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Launch games are often an exercise in compromise of balancing greater technical possibilities with lesser development expertise. But with Forza Motorsport 5, developer Turn 10 wants to give our tempered expectations a big middle finger by delivering a launch game that actually lives up to the promise of the next generation.

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Lou-Cipher1655d ago

When you cut your car roster in half. That is a huge compromise.

Bad is not Good, and Good is not Bad.

Killjoy30001655d ago

He'll get over it, and you'll "deal with it."


I don't really see what there is to deal with or get over... unless you actually let yourself get hyped for this game that is..

4Sh0w1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Less cars sure, but they were referring to how detailed all the cars are and whats going on under the hood to put the best presentation on screen, in that regard Forza5 is the best next gen racer at launch:

"Said plainly, Forza 5 looks astounding. Cars are rendered--inside and out--to an impossibly high level of detail, and with 16 cars to a race, you have more going on onscreen than in any previous Forza game. It's the most technically competent game in the series by a longshot." -GamesRadar

hmmm so people who haven't played it and usually hate on everything xbox related are not surprisingly negative about Forza5, while people who have played it/media rave about how good it is, but that's not surprising same happened with Forza4 on n4g, while the press and plenty of racing game fans like me loved it.

moparful991655d ago

Don't forget only 14 tracks, no day/night cycles, and no weather.. "No compromises" is not a term Forza 5 deserves...

xHeavYx1655d ago

Static environments, no AA, no Nürburgring. It looks to me that they are compromising a lot to be a launch title

3-4-51655d ago

Not sure they understand the definition of the word.

vividi1655d ago

Well, they said want, not that it is

Boody-Bandit1655d ago


No Nurburgring? I didn't know that. That is by far my FAVORITE track. This game has officially become a joke now.

Less cars, less tracks, no Nurburgring, limited wheel support, no triple panel support, no backwards compatibility with existing FFB wheels = money saved for this Forza freak.

This isn't a sequel. This should be called Forza Prologue.

Utalkin2me1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )


Of course you had to slide in with the humorous Nurburg comment.

"Don't forget only 14 tracks, no day/night cycles, and no weather.. "No compromises" "

Cause you couldn't reply to that^

Boody-Bandit1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )


I'm not following you? I was uber busy and was multitasking like a mad men when I snuck my comment in earlier. What do you mean?

I am a big Forza fan and I want all the things you and moparful99 mentioned but I was really shocked to hear my favorite track didn't make the cut.

I don't understand why Turn 10 always takes tracks away from their existing roster to add new areas. They should be expanding their rosters and tweaking existing tracks.

Either way this iteration is a huge disappointment. I will gladly wait for Forza 6 to see if Turn 10 ups their game. If not I guess I will have to find another racer to fill the void.

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pompombrum1655d ago

That was always going to happen for a next gen title to be fair, the GT series suffered from this too in the past hence why the latest installment is still current gen instead of rushed to next gen.

tuglu_pati1655d ago

I have to agree with Lou-Cipher and moparful99 on this one. The game look good though.

KonsoruMasuta1655d ago

Let's make some comparisons here.

Gran Turismo 2 had over 600 cars and 20 tracks, which is way more than Forza has.

Gran Turismo 4 had over 700 cars and over 50 tracks, which is more than Forza has.

Gran Turismo 5 had over a thousand cars and over 70 tracks, which is way more than Forza has.

Gran Turismo 6 also has Forza beat by a milestone.

Forza 5 has only 200 cars and 14 tracks.

Utalkin2me1655d ago

Yeah the 14 tracks is kind of petty if you ask me. If they did add weather effects and day/night cycles. It would at least seem like there was more tracks.

spicelicka1655d ago

But if i was to tell you it's a better racer and a better game why would it matter how many cars GT has.

KonsoruMasuta1655d ago

Spicelicka, you would be wrong if you said that. GT not only has more cars and tracks, it's also the better racer.

Applejack1655d ago


Then you would be telling him your opinion while he would be stating facts of every game that he's mentioning.

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stuna11655d ago

All this is, is Microsoft's marketing blitz going into overdrive! They realize they have a lot of ground to cover, with little time to do so! Of course those who are willing to take the bullet, don't see this as such. They'll continue to deny the truth after all the NDA's have expired, after the Xbox1 has been dis-assembled, and the truth uncovered, all promises have been broken, yet they'll still be somewhere claiming Microsofts and the Xbox1 superiority.

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WeAreLegion1655d ago

I think we'll have to wait until Quantum Break to see the first no-compromise XBO game.

SoapShoes1655d ago

It's a nice stop gap till Project Cars. Will have to wait till Forza 6 till a full Forza game that is no compromise. They should have modeled their cars with nextgen in mind like Polyphony did with their premium cars.

DCfan1655d ago

If i wanted a true next gen sim experience, id go for GT6 in a flash

joebeta1655d ago

Has there been any news about custom artwork on cars, and its support for that side of the Forza community? Is that gone?

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