

You do know the PS4 does all the grunt work?

Also the PSP's remote play with PS3 say hi :)

clouds51439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

@Mr_Writer85: Again, what games are you talking about? Every game I own on the Wii U (And I own most of them) use the 2nd screen in one way or the other.

Granted with some it's just basic stuff such as inventory and map management or additional buttons, but with others it's used for specific gameplay mechanics like scanning in ZombiU or ... don't even know how to describe it, you need to play it :) Wonderful 101.
And all of them support full off screen gameplay. ->you don't even need a TV.

I know PS4 does the work (whatever you mean by that? :) ) but from what I've seen so far it just mirrors the screen via wifi streaming to the vita screen and maps the controls to the vita buttons (I can do the same thing using my PC and android tablet/phone+BT controller with a remote desktop app or the nVidia Shield).

With the Wii U you can do full 2 player Coop/Multiplayer (online too!) in CoD, where every player has his own screen and controls (one on the TV with classic controller or wii mote and one with the gamepad). CoD Zombie was never so much fun ;)

Oh and the WiiU does all the grunt work in that situation. Rendering the game for both screens.

What I'm trying to say: The WiiU was _designed_ from the ground up for these features and it works flawlessly no matter how good your wifi is or where you are. Remote play on the Vita is a nice feature but it doesn't compare to what you're able to do with the WiiU (based on what I've seen from it SO FAR).

And as always, that is just my opinion. If you own a PS4 and Vita great, it's nice to have the option! But I wouldn't spend 600 bucks just to get that, when the WiiU costs half as much and does a better job at it.

GirlOnFire1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

I'm not trying to be rude and neither am I disagreeing you. I'm just saying ZombiU, Nintendoland, Super Mario U, and my Wii games couldn't go off screen play. Now with the update I know Wii games are playable. With Vita you can take it with you at a friends house and play over WiFi without PS4 present. I love Wii U no doubt I'm not trying to be smart with you. I'm not here for that. I try not to be fangirl of anything. ^~^ Hope you understand. Just to add PS4 doesn't require WiFi for remote play. I am talking about pulling the full game off the tv and play btw. Off screen play/remote play is different from second screen. Happy Gaming to you! ^~^

lazyboyblue1439d ago

Those small sticks do a much better job than those horrid wiiu sticks.

kingPoS1439d ago

Remote play is great in that two different platforms can stand alone AND work in conjunction.

The WiiU pad in it's current form works only with the WiiU.

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Themba761439d ago

me too man I feel your pain.

Angels37851439d ago

Buy of craigslist

Just bought a vita with 3 games a case and 16gb card for $150 its worth it!!

ipach1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

be sure to get a new one if you can. vita's are pretty reliable, but i got one second hand and had to get it serviced almost immediately with all sorts of crashing and failage. sony support is really helpful, but being in warranty makes it that much better and free... though of course, i suppose for the right price, a used one is ok, also. but keep in mind, most repairs cost around $130...

Xsilver1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

KZSF running on Vita :D

CaptCalvin1439d ago

Technically it isn't running on Vita.

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JimmyLmao1439d ago

impressive little device!!

xReDeMpTiOnx1439d ago

Portable big boy hig killing gotta love it

Mr_Writer851439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

PS Vita Remote Play with PS4 >>>>>>>&g t;>> Wii U off TV play.

x2geex1439d ago

Killzone 40? The Vita is way too small and fragile to do any real gaming on. The gamepad is miles ahead!

Abriael1439d ago

Oooof course mate. Keep telling yourself that if it helps you sleep at night :D

Thegamer411439d ago

Maybe for fps games but there are other genres out there that are perfect on the vita such as fighting and platform games (im sure there are more).

clouds51439d ago

I absolutely agree with you. Can't compare to wii u gamepad... But the fanboyism is strong on n4g...

Mr_Writer851439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )


Good luck taking the gamepad out on a bus to play a game....

Infact good luck trying to play a game on the off TV feature, how many games actually use it?

badz1491439d ago

what? that single point touch screen and needing a charge every 2 hours thing? sure....whatever floats your boat!

on, if you haven't play KZ Mercenary, you don't know what portable FPS is!

tontontam01439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )


take that!!! not on the bus though.

Mr_Writer851439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )


Hahaha that's quite funny. Have a bubble :)

Now can you play games without the WiiU console?


Protagonist1439d ago


"The Vita is way too small and fragile to do any real gaming on."

Congratulations on making one of the most stupid comments on N4G.

GirlOnFire1439d ago

Were on the same team... :( No more war. Wii U is fine on its own. PS4/Vita is fine too. Peace yet?

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OMNlPOTENT1439d ago

I think they'll both be great but since you wanted to start a flame war here are some positive and negatives.
-remote play positives-
better resolution
more powerful
better screen (the vita's oled screen is sexy)
costs twice as much as the Wii U
less practical uses (probably won't be used as anything but a second screen)
using rear touch pad for l2/r2 isn't nearly as comfortable as a button.
So they even out to equals. Stop having your puny war and enjoy both.

Mr_Writer851439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

@ Omnipotent

'costs twice as much as the Wii U '


PS Vita £150 (wi-fi only)

WiiU £275(basic)

'less practical uses (probably won't be used as anything but a second screen)'

It has its own games? It can be taken any where and doesnt need the PS4 to work...

Yes a balanced and well thought out post that is not.

You forget that remote play is a FEATURE, you dont need a Vita to play a PS4, or a PS4 to play a Vita, but if you do there is a feature that uses both.

And its put to much better use then the gamepad, which less than 1/4 off the WiiU's games use the feature.

You also forgot better range, and in theroy you could use remote play over a different network whilst the PS4 is still at home*

*although the preformance will probably drop alot.

clouds51439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

... priceless :D

So what you're telling me: All you need to REMOTE play PS4 games on your vita is a 150£ vita? You don't need the 350£ ps4 for that? Do the math.

Wii U costs 250£ for the 32gb after pricecut and it comes with a game. It's half the price and you get a game.

And that only 1/4 of wii u games use the 2nd screen is just a LIE. Plz...

And I'm talking strictly about the Vita being used as a 2nd screen for remote play. I know the Vita is a portable console and it's hard to compare to the wii u which is a home console. But this discussion is about remote play and not about mobile gaming.

OMNlPOTENT1439d ago

@mr_writer85 I'm speaking only on the remote play feature not the damn console war lol. For remote play the ps4+vita costs TWICE as much as the Wii U does. For the remote play to WORK you need to put TWICE as much money into it. I'm not claiming Wii U is the better system I was only claiming that the remote play feature costs twice as much to use as the Wii U does. Second screen is a practical use but it doesn't have /as many/ uses as the Wii U gamepad does. For example for Wind Waker the Wii U the inventory and map screens are so much easier to access on the flow without having to pause. I'm not saying that it's better than having a second screen to play on. I'm saying that it has more uses than the Vita will have WITH remote play. I didn't know about the the being able to use remote play while the ps4 was at home feature though, that's cool :D hopefully the performance doesn't drop too much because that would be incredibly useful.

Edsword1439d ago

This is one of the features I am most excited about.