PS4 Launch Title Knack Gets New Screenshots Showcasing one of the Stages

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia released three new screenshots of the PS4 launch title Knack, featuring another of the stages included in Mark Cerny’s brainchild.


Edit: added a co-op multiplayer trailer that has just been released as well.

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JetP06191631d ago

one of my launch titles, actually have the game now. just waiting on the midnight of the 14th. excited to play this and killzone shadowfall.

Visualift1631d ago

I'll be picking this up, along with Killzone and NFS. Can't wait to clobber!

morganfell1631d ago

Agreed. Absolute Day One for me.

vividi1631d ago

I was on the fence, but the IGN video preview sold me, I pre ordered with killzone and battlefield

obliteratorx11631d ago

Looking kool. Knack go knock out some gladiators my boy then absorb some gladiator powers and and and..... Become clunky. =)

Visualift1631d ago

Knack is really looking great. Will be a nice change of pace from all the violent shooters being released lately.

Note: I also love all these 'violent' shooters =P

Ron_Danger1631d ago

Can't wait for this game. I have it preordered with Killzone, Injustice, and Need for Speed.

Plus I downloaded the companion game on iPhone so I've already unlocked a bunch of items for the full game!

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The story is too old to be commented.