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Submitted by s8anicslayer 752d ago | opinion piece

Why do we need new consoles?

When developer Naughty Dog released The Last of Us earlier this year, there was no shortage of people whose jaws dropped at the sight of the quality of its graphics. (Culture, Dead Rising, Dead Rising 3, PS3, PS4, The Last Of Us, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Zichu  +   752d ago
The Last of Us was a great game and did look amazing, but I'm pretty sure it had frame rate issues in some areas. Again, I can't remember if I had them, but I remember hearing other people had them.

This is why we need new consoles, even though the current consoles can achieve amazing graphics, it still struggles at displaying them at a steady frame rate.

I'm looking forward to the new consoles, being able to see amazing graphics, physics, AI and a steady frame rate.
FamilyGuy  +   752d ago
I think the new console are more than just upgraded graphics, which seems to be the article writers suggestion. They are a fresh start, the extra power allows them to have more features, runs apps faster, implement ideas that aren't possible on current gen consoles.
In Sonys case they made their console easier to develop on as well as deep with "coding [close] to the metal" allowing devs to get even more out of the system than they would from a similarly spec'd PC.
They've also become very indie friendly and the ease of development helps. Self publishing is huge but with it being so easy to code for the PS4 the smaller devs don't have to fear the strange architecture like some might have with the PS3.

On top of all of this we needed new system because the console gaming industry was getting tired. Sales were going down and new consoles breathe life into the whole industry. There were a few games that did great this year but a lot fell flat (sales wise) this year because people have been ready to move on.
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Kryptix  +   752d ago
The question has been asked many times and I think it's something everybody knows the answer to already.

If you have upgraded from one generation to a newer one, then you know the possibilities of what can be brought into a game opens up. For example, making a leap from the 2D era to 3D, how was that possible? With new hardware and it will always be like that. New hardware doesn't just mean a graphical improvement, it means the large leaps from A to B in physics, A.I., amount of objects in one screen, etc. It's always going to be an improvement and most people who have the money will end up upgrading their console at some point. There shouldn't be any questions of "why we don't need new consoles or why we do" because the answer is simple, it's for improvements and we don't want to stay behind. We're a generation of people always eager to try out the latest and best technology out there no matter what.
mkis007  +   752d ago
New stuff is awesome, that's why.
strickers  +   752d ago
Why do we want new TV's, phones, cars, computers etc. Improvement.
monkeyfox   752d ago | Immature | show | Replies(2)
Mikelarry  +   752d ago
Improvement... Pssshh i just get it to show off at the peasants that could not afford the latest gadget muhahahahaha :)
chrissx  +   752d ago
You took the words right outta my mouth lol
Roccetarius  +   752d ago
You could also ask the question ''Why do we need to be held back by old hardware?''.
Cueil  +   752d ago
This!.... why was this generation so effing long anyway?
KwietStorm  +   752d ago
"Why are we still doing this?"
hiredhelp  +   752d ago
From 8bit to 16bit to 32bit to 64bit to 128bit and beyond From 2D to 3D from 640p to 1080p from SD to HD i could go on but lets bore everyone .. Technology evolves its how we live
Kurisu  +   752d ago
We don't really "need" anything. It's about what we "want". Games that I want are still coming out on PS3, so personally I don't need a new console until something that I really want comes out on PS4. Until that time I still have yet to buy Beyond and GTA V and (unlike many) I'm looking forward to LR: FFXIII in February and also the FFX | X-2 collection. I'll probs also pick up Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and now 2.5 has been announced, plus some multiplat games like Diablo III which will be cheaper on the PS3. All this means PS3 still has a life left for me.

Don't get me wrong I will get a PS4 next year, but probably at christmas when there are a years worth of games out on the market and a more robust PS+.
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mistertwoturbo  +   752d ago
Sigh.......... the 360 is 8 years old and ps3 is 7 years old. This is the longest generation of consoles in history. We need new hardware. Why do articles like this exist?
ab5olut10n  +   752d ago
What does God need with a starship?
Cueil  +   752d ago
the question is not why, but why not
darren_poolies  +   752d ago
Because the current generation has gone on for too long, I am more than ready for next gen.
Lolrus  +   752d ago
I can understand the questioning of new consoles. I think this new generation is more of a half step compared to previous gens. Its like a transitioning moment to the generational leaps we are expected to see. Perhaps the biggest change this gen is not really going to be with the game experiences themselves but with the user interfaces, speed of transitioning/multi tasking and services.
I expect the next gen to support 4k out of the box or else will be dissapointed. We have 4k capable gpus now so 6-7 years down the line it should be a given.
Edsword  +   752d ago
This is a dumb question. The current consoles have eached a point where they are holding back the industry. This upgrade will allow the industry to try new things. If anything the ease of development will help make the industry more profitable. There's also the graphics.
Nerdmaster  +   752d ago
Do people even read the articles? Everyone here is saying stuff like "This is a dumb question", "Why do articles like this exist?" and whatnot, like the article says "we don't need new consoles", but actually it is all about showing that we do need new consoles. And those same people show reasons that are the same ones the article defends!

As the article says, the average consumer, after seeing graphics like the ones from The Last of Us (or Beyond:Two Souls) may think that we don't need a new generation. The article then explicits that it's not only about graphics.

Please people, start reading the articles and not just the title before posting comments.
FullmetalRoyale  +   752d ago
And on this website you get disagrees for that.


I guess the title should have been: Why do we need new consoles? Well I'll tell you!
Then at least the people that still wouldn't have read the article would be on the right track with their nonsense comments.

The people that disagreed with you were ones that jumped the gun, and then felt stupid when they read your comment. So they "disagree" because they have no self-confidence.
MilkMan  +   752d ago
Because developers are a stupid bunch that cant write proper code and cant make "better" games without the horse power to light a small U.S. City.
Also M$ and SONY needed to sell some new hardware because the market had saturated.

and guess what? with all this hype we still playing COD.

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